Chapter Four

Pain and Blood

I awaken; pain is shooting around my bloodstream. My eyes open and close, my hearing becomes clearer, I smell a trace of stagnant water. I can now feel me clothing is wet.

I wait till I can see without it blurring, then I sit up. I look around, I'm in an old forsaken water pipe, and I move closer to the light, which it only a ghostly glow. I get to the end of the pipe and I jump to the floor which it a 5 meter drop, I land perfectly.

The memoirs of the past are jumble in my mind. I see I'm in a park, the moon light gives off the ethereal glow over the seldom land. I try to walk; I manage too but, stumbling a little. I hear the voice of two men in the distance. As I get closer they see me, my mind tells me the run but me body keeps me frozen.

"Hey George, look at this" one says to the other.

"I think we should have some fun with this one" they both are both drunk and have a unpleasant grins on their ugly faces. As they approach, I put my airs out to try and stop then. They are now an arm's length away. I use the heel of my hand, unaware of want I am doing, to hit the first square in the chest. Blood trickles down his front, from where his ribs not poke out of his chest, he fly's backwards into an ash tree. The other is now terrified tries to run, leaving his dyeing friend behind.

"What…?" I look at my cold pale hands. The memories start to come back, fixing together "NO!" I scream falling the cruel, unbreakable, icy, lifeless ground.

"Good" the voices from my dreams echoes "finally, you're alive"

"What?" my eyes widen "you! Where, my family, Bret?" I shout as I see her coming at me "who are you?" I yell

"I'm the goddess Bastet" I shake my head, she comes closer to me "They think you're dead… all of them" I feel a warm tears fall from my eyes, but as I wiped them away, I see it is blood on my hand, not water.

"Really" I whisper "NO!" I cry as she nods.

"You would kill them all if you stayed. You're no longer human, you are like me." I look at her like she is mad, but she just continues. "A vampire" she starts to walk away, I stand up and follow her.

"Want will happen now?" I ask looking at her back, were her long black hair flows to her waist.

"It's the future." She turns her head to look at me "It's untold" then carries on walking; I take a long look behind me. Then I reluctantly follow her, to my new life of death, destruction, and the crimson blood.