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New Girl

Chapter One: "Hotel California"

"New Girl." God, I can hear the name now. School has yet to start, but I'm guessing that's what I will be immediately labeled as. Moving to a new town is not exactly something I had written on my to-do list, especially as a junior. But since I had no say in the matter... Whatever, I guess.

My twin brother Christopher moved here about a month before me. He plays baseball and wanted to get familiar with the place by playing this summer. I think he also wanted a head start on making friends before school started. I, on the other hand, don't really give a shit about making friends. I'm not one of those creepy loner goth kids, so don't get the wrong idea. I have friends, and I'm generally a nice person. However, my feelings towards this fricking town are anything but positive.

Well, maybe I should say, I had friends. In my old town. At my old school. In my old life. Now? Here? I am a not-so-proud resident of Ottoville, Ohio. There's like a thousand people that live here... A thousand people! My God, there were almost a thousand kids in my old high school!

My point? This sucks.

"Carrie!" Christopher yells at me as I pull in to the driveway.

I muster up the fakest smile I possibly can, and force a small wave. "Hey, Chris," I smile, stepping out of my car as I kill the engine. Before I can say anything else, he sweeps me up in to a huge bear hug and twirls me around once before setting me back on my feet. "Wow, good to see you, too."

He pulls back to frown at me. "Carrie, come on. Are you seriously still pissed about this?"

I shrug. "Am I still being moved against my will?" I ask, arching an eyebrow.

Rolling his eyes, Christopher walks past me to grab my suitcase from the backseat of my car. "Stop being so negative. This town is actually really nice. I've made a lot of friends this past month."

"Yeah? I made some really good friends, too. And then my life was taken from me," I add as I grab my other bag and follow him in to the new house.

"Always so dramatic," he sighs, holding the front door open for me.

"Yep," I reply stubbornly. "New town, same me."

Christopher laughs once and shakes his head. "Yeah, I figured that. Anyway, come on," he gestures down a long hallway and I follow. "I'll show you where your room is. You're going to absolutely love it, Carrie."

I half smile, "I doubt that," I murmur to myself.

How long have we had these moving plans, might you ask? Oh, you know, apparently since like last Christmas. When did my loving parents decide to finally drop the bomb on me? Oh, about three months ago. Yeah... They let me have the rest of my sophomore school year, and then they decided to break the news.

Next question! How long have they had this house? Since right after Christmas!

Have I ever seen it? Nope. Not even a fucking picture. I'm super happy about it, too, by the way... In case you couldn't tell.

"I'm upstairs?" I question as he leads me up a long, curved staircase. He nods, but doesn't say anything. "Super."

He takes me to a room on the left hand side of the upstairs hallway. "Here we are," he smiles, pushing the door open so that I can take a look.

The first thing I see is blue, which is nice. Blue is my favorite color. The next thing I see is a huge white framed bed that sits against the far wall. I shrug as I take a look around the room. The floor is wood, which is nice. There's a big window that sits on the wall next to the bed. Pretty window, is my first thought. God, that will be good for sneaking out, is my second.

"Do you love it?" Christopher asks me, watching my every move. "If you're not impressed yet, then I'll show you what's really going to win you over."

"Please," I insist, turning towards him, "do."

He chuckles and sets down my suitcase, and I lay the bag I'm carrying on top of the fluffy white comforter that is neatly spread across my bed. "Follow me," he insists. "You have your own adjoining bathroom," he says, pulling open a door that I had assumed went to a closet. This is a decent surprise. "And if that's not enough... My room is right on the other side of the bathroom!"

I groan. "That might actually make me hate it more..."

Waving a hand at me, Christopher walks past me and shuts off the light to the bathroom, which I notice is black and pink. I have to admit, that will be a convenience, and a cute one at that.

"One last thing," he says, and he walks out of my new room, heading back to the hallway. "You're going to like this, I think." He walks right across the hall to the door that sits directly opposite mine. "Convenient, right?"

I step inside the room. It looks like it used to be an office. The walls are white, and the floor is wood, like the floor in my room. It's a very plain room, except, of course, for the enormous black piano that is sitting in the middle of it.

I can't help but smile at the sight. Finally. Something from home. Something I can relate to, at least! "This, I do like," I admit, walking over to the piano. I run my fingers over the familiar top and smile wider.

"I thought you might," Christopher grins from the doorway.

"Right next to your bedroom," I smile. "I'm going to drive you insane."

"I hope so," he says with a chuckle. "You have no idea how pissed those movers were when I told them we wanted the piano upstairs!" He runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I thought they were going to pack up and go home."

I laugh, but the smile soon fades. This is nice... but I still miss my home. My friends. My room. My life...

"It's great," I say weakly. "So, any word on Mom and Dad?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Yeah, I talked to Mom this morning. She says you didn't even say goodbye..."

I shrug. "I didn't."

He lets that go, but rolls his eyes at my simple response. "Yeah. Anyway, they headed to the airport around noon, so I'm guessing they are well on their way to Hawaii by now!"

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes. "Fantastic." A new town. A new house. A new school. Do my parents bother to show up and help us adjust? Nope. Of course they don't. They go to Hawaii to finish out the summer! Jerks.

On a happier note, I won't have to deal with a curfew for the last portion of my summer!

On a sadder note, I have nothing to do with my freedom and lack of curfew because I live in hell now.


"I feel like I'm stuck in an Eagles song," I moan as I rest my forehead against the counter.

Christopher laughs as he enters the kitchen. "What?" He asks, hopping up on the bar stool next to me.

"Hotel California," I explain, and he still frowns at me. "My God, you are musically retarded. It's about hell, Chris! I'm checked in and I can never leave! If only the Eagles were here to welcome me by song, then it might at least be worth it."

Suddenly, I hear a soft chuckle sound from somewhere behind me. I turn my head sharply. Suddenly, I can't breathe. I am staring at a god. There is a boy... standing in my kitchen... and he is hot. Like, really hot. I. Can. Not. Breathe.

"I'm not going to sing," he begins, a smirk appearing on his face, "but welcome to hell."

Holy hot. This boy is gorgeous. He stands about six foot, his tanned skin goes wonderfully with his greenish-blue eyes, and the baseball cap he is wearing that covers his, slightly shaggy, sandy blonde hair is enough to make me almost fall off my stool. My. God.

"Uhm," I stammer, but can't think of anything else to say. I swallow, the ambitious version of me suddenly disappearing. Traitor...

Christopher laughs beside me and stands up. "Hey, Blake," he greets the boy casually.

"Hey, man. You ready?"

Suddenly, I can think again. "Ready?" I ask, turning to my brother. "Ready for what?"

"Baseball game, Carrie," he explains, gesturing to the uniform he's wearing. "What else?" He laughs, grabbing his glove from the counter. How had I missed that he was dressed like that? "Carrie, this is Blake Austin. Blake, this is my sister Carrie."

I turn back to face the gorgeous creature, a little less shocked looking at him the second time. "Hi, it's nice to meet you," I say, extending a hand.

Blake nods and takes it. "Nice to meet you, too," he says, still holding my hand. Even though I know I should take it back, I really don't want to. Blake half smiles after a moment and then releases his hold on me. Well, his physical hold, anyway. Mentally, he's got me. "Twins, right?"

"Yep," Christopher answers for me. He pats me on the back and ruffles my hair. "Can't you tell?" He asks sarcastically, holding my face right next to his.

Blake laughs quietly. "Nah, man. She's too good looking to be related to you."

I can't breathe again. I want to smile so badly, but instead I try and play it cool. "That," I agree, "and the fact that I'm a blonde sort of ruins any chance we had to look alike," I add, gesturing to Christopher's curly brown hair.

Christopher sighs, releasing his hold on my face. "Probably for the best. This way, I don't have to claim her," he says, smirking arrogantly down at me. I roll my eyes, but I keep my comments to myself. "Alright, man, let's head out. You coming to the game, Care?" He asks me over his shoulder.

I bite my lip as I see Blake turn around. Damn, he looks good from every angle... "Maybe," I shrug. Of course I'm going. If that beautiful boy is going to be there, then so am I!

"Well, only if you can fit me into your busy schedule," Chris laughs, heading for the door.

"Exactly!" I call back to him, smiling.

"She'll be there," Blake tells him, and then turns to smile back at me. "There's not a whole lot to do in hell," he adds, winking.

My heart stops.


Well, Blake Austin, you were right. There's not a whole lot to do in hell. Especially when you don't know anyone. So, needless to say, I will be attending that baseball game! And, I'm actually a little excited about it.

I check my phone one more time, rereading the text I received from Christopher about two seconds after he left. It gave me simple directions to the baseball fields. The directions consisted of about three steps, and, considering the size of the town, I think I could have found it without the handy text, but whatever.

Parking in a grass lot across from the field, I close my door and take a deep breath. One thing that hadn't crossed my mind... I would be sitting by myself. That was not ideal. But, I guess I'll survive.

I walked in through the front gate and paid the woman sitting at the table the two dollar entry fee. As I tuck my three dollars in change into the back pocket of my jean shorts, I glance around. There are two sets of bleachers, so I decide to sit on the set closest to where Chris's team's dugout is. They are all taking the field for the third inning when I get there, but I'm actually thrilled that I don't have to sit through the whole game.

Based on the score board, it looks like the visiting team isn't very good. Christopher's team is up seven to one. Thank God for the ten run rule! It shouldn't be too much longer, I'm assuming. I see them take the field, and immediately I look for Chris. I know he used to play catcher, and apparently he still does. I smile to him and eagerly wave. He gives me a simple nod, but other than that, ignores me.

Next, of course, my eyes are on the hunt for Blake. I grin widely when I see him standing take the mound. He's the pitcher. Of course he is. That makes him even hotter.


Much to my liking, the game ended quickly.

"Hey, Carrie," Christopher greets me, walking off the field. I scrunch up my nose as he hugs me tightly.

"Ugh, Christopher, you're all sweaty," I complain, but allow him to keep his arm slung around my shoulders.

He chuckles next to me. "Sorry."

"Hey, Black!" I hear a deep voice call out. Christopher and I both turn at the sound of our name. I'm thrilled to see that Blake Austin is jogging over to us. "A group of us are heading to the diner to get something to eat. You two wanna tag along?" He asks, raising his eyebrows.

Christopher gives me an eyebrow raise and I shrug. "Yeah, man. Let me go home and get cleaned up?"

Blake nods, "Alright, see you there," he said, and then smiles at me. "You, too." He adds, winking in my direction. I nod weakly, and he jogs away.

I'm still smiling after him like an idiot when Christopher clears his throat. "What?" I demand, arching an eyebrow and crossing my arms across my chest.

He sighs and starts walking towards my car. "Don't even think about it, alright?"

I open my mouth to object, and then close it. "Wait, why?" I have to ask. I was about to tell him to mind his own damn business, but since I've only been here for like, less than a day, I decide to find out what he knows first.

"Because. Look, I like the guy, he's cool, and he's been great to me since I got here... But he's also the type of guy that I want absolutely nowhere near my sister, alright?"

As I open the driver's side door, I think about that. "So what, he's like a man-whore?"

"Yes," Christopher nods and I pull out of the all-grass parking lot. Should I be calling it a parking field...? "He's exactly that."

Rolling my eyes, I let out a loud sigh. "Maybe you're just being an overprotective brother," I suggest, flipping on my turn signal. "He seems nice."

"He is nice... very nice..." I can hear the sarcasm in his voice. "Look, Care, I'm just warning you. I haven't been here for very long, but I've got a pretty good idea about the people I've met so far."

"Fine, then. Give me a full report." I challenge him. "Go for it. I'm listening."

Chris runs a hand through his hair. "Well, let's see. Starting with Blake, I guess... He's a great guy. From what I've gathered he's pretty... Well, you know the type. He's got the whole, good looking, all-star thing going for him. From the way the other guys talk, he pretty much has his choice of any girl he wants... whenever he wants."

"Moving on," I urge, pulling in to the driveway.

"Kristin Collins," he starts again. "Met her the first day I was here. She is definitely the queen bee of the high school. She's basically your typical barbie doll bitch."

I frown, getting out of the car. "Super, can't wait to meet her..."

"You probably will tonight," he shrugs as we walk in to the house. "She kind of has a thing for Blake. From what I gather, they used to be an item."

Of course they were... Damnit. "Anyone else I should know about?"

"Probably. Nick Kelly. He's one of the guys I've been hanging out with since I got here. He's pretty cool. Then there's Hayden Johnson, he hangs with us, too..." He shrugs, heading up the stairs. "Hope and Kelsey are two of the other girls I've met... Kelsey dates Hayden, but I'm not really sure about Hope's personal life. She's definitely Kristin's backup, thogh."

I nod. "So we've got Kristin, Nick, Hayden, Hope, and Kelsey so far..."

"And Blake," he adds, as though he knows I left him out on purpose...

Which... I did...

"Oh, right, and him," I say nonchalantly.

Christopher laughs, shaking his head. "Whatever, Carrie. Do what you want, but don't say I didn't warn you."

Oh, I intend to.


"Hey, guys," Blake greets us as soon as we walk in to the diner.

Christopher leads the way over to the half-moon booth they are all sitting in. "Hey, what's up?"

There are two girls sitting in the booth, but I have no idea who they are. I have no idea who anyone is.

"Just got here," Blake replies. "Hey, guys, this is Christopher's sister, Carrie."

My eyes flicker to meet his for a second as he says my name. "Hi," I say, remembering to blink. They all scoot over and Chris and I sit on the end. He slides in first and sits next to Blake. The bastard. I take the end.

"Did you just get here?" One of the girls asks. She's got jet-black hair, and a small nose ring. My gut tells me this is Kristin.

"Yeah," I say, brushing a loose strand of hair out of my eyes.

"How nice," she replies with a smile. "Christopher has told us so much about you."

I glance over at him, raising my eyebrows. "Has he now?"

"Nothing bad," he promises.

"I hope not," I murmur.

"Nothing bad," she agrees. "I'm Kristin, by the way."

Yeah, bitch, I fucking figured.

God, I'm terrible person.

"Nice to meet you," I say politely, even though it's not nice to meet her. Not at all.


The food was pretty good; I had a burger and a side of fries, and I was actually a little impressed.

The other girls had salads... I kid you not. They. Had. Salads. Needless to say, I felt really awesome getting guy food.

The other girl sitting with us turned out to be Hope. I discovered that Hope was a bit annoying. She backed up everything Kristin said. She hung on every fucking word. I decided that I hated her after hearing her talk for the very first time. Shit, she had an annoying voice. It was one of those nasally voices like on "The Nanny." You know the type.

Blake didn't say two words to me the whole time we were eating, and, I must say, I was disappointed.

"So, what's the rest of your night looking like?" I hear Kristine ask Blake as we walk out the door.

I roll my eyes, but keep my opinions to myself.

"I don't know, Kristin. I'll call you later or something, maybe," he says, shrugging her off as she touches his shoulder.

I can't help but smile at his clipped tone. Unfortunately, I think Kristin sees me smirk, because as I turn back around, I notice that she is glaring at me. I quickly bite my lip, attempting to hide my amusement. Apparently, I don't do a very good job because as soon as I catch Blake's eye, the corners of his lips twitch and he winks at me. To make things even better, I'm pretty sure Kristin sees that gesture, too.



Unpacking is seriously like the worst thing ever. We got back from the diner-"Fran's", apparently- about an hour ago, and I spent that entire hour working on my room.

So far, it looks like I just have piles of shit laying everywhere. Which, I sort of do. But at least the piles are a little bit organized. I have my clothes pile, my books pile, my music pile, my sheet music pile, my video pile... Okay, so everything is in a huge gigantic pile in the middle of my floor.

After a few more minutes of sorting, I run a hand through my hair, and I realize that I smell like I've been outside all day.

A shower is obviously much needed. I hunt through the pile of clothes lying on my bed, and I finally find a towel. After stripping down and tossing my dirty clothes into the pink hamper in the corner of my room, I let my hair down and head for the bathroom.

Remembering that none of my bathroom necessities are where I need them to be, I quickly scurry back to my room and grab the small bag from my suitcase containing my shampoo and everything else I'm going to need.

I twist the knob and yank open the bathroom door. The bag I'm holding falls to the floor, and a hand flies to cover my mouth. "Oh, God," I say, clutching the towel more tightly around me.

A very smug-looking pair of eyes flash up to meet mine. "Actually, it's Blake, remember?" He says, smiling at me as he dries his hands with the small towel sitting on the edge of the sink. "Good to see you again, Carrie," he says, eying me up and down. "Really good to see you again."

My mouth hangs open, and I gape at him with side eyes. "What are you doing?" I demand.

"Currently?" He asks, that cute fricking smirk still plastered on his face.

"No... Here, in my house."

"Oh. Hanging with your brother," he explains, nodding his head over his shoulder. "But this is much more fun," he offers, taking a step closer to me.

I nod slowly. "Right, well, I'm going to shower, so..."

The smile on his lips grows and he tilts his head to the side. "Is that an invitation?"

Tempting... Oh so tempting... "No, sorry," I say shortly. Good news is, I've dealt with guys like Blake before. The trick is, you have to beat them at their own game. So my game plan? I'm going to pretend like I don't think he's incredibly gorgeous, super talented, and deliciously tempting. I'm going to pretend like he's just another guy.

"Not exactly the answer I was hoping for," he admits, shrugging.

"Not exactly the situation I was hoping for," I retort, "but we all adjust. If you would be so kind as to leave my bathroom now, it would be much appreciated."

Blake kinks an eyebrow at me and then nods his head slowly. "Okay," he smirks again. "See you around, Carrie."

"Yeah," I reply, forcing my voice to sound aggitated. "Maybe."

Before he leaves, he lets out a laugh. As he opens the door that leads to Christopher's room, I see Chris give him a curious look. "Uhm...?" I hear him say, and Blake shrugs before pulling the door closed behind him.

"Just getting to know your sister a little more... personally," I hear him respond.


"Uhh, hey, Carrie?" Christopher's voice sounds from outside my door.

I stand up slowly, leaving my half sorted pile of clothes behind me. "What's up?" I ask, pulling open the door.

I can tell he's fighting a smile as he glances around my room. "Nice."

I shrug, "I'm working on it."

"Right," he says. "Anyway, I was just coming to ask you.. it's like... cool with you, if Blake crashes here, right?"

Cool with me? More like, I think it's fucking awesome!

I shrug casually. "Sure."

"Awesome, thanks. Anyway... We'll be back in a little while."

"Whatever," I say, closing my door as he turns his back on me.


With the house empty, I decide to take a break and head to the little room across the hall. I open the door and smile brightly. "Hey there, beautiful," I murmur as I gently trail my fingers over the keys.

Lifting the top of the bench, I find the music I'm looking for. Laying it out in front of me, I sit down on the black bench. My fingers spread out over the keys, and the familiarity of them makes me smile.

The first notes roll off the tips of my fingers as I play the introduction. Soon, I find myself humming the tune as I play. I close my eyes, knowing most of this song by memory, and open my mouth to sing.

"But you know that when the truth is told, that you can get what you want, or you can just get old. You're gonna...kick off... before you even get halfway through.. Ooh ooh, when will you realize..." -tricky note composition that took me forever to get right!- "Vienna waits for you?"

As I open my eyes to check the next few notes, my fingers immediately stop moving. I let out a scream of surprise and immediately I feel my cheeks flush; I'm almost certain that my face turns a tomato color.

"What the fuck?" I demand, quickly stacking the sheet music back together and standing up from the bench. "God," I mutter under my breath.

"Nope, Blake- I think we just went over this," he chuckles lightly. "Did I frighten you?" He's amused.

"No, you scared the shit out of me! You can't just do that," I complain, "you can't just sneak up on people!"

He tries to hide his smile, but doesn't do a very good job. "In my defense, there was no sneaking involved whatsoever. I swear," he insists, holding up his right hand. "I simply came upstairs to grab my jacket from Chris's room."

"And what," I press, "decided to try and give me a heart attack while you were at it?"

"Not at all," he says, shaking his head. "Besides, if I wanted to get your heart racing, I can think of a more enjoyable way to do it. Trust me," he promises with a wink.

"Not a chance in hell," I say stubbornly.

Running a hand through his hair, he chuckles again. "Well, I think the odds of that happening are fairly good, then. I'll be looking forward to proving you wrong. Especially considering we're already in hell."


Author's Note

-Okay, so. I've had this story in the works for a while now, and I figured I might as well put up the first chapter. It's killing me not being on fictionpress right now, so I guess we'll give this story a shot. Please give me some feedback.? I'd really love it if you did. Thanks so much, guys. Next chapter will be up fairly shortly...probably.

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