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Written by: Death Fairy
Copyright 2001
Disclaimer: the Death Fairy is my own character.


The Death Fairy comes during the night, stealing the dreams of the accursed. Clad in black, she prances among the damned. When she smiles her beguiling yet dangerous smile, all of the human race shrink back, as if in fear of being charmed into her clutches. For once she does have your dream in her hands, only time can tell what will happen.

She is not like the other fairies, the ones that dance and frolic almost mindlessly among their self-created utopia of happiness and peace. No, she is not like them at all. Preferring to keep to herself, the Death Fairy is scorned and cast off by the others. A long time ago, she might have yearned to be like them. Now, however, she has realized the truth, the truth that others before her have denied without a second thought.


When she was just a young fairling*, she often had visions of a future she never would have thought of. A future where she would leave her simple fairy society and venture into the human world. A future so distant from those of others of her kind. But she accepted that world, even if it would taint her soul. For she knew, she trusted, and she gave her word.


Over the years, she's perfected her mask of Death. Hair like the essence of raven, eyes a cold, unfeeling blue, and a finely sculpted nose and mouth make up a startling contrast of beauty and danger. Oftentimes, she could be described as "the Angel of Demons". Others prefer to call her "Lady of Darkness".

The dreams she chases are of no importance to her. Each is as full of meaning to her as a single hair is to a cat. The dreamers, though, all have something in common. They are all on the brink of death. In the human world, it was said that a death while dreaming was the worst possible passing. It meant that the dying human was distracted by a mere mirage in the most important phase of their life: Death.


And it's the Death Fairy's job to take care of that. She works with quiet ferocity and intensity matched only by that of a hungry tiger hunting its prey. If she fails to bring the dream from its inhibitor, something terrible happens. The human soul isn't able to enter Hell chained to a dream. As the soul of the unwanted human writhes in pain, she, too, is wracked by the pathos. The unbearable pain eats at her own soul, and she is left to suffer in silence.


Soon, it will be another Death Fairy that takes dreams from her dying subjects. For while her strength is great, the power of another is greater: the will of Death himself. And in his haven will the Death Fairy now rest, obedient, passionate, tired. But her work will not be forgotten, merely taken over by another of her kind.

Hell always likes a full house...

*Fairling: a term I made up, meaning "fairy child".

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