The Thing in the Suit

I sat rocking back and forth in my cold dark cell. My eyes stayed wide open, never blinking. The sweat poured off my forehead and ran down the rest of my face. The only sound in the room was a soft "Drip. Drip. Drip" as the sweat fell from my body and on to the damp cement floor. The worn and torn rags clung loosely from my body, the brown outfit doing nothing to block out the coldness that enclosed the room.

The darkness was my only companion in my small little corner of hell. The hunger my malnourished body was experiencing was almost unbearable. I tried to keep my mind off it by focusing on something other but letting you imagination wander in a place like this is nearly a death sentence in an of itself. My mind flashed images in front of my non blinking eyes, images of the creatures and monsters that floated around the cell, mocking me with their cold and evil laughter. My mind then flashed to the image I dreaded the most: The thing in the Suit.

The thing was a ghastly creature, so fearsome and terrifying that the devil himself may be afraid of him. It's head held the resemblance of a skull, the few hairs it had left were bone white and visible at the root. The skin was a colorless gray that held no warmth to it what so ever. The teeth were yellow and rotted. The tongue was as yellow as it's teeth, hanging out it's mouth like a forgotten snake. It's eyes were the most fearsome of all. They were the blackest eyes, the devils eyes and they would stare right through your very soul. The thing was my worst nightmare incarnate and has haunted me the day since I accidentally ran down Arthur Jackson Edwards.

That fateful night was November 3, 2012. I was driving home that night from a very late shift at the office and a storm was blowing through the town with the force of a hurricane. My lights were on and the wipers whipping at high but it was still not enough. I do not remember the details of the event, only that at one moment I was driving the speed limit of 30 and the next minute I was spinning out of control, swerving the car trying to regain control. I am almost certain I fell asleep at the wheel though I'm not a 100 percent positive. What I am positive about is that when I regained control of the car and managed to stop it, I heard a rather large "THUMP" outside by my car. I walked outside in the soaking rain and to my horror discovered that the side of my car was covered in blood. The next thing made me gasp in terror as I saw the body of Arthur Jackson Edwards lying in the road next to my car. His body was twisted in a unnatural position and his face (or what was the recognizable part at least) was stuck in an expression of shock and pain.

I fell to the ground in shock as the weight of what just happened took hold of me. Arthur was a well liked and known man in town as he was known for being a great teacher, always helping those who needed it in the subject he taught. He was a favorite among the town's parents and his wife's family. I knew that even though the court would find me innocent of the crime or at least be not that harsh, I knew I would be shunned like the plague in town. All my friends and family would abandon me and that was something I did not want. Not at all. I knelt down and respectfully closed Arthur's eyes. They were the color of the grass. I then dragged his body over to the field nearby and took the snow shovel I kept in my trunk and did my best to bury him. I then drove off as if the devil himself was behind me. Little did I realize that later the devil would be the least of my concerns.

It took three days before they found him. The cause of death was automobile. I was long gone by then, having packed up all my stuff and got the heck out of dodge. I was resting in a cheap motel that evening when the room suddenly felt cold, as if the very life from the room was sucked away. That's when the Thing in the Suit made it's first appearance. It's brown suit was ripped in the arms and chest area, leaving me with the sight of it's crushed ribcage. The maggots crawled in and out of the various wounds all over it's body, the disgusting "SQUISH SQUISH" sound vibrating throughout the room was the maggots feasted on the cold and rotten flesh. I recalled back in horror as it approached me, it's rotten gray hand reaching out towards me. I tried to scream but my voice left me. The thing opened it's mouth, the yellow tongue hanging loosely to the side. It then spoke in a horrible and raspy voice. "Tick Tock." It said in a raspy moan. "Tick tock my friend. Soon it shall be your time." The room melted all around me and visions of hell surrounded me. My finally found my voice as the thing reached me and I screamed as loud as I could. Suddenly, hell vanished and the thing disappeared. I blinked and found myself sitting up in the bed of the room, drenched in sweat. I quickly packed my bags and moved on.

The thing continued to torture me in my dreams no matter where I went. It would always approach me slowly with it's hand raised and it's tongue limping uselessly to the side of it's mouth, rasping out the same line. "Tick tock. Tick tock my friend. Soon it shall be your time." This continued for months until finally I snapped. The thing now appeared to me during the day to as it showed itself to me on a busy sidewalk. As it stalked towards me, I snapped under the pressure and lashed out at it. The creature vanished as my fist connected to the face of a police officer. I was quickly arrested and put on trial not only for the assault of said officer but also the murder of Arthur Jackson Edwards. I quickly caved in when the police asked me, hoping the thing would stay away from me since I thought this is what it meant. I was found not guilty of assault due to insanity but guilty of murder. I was placed into the asylum cell I am currently sitting in and have been in here for over 7 years. I barley eat or sleep for fear of the thing. I don't even blink for fear the thing might come out of the darkness to find me. I kept mumbling the same words I have been for nearly a decade. "Those eyes. Those darkest eyes. The devil's eyes.

I heard a sound inside of my cell and looked up, expecting a guard to open the steel door to bring me my food. Instead I saw the very creature that was haunting me for all these years. The thing. It walked towards me slowly, it's hand stretchered out ready to grab me. I only whimpered in fear, hopping it would go away. It didn't. The hand closed in on my face as the raspy tone spoke to me one last time. "Tick tock. Tick tock my friend. Now your time has come." I screamed this time as it grabbed me and pulled my into the darkness. The last thing I saw before the dark consumed me was the eyes of the thing. Only this time they were different. They were as green as the grass.