I can't tell you how I got there. I can't tell you why. The only thing i can say is that I once loved this man. I once basked in the gory of his gleaming brown eyes, I had loved him with every part of my being. These feelings were before the time. Before I knew what he could do, and what he was capable of. I met him through a friend, I know now that my friend didn't truly know him, For he was good at concealing, at hiding his flaws and what went through his sick brain. This is so painful that I can't tell it like it happened to me, I try to push what I am about to tell you down, under the surface of what those around me can see. But I still have the memories still nestled in the back of my mind when I go to sleep at night like somehow this man will find a way into my house and it will all happen again. I know this to be untrue, however, that's not to say the fear isn't there. So let me tell you what I know... I know the police caught this man, and I was rescued, I know he is in prison, I know his name is Tyler and that he was twenty-six ears of age when all of this happened, And I know I hate him for what he did to me...How did I ever love him?

She peered through the dark window searching for lost hope. She sweat through her white tank top as her wrists were bound in chains. The room was as dark as the pits of hell and smelt musty, as the warm air spun an impenetrable web of fear. She waited for the disturbed man to enter the basement and to torture her once more. Her heart was pounding and her hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat. Her jeans were stuck to her as well...they were stained with fresh and old blood. As she sit writhing in fear, that's when the man Tyler thrust open the old wooden door, as it bounced back, and with a thud clicked into place. Tyler's yellowed teeth shone down at her as they were coated in shiny wet saliva. He wore a crooked grin. He stood in front of her now gazing down at her in glorifying pleasure, She swore he could hear the loud drum of her heart trying to find its way out of her chest. He pulled out a knife dully encrusted in her blood. Tyler groaned, "Until you die I will make you suffer." Her eye's released large hot tear's as she fought through these painful moments. He brought the blade to her cheek and slashed it across her face letting a trickle of warm mulberry land on her jeans adding to the growing collection of blood. This didn't hurt as bad as waiting to be found, rescued. He turned her wrist around so that her palm was facing the ceiling, he pushed away the chains, sending a shiver up her spine, He scrawled out through clean plunges, like he had done this a million times before, "I love you." And she didn't, not anymore, she couldn't love him.