So, I'm writing this while I have no internet and I'm bored as hell! I have no idea when this is going up, but I wrote this on November 1st, 2012.

Just a meaningful one-shot...

?'s POV

I wince as the frost settles on my bare skin. A thin blanket of snow is perched on the treetops and very little of it is on the ground. Clutching my amulet, I carefully get up. Realizing that I couldn't feel my fingers, I greedily rub my hands together. The dense forest around me harbors the animals I live off of. I grab my small pocket knife out of my bag, and head East, at least, that's what my cracked compass says.

I manage to find a small huckleberry bush that holds very few berries. I stripe the plant bare, leaves and all, and continue going. As I venture further into the forest, I come across a frozen pond that's barely larger than a bedroom. I stomp my foot against the ice. No luck. Not a single crack appeared, so I needed a new plan. I explore around the pond, and find a decent rock. The rock almost freezes my fingers off, but I hold on to it for dear life, as I fear if I drop it, I won't have the energy to pick it back up. I forcefully throw the rock against the ice, and the rock breaks through it like glass. I take out a metal container the size of my palm and fill it with the ice cold water. I put it back into my bag and continue East, following the sun.

A movement to my left startles me. A small rabbit, no more than a year old, hops into view. I realize how hungry I am. I uncover a small patch of green grass and wait for the rabbit to fall for the bait. It hops towards the patch of grass and starts nibbling at the tips. I take this as my chance to strike. I creep towards it, glad it hasn't noticed me yet. I pounce on it like a lynx and stab it through it's stomach. I stiffen at the gruesome sight. I take the rabbit with me on my hunt for dry wood. I luckily find three good small logs and many sticks and take them to the patch of green grass. I lay them down accordingly and then go out to find a rock. The small rock in my hand will have to do for now. I look through my bag to find my small scrap piece of metal. I put the valuable rock and metal aside with the rabbit. The huckleberry leaves I collected earlier would be used as flint for the fire.

I evenly place the leaves on top of the three thick pieces of wood and then start to skin the rabbit. I get a handful of snow from the branch above me and place it away from the fireplace. The rabbit's pelt now laid on the snow while I struck the rock against the precious metal. The leaves eventually caught flame and burned quickly. I had placed sticks on top of it to start a nice small fire. I take a stick I had saved and stab it through a piece of the rabbit's flesh. I do the same with the other pieces and one by one, I cook them over the fire. I then place the cooked rabbit on my bag while I take out the few berries I collected earlier. "You can't have meat without a sauce." I tell myself as I rub the berries on the warm meat. I eat a piece before saving the rest in my bag.

You know, it wasn't always like this. I didn't always live in the woods. I used to have a nice life with my parents before the incident. One day, when I was seven, I was waiting for my father to come back from work so he could take me to the carnival like he promised. But he didn't come back. Instead, policemen came and told us my father was murdered by a man who went by the name "Timothy". I remember crying into my mother's dress that night, after having a nightmare where my mother would be killed by the same man. My mother told me it was just a dream and that that wouldn't happen, but there was an uncertain tone in her voice.

Two weeks later, when we started to recover, my mother was killed by "Timothy". I was scared. The police suggested I should go into a Witness Protection Program and change my name and appearance, but I suspected that "Timothy" would kill my new 'parents'. So, before the police could put me into a Witness Protection Program, I took a couple of supplies with me into the woods. And now I live in the woods. I had lost my jacket to a bear and had to cover as much ground as I can. All I have to remember my past is my mother's amulet. The police gave it to me since my mother's body was taken by "Timothy". All that was left was the amulet. Policemen carefully checked it before giving it to me.

The gem on the amulet was a dark aquamarine colour that seemed to capture the moonlight. It was the object that pushed me forward at the darkest of times. When I felt alone, scared, weak.

I left everyone behind when I left. All my friends were oblivious to what happened. I didn't tell them a detail. I follow my own rules, but I make sure I don't go insane. Everything in my old life was destroyed though. A fire was set in my small town and by the look of it, everything and everyone was gone.

The feeling of being scared never left me. How can you not be scared when a sadistic killer is after you? I was always cautious. I always looked behind me, I barely slept, and I never left anything behind. I put out my fires and take some of the charred wood and used it to keep me warm. Chills always ran up my spine when I heard the slightest bit of noise. I felt like someone was always watching.

I hated being called weak. They would always call me things, but weak was when they crossed the line. A simple kick in the shin would shut them up, but nothing would shut up the bad memories. My friends were always there for me. They were my family. They were the ones who teased me about boys. They were the ones who were always there for me. They were the ones I missed the most.

Three words. One sentence. A large meaning. This line kept me going. This was the line I always followed, even if it meant breaking my own rules.

Don't doubt yourself.

So, a really good friend of mine, Key, told me that and that line inspired me to write this one-shot.

To Key: Enjoy life, it has an expiration date.

Hey. I really wish I could be in class right now. For once, I miss school. I miss the times where we would make Deeandra squeal, whether in a good way or in a bad way. I miss the times when Dunstan and Kelvin would tease us. I wish I could go back to Surrey. To re-live all the MACC memories. But out of all the memories we had together, I miss you the most.

~ Sarah