I was home alone.

The artificial yellow light flickered at my eyes as the warmth and the steam from the shower flowed over my body, I slowly took in the scents through my nose, relaxing my body with each trickle of the water out of the spicket. I poured the orange shampoo out of the bottle, making myself shiver as I had to step away from the water and it wasn't embracing my back. I lathered it into my thick jet black hair and rinsed it out. It was only then that I realized that I was still wearing my mascara and so I reached for the wash cloth, I then heard a noise.

The cautious opening of the bathroom door. My body became rigid and alert like a hunting dog who has just heard the calls of a sweet song-bird. I called out, wishing my voice wasnt shaking, "Hello, who's there?" I heard no response. I told myself that it was nothing a proceeded with my shower. Until I heard it again, the dark, heavy, watery breathing. Coming closer and closer and even closer yet.

I slowly put the bottle of conditioner down and I covered my mouth with my puckered fingertips, (knowing that whoever was there obviously knew that someone was in the shower), hoping to stop any excess noise escaping from my lips. I heard the sound no longer and then hung my wash cloth on the curtain rod. Just as I placed it over the rod and before I could brace myself for what was to come. Long warped fingers that were strangely mutilated encased my soft, wet, clean ones, gripping them so tight I thought my fingers would break.

The figure yanked my hands with so much strength and force that I came flying through the shower curtain, knocking the rod loose, and onto the cold tile floor. I didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed about my naked body, For I was too terrified and disoriented. I was in shock. The man, mangled and dead looking, came closer to me as my whimpers of help grew louder and more intense.

He pulled a dagger out from behind is back, And plunged the knife into my stomach, with no word, creating a pain so intense that I couldn't bear it and I fell out of conciousness. I had never felt so alone. So scared. So without words and helpless. I was plummeting into the harsh blankness. Pure nothing. I left behind warm black pools of blood, as the innocent shower sputtered along, and as the figure stalked and skated away into the darkness of the hall.