Hi, dear readers, sorry in wonderland is taking a bit to update. Really busy in rl. I am working on the next chap so I hope this works as a good distraction.

The couple is Aries and Hades.

Let the lemon begin.^^


Red eyes watched the rain fall down to the earth in boredom. Oh how he couldn't believe that the earth had become so boring in his eternal life. War existed everywhere now. No one even remembered his name or the true purpose of it anymore. Despair rushed over the short black haired teen looking god.

"Worms," he cursed to himself for the soft sofa he layed upon. With the earth now full of war, Aries himself began to question his purpose. "You should stop sighing so much," came a voice from the entrance to his elegant room. It belonged to his wife, of course. The goddess of strategy just couldn't understand the man's despair when it looked like the god had finally got what he desired. A world full of chaos. " Athena, go play with your pet, I'm not in the mood for your harassment today," he sighed rolling over onto his back.

"Hmm, I thought my pet was you, dear God of War," she teased seeing him notice her revealing clothes. "What the hell are you wearing?" Aries questioned seeing her wearing a Stomach showing blue t-shirt with skinny jeans. "Oh, this is just some threads I picked up in the human world," Athena sang also pointing to a plastic headband ontop of her head. "Isn't it just adorable?"

Red eyes looked to the ceiling as the man breathed," Oh how we have fallen. Are all of the goddesses following your example?" The woman laughed, her bright green eyes gleaming like gems. Her long brown hair swayed as she moved towards her husband. "Actually, I've noticed some gods switching their looks as well. There are still interesting places on earth, dear husband," she said stopping at the edge of his couch.

Red looked into green. Both knew what she wanted from him. Their marriage was completely fake aside from the actual ceremony they had long ago. He sighed again wanting nothing to do with humans again. "I need a favor," Athena explained taking it as defeat for now. She knew as much as he that whatever love they once shared was dead. Things have longed changed for the gods and goddesses the humans once worshipped.

"Take this letter to Persephone," Athena continued ignoring his silence and held out a letter. "She is in a place called New York in the human world and I need to speak with her urgently." Aries didn't take the letter, staying silent as he layed upon the couch. "Hades is with her so you know I cannot dare to go," she went on throwing the letter on his stomach. "I'll make sure you are well awarded later, Husband."

"Wench," the god of war cursed walking the streets of the giant city bored. He wore now a black t-shirt with trip pants and combat boots all laced with chains. Even his gloves had chains laced within them making him look like some gothic punks. It didn't help that he had ear pierces from once great battles, earned from the deaths of millions.

After two hours of searching for the god of death and his "wife" as some still called her, he decided to try a different method and left for Hades' domain instead. He should of tried there first now feeling tired from all the humans who kept flirting and bothering him earlier. "She better give me some fucking world peace for doing this."