Black eyes widened at his question. Aries could tell it had taken the older god back. "Sorry, it's just that the world has already seemed to forgotten all of us and now since it has broken into chaos, my purpose has been lost," explained the red eyed god of war bothered greatly.

Hades sighed. He should have known a day like this would come. It had surprised though that it had taken so long. "Ah, my young nephew, you should not worry. Every great god and goddess has come across this bothering question since the day science came into existence," spoke Hades sitting down beside Aries calmly. "Why even I had questioned my purpose some time ago, child."

"How did you fix it?" asked the god of war curious. He had always looked up the his uncle since his beginning. After all Hades was one of the strongest and most feared gods there. For him to question his existence seemed impossible to the younger god. "I found a new purpose aside from my original," replied the god of death seeing a look of confusion to his statement. "Ah, well you see young one, I have existed since the beginning as have my brother, Zeus. When the humans decided to abandon us, it was Zeus and I who first became quite distraught by it, but we knew we had duties that still needed to be done. That did not mean that we would question it later and we have, so one day I decided to get what the human's call a 'hobby.' It has been quite useful so far."

"A hobby?" questioned Aries not really getting it. "How can a simple hobby make someone gain a new purpose after their life's work has become nothing?" Black eyes stayed connected with red ones. Oh, how Aries was always to quick forward. The older god chuckled before taking hold of the younger's chin and pressed their lips together. Red eyes widened in confusion of the act.

"You would be quite surprised what a new purpose could grant when mixed with your old one," mused Hades breaking the kiss and pushing Aries onto his back against the couch. "Uncle?" asked the god of war still in wonder as to what was going on. Hades smiled pulling the younger's clothes off, kissing the teen deeply after the shirt was removed.

The god of war had no idea what was going on but his body seemed too. It arched against death as he felt the older god grab hold of his manhood. Pleasure shooting throughout his body. Oh, how long it had been since he had any. Athena was never really a turn-on and didn't care for him at all in that way.

"Haa," the younger gasped as the long haired raven pumped his shaft roughly. Hades knew Aries would never be the gentle type. It wasn't in their blood to be after all which made the man want him more. Seeing the boy writhe against him as the god of hell licked down his chest was beautiful. He nipped Aries's nipple earning a whimper of pleasure and decided to do something interesting.

Hades pulled away with a devious smile as the god of war groaned at the lost. He stopped stroking Aries to catch on of the younger's hands and pull it to his mouth, licking the palm before sucking on three fingers. Aries moaned lightly and blushed. "Now I know how impatient you are," mused Hades releasing the fingers with a devious grin," so perhaps you wouldn't mind preparing for me, don't want to waste any time after all." Red eyes watched in confusion as the older god lead his now wet hand down south.

"Ah," gasped Aries feeling one of his own fingers slip inside his entrance. Hades captured his lips while urging the boy to pleasure himself. The god of war didn't seem to mind and was soon able to fit three fingers inside at a fast pace making the god of death's hard on strain. He removed his own clothing figuring the wench wouldn't return for some time and whispered in his great nephew's ear in lust," You're not going to thank me?"

A bit of drool escaped the younger god hitting the bundle of nerves that hid deep inside. His breath coming out as a moan against Hades. "Ah, I,ha," gasped Aries kissing the god of death deeply, their tongues dancing against one another. + To Hades, his red eyed nephew looked more beautiful than the most dazzling fire in his own hell. Aries gasped when Hades pulled his fingers out and groaned in disappointment. He really wanted to release but also for something to fill up this hole that seemed to ache inside him.

"Good boy, now up you go," cooed his uncle with a smirk as the god of hell moved a very horny god of war into his lap just centimeter from his cock. Red eyes gazed into black now filled with lust and desire. Hades truly loved him, they both just knew it as though Gaia had placed a note their heads. The god of death lowered his nephew untop his cock loving the feel of the god of war's heat surround him perfectly. Aries moaned feeling his hole being filled just right. There was no time wasted as Hades began and it didn't take long before he was thrusting roughtly into Aries's abused prosate, making the black haired nephew moan and pant in his lap, practically riding the god of death.

After one very deep thrust, the god of war gasped, his breath seemingly stolen from him as he came unto them both hard. It surprised him but didn't stop Hades from continuing until Aries was filled to the brim with the god of Death's essence. They both caught their breathes and looked at each other without fear. They knew.

Aries smirked to his uncle and was the first to break the short silence. "I think I like this new hobby," the god of war spoke before kissing his new lover deeply


Meanwhile, once Aries left and Persephone returned with quite a load of new stuff from the credit card he left her, did Hades decide to change some things in hell. First off, he placed a special red flame in his bedroom, that was now his alone, except for when Aries visited, and secondly did he make a gift for his beloved. After all, they may have had eternity to be ignored by humanity, but they both knew they would never forget each other.

The end.