Why won't it go away?!

Why won't it leave me be?!

Why can't I run faster?

Why can't you see?

Don't tear open a broken heart

Don't break all the string keeping me together

Don't go shredding my peace of mind

Don't go trying to make me better

I want to give in

I think I will

Just cut, just tear

But I'm fighting still

I'd send this to you

Right now, this minute

But I can't bear to see your face

If I've got to suffer

Fine I'll suffer

But for you that's not the case

I'll let you sleep in peace

I hope your dreams are sweet

My aren't peaceful any more

I don't what I'm screaming for

I'm so afraid to tell you

You're going to tell them

I could lie to you

But what would be left then?

I'm so scared

And my arm is scarred

Please, Please

I just want to take it all away

All the skin that's still left undamaged on my arm

I have a razor, I have an empty car

Don't take the path before you

Your better than that dark alley way

Don't dare pick that vile blade up

Don't try to make this go away

I remember feeling the slope

I remember relying on sliding

I admit I can't see clearly

But maybe clarity isn't worth finding