(A/N: This essay is going to be based on whether or not the age at which driving is legal should be raised from 16 to 18 or not. This is the third essay I'm posting. Though it may seem so, I do not have a personal vendetta against driving or cellphones, trust me. :D If you have an different opinion on the essay, or any additional points, write back to me on your views. R&R&R!)

Currently, the age that people have to be or have to be older than to get a legal driver permit is 16 years. This age was previously chosen as it allows people to get an early start on learning how to drive and basic traffic regulations, but isn't too young as to allow reckless driving and misdemeanors. Unfortunately, this has been proven wrong. Statistics show that more than 400,000 teenagers become seriously injured or die due to vehicle accidents world-wide each year.

Teenagers are reported to be more prone to car accidents than adults above the age of 20 because of several reasons, the most being speeding, drinking and driving, using their cell phone and driving, or even simply being too busy to look at the road in front of them. These accidents do occur to adults, but at a lesser rate. The severity of these accidents is increased by the fact that around 50% teenage drivers don't wear seat belts and drive. Careless night-time driving is also a major cause of accidents.

Yet still the question arises: Why teenagers? Why not adults? Data shows that the productive population of a place, normally the people of ages 18 or 20 to 65 are more cautious when driving. This is possibly because they are more responsible and more careful as it is their own money they used to buy the car, whereas people in the dependent population rely on the productive population for their needs like food, shelter, clothes, and probably a mode of transportation, making them not careless, but less careful. Even though they are more careful, accidents do happen, and many older (20 - 65) people do get injured. They just have to face harsher consequences, and so are less prone to these accidents.

This shows that many vehicles accidents would not occur if the dependent population was either not careless. If the age limit is increased, it would save a lot of money from accidents and the extra money could be used as tuition or something useful for the dependent population, so I believe that the age for legal drivers should be raised from sixteen to eighteen.