It was a party all right, and if you really wanna know-I hated those. But there was an insistence, requests and such. Most know I can't turn down people-especially if it's her. Yeah, if it was her talkin', I couldn't deny a thing.

Say I'm in love, so in love I'd go to an exotic party held for her boss Mr. Sanderson's retirement. What kind of party you ask? The kind of party where promotion announcements, retirement celebrations, and Halloween are all thrown into one single Wednesday. But why exactly am I here? Well, she was next in line for the position of CEO of "Sky"(an up and coming social network), and I came for her. And her ambition? Oh, that was truly amazing. Her confidence that she was the one being promoted It was a Halloween party, you see, and she didn't follow the theme. Instead, she wore a bright blue dress-similar to the company's logo. With her white heels and bright smile, it made her the star of the show. So before we left, I asked her why she chose blue of all colors. White was part of the logo as well-more so than blue. Her answer shouldn't have surprised me-we've known each other for years-but it did.

"It's blue baby, just like your eyes. It's all blue...just like you." was what she whispered in my ear. I was blushing like an idiot just thinking about it. But seeing her talk too all those people didn't sit with me too well. Me, who was unable to do public presentations until three years ago. I was still very shy, so leaving the noisy atmosphere of the party was a huge relief.

Where to go? I really had no idea, this house was so big and everywhere was so crowded, it felt hard to even breathe. So I walked around for a while, pushing through the chattering masses with an unusual resentment towards the situation I was in. Of course, anger creeps up on you when you're in uncomfortable situations-just like it did with me.

I sighed, finally finding a door outside. I was a bit of a coward...I suppose. All I could really do right now was cope, cause she was far away and all I can do is think of the color blue. Opening the door, the thing I saw was simply amazing.

Mr. Sanderson's garden was nothing short of beautiful. I heard from her that when his wife died-he kept her garden just the way it was; a peaceful place for people to relax. So sitting, gazing at the lilies near the front of the garden entrance-thinking of too many things to keep track of. But there was only one real thing on my mind, and that was simple. She was doing what she needed to do to get promoted, and I was just there, nonexistent.

I sat back on a small bench, constantly thinking. My brain was on overdrive, and she wasn't helping at all.

"When you say you love me," I whispered to myself, "are you just saying it to keep me calm? Are you.."

I sighed once again, kicking my legs in the air. But one of my flats went flying, and I hobbled over to get it. I laughed just a little, but put my flat back on and sat down once again. Soon, my laugher faded away, and self pity crashed back in at full force. However, that stare didn't last very long either.

"Hey, why observe the garden by your lonesome?" A male voice interrupted me, "It's going to rain you know..."

I jolted in my seat... who was that? I wondered for a moment, but remained very tense. It was stupid of me to be so distrustful, but I must say I almost vented my anger out on him. Not very fair, I know, but those were my thoughts back then. However, I did hold myself back-she would be, disappointed.

I turned to the stranger, "Hm, that reminds me of something. I should go inside, no matter how much I like the rain."

The stranger took my arm, bringing me inside, "C'mon lady, let's go." Usually, I wouldn't have followed him. Hell, I wouldn't have even spoken to him. But I talked to him, and I followed him back into the chaotic masses. Yet, I chose to act even more out of character, just like I did with her.

I laughed, "Dude...calm down. What're you doing in a place like this, hm?"

I didn't know why, but I wasn't very shy around this man. Simple brown eyes-simple straight black hair. He didn't look very out of the ordinary, but he had a kindness to him that was far too rare in human beings.

My philosophical thoughts are often bothersome, though I found these ones were quite correct. I wondered if she would have agreed with me, but pushed those thoughts out of my head. This man was here, actually talking to me. So I focused my attention on him.

He smiled to-not at me, a thing I noticed right off the bat, "'m actually kind of shy...especially in this kinda party. I mean, I'm only used to small time stuff, ya know? Don't gardens and pretty ladies always equal something good?"

I'm ashamed to say it, but I blushed. I've been called pretty a few times, but never in such a honest fashion. Course, she's called me pretty a few times, but she prefers different adjectives. I covered my face, giggling like a child, thinking of past memories and the present moment.

"Hm," I said, "...thanks for the compliment."

He smiled once again, and I blushed again. God, why was I doing this? He was just like her in so many ways, it scared me too much. Yet since she was so close(yet so far away), it was still too lonely. I was so dependent on her, so seeking out this man-unintentionally-was just instinct, right?

If it was anything else, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

The man spoke again, " you know where the soda is?"

I paused, "Soda? You don't look underage."

He just turned from me, looking slightly aloof, "I'm twenty one, birthday's in a month. But...I don't drink."

That was the moment I knew this subject could not be touched. But it'd be the same if he'd asked me about her, I'd clam right up. I knew what I was going to say though, and it'd be rather simple.

"Sodas are right next to the punch. Mr. Sanderson's daughter has some friends who probably spiked it though."

He smiled again-and I knew he smiled a lot by now, "Thanks. Want me to get you one, too?"

I shook my head, "No thanks. I was thinking of going out to the garden again, cause it's a real pretty place."

He looked slightly hurt, but that faded quickly. But he asked a question that was quite awkward, if I do say so myself. Was it infatuation? Or were his feelings like that of a kicked puppy? I really didn't know. All I knew was that she was close, and the question he asked.

"Er...this party's pretty long you hang with me? For the rest of the time, I mean."

I stepped back, nodded, and scurried off. Again, she was there. She would hate the heat, she'd complain endlessly about the rain that just stopped pouring, and the wetness it caused. And the wind? Oh, she only liked it when it was near her window. This man and her were very different when it came to those kinds of things.

"Babe, I love you. Why can't you see that?"

Without noticing a thing myself, I'd become drawn to her. Her sparkle, her light. She was an evanescent passion of mine, a passion I longed to keep all to myself. But to see her and not be able to be with her, that hurt. And this man...shy and easy to be around, he was so open.

It was the first time in a long time that I'd ever...that I'd ever gotten close to wanting a man.

Again, I was at the garden. I had drifted there out of instinct, and I looked at even more flowers.

"Hey, you know that lavender flower over there?"

"Yes, what of it?"

"Those were my mom's favorite flowers...before she went kapoot."

"I see...I wish I could say condolences but..."

"No, don't worry about it baby. I just wanted to say that cause you always reminded me of her."


"Well, not like I view you as a mother, it's just that. You're so peaceful and calm put me in a...really awesome state. Like...I'm high but I'm not. But it's great..and...I love you, you know?"

"I know you do..."

I didn't know why I was thinking of those things now, but I was. And memories always bring a little sadness. But when that man came again, two sodas in hand, I brightened up a little.

"Hey. Sorry, but I figured you'd be thirsty."

I smiled, "Thanks."

He opened both cans, handing me the Dr. Pepper and keeping his Coca Cola. I took the can and chugged it, forgetting all decency I had. Who cared anymore? Memories were such tiresome things without her to remember them with. I finally sat on the bench, he sat next to me. He patted my shoulder, "Hey,you worried about a boyfriend or something?"

I turned sharply, "W-what?"

He shrugged, "You heard me. You were looking at someone in that crowd the whole time I was talkin' to you. And you're at this party, where you're clearly as out of place here as I am. You...really love this guy, don't you?"

I didn't bother correcting the man, saying that the person I loved was a woman. A fickle, human woman. But I loved her, and I couldn't love anyone else while I loved her. The man kissed my cheek, and walked over to the inner gardens.

"I'll be right back." was what he said.

So I waited, because this party was long. I checked my cell phone clock, only 11:47. The announcement of Mr. Sanderson's retirement and her possible promotion were both at midnight. I had time to see what he would bring me, I had time to pretend for a little while longer.

He came back after around two minutes, something was behind his back. He smirked, took out the flower, and put it in my hair. I looked up, realizing what the flower was.

She didn't say she loved me with a rose. No, she was the kind of woman who always got roses from men. She preferred daisies, because Daisy was her mother's name and she believed they were the most beautiful things on Earth.

"Other than you, of course." That was what she always said to me after the talked about daisies. The man had put a daisy in my hair, which didn't really match my vampire costume. But I loved the gift. We stared at each other for a few moments, and he leaned in. He stopped suddenly, and we were both blushing. I was say the least. But all he did was pat my shoulder and keep his distance.

He scratched his head, "Well, I gotta rush. I'm leaving at midnight, cause I have a huge test to cram for and all...bye."

He walked away, waving. But I stopped him, only with my voice.


He turned, "What is it?"

" name's Candace. What's yours?"

He smiled again, "The name's Zephyr. Nice to meetcha, hope we meet again...I guess."

Zephyr left for real this time, and I watched, finally entering the crowded masses. When I saw her accept her new job position, I forgot about him for just a moment. She smiled straight at me, and I wondered why I even wavered in my love for this person. She may be fickle, but you can't say I don't love her.

When we could finally see her, I showed her the garden. She was as awed as I was, but was paying attention to the flower in my hair.

"Who put that in your hair?"


"Who's he?"

It took me a while to respond to this, but my thirst (I knew she would hold out if I didn't tell her.)overcame other feelings.

"Just the wind, a slight distracting breeze, that's all."

I wondered what would happen if I met him earlier, if I was able to fall in love with him. But those thoughts were put to rest when I saw what she was about to do.

She pulled her collar down, "Take it, quick."

And bit I did, taking a bit more blood than usual. Perhaps that was because of that Zephyr man, who presented a temptation I couldn't take. For her, she didn't see red in me, in her eyes, there was no blood on my hands. All she felt was blue, because Angeline always insisted I was a blue.

Angeline Stewart loved me, and she loved the color blue as well. That was the only thing I was really sure about.

DreamswithJoy from FFN.

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Bob Marley

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