The Giant: Deadumus

I wake up, with the sun tanning and sweltering my face

My nude body the only contrast to my surrounding

My size in contrast to the mushroom-sized trees

And bench-like mountains that support mu leaning mass, when I stand up it reached no higher than my knees.

I lay lazily still in some part sleepy, a microscopic birds flies level to the midsection of my stomach to my pectorals.

If you should know I am a giant

The animals do not bother me; no snake bite of highest poison could not sway me, but give off much irritation, like an ant bite

Not even the lion, bear, and tigers bother me. And certainly not the dinosaurs

To you humans you would ask how 2 different species could live together, but with my intervention, they live equally

I look upon my surroundings, to the right of me is the unknown barren desert which I dare not walk upon.

To my left is the Ocean where I bathe

Soaking completely in, and opening my eyes to the underwater beings going over my body

Hearing the migrating whales clearly through my submerged ears

Once I'm done I'd usually return to my resting spot and stand to look on my surroundings in detail as the sun dries my body

I do this in order to record any changes upon the landscape these past 1,00 years-nothing that I could see has changed.

From where I stand to the other half of the island are 40 paces long, but in total length are 80 paces long. The width of the island from the ocean to the desert (beach included) it was a total of 14 paces. No change.

I began walking around to make sure of any other factors I might have missed; scrutinizing the little animals that prowl my lands and checking if any of the trees need nourishment.

After a long while of examination, I returned to my canyon and began fingering the depression and waiting.

Exactly after 2 breaths the sound of rumbling resonated from the desert. Not even blinking I stare upon the disturbed dunes kicking up dust as sphere-like objects rolled to my domain- the rolling fruit from the desert.

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