The only thing darker than this room is my emotions. The darkness within me is darker than the abyss that the damned and tortured souls of the lost must traverse. To the damned, this darkness is hell. To me, this is sanctuary.

Why am I filled with such darkness? I am not evil, I am not mean spirited. Why do I feel so cold? Why does it feel like my life is ending? Why is it that I feel death's cold grasp around my throat?

It is then that my eyes open, I see a light that cuts through the darkness. I start towards it, and as I do, I start to feel the warmth of the light, a feeling that I thought I had forgotten so long ago, but this warm feeling is soon replaced by dread. As I emerge from the darkness, I stand in disbelief of what I see. The light that I once believed to be a ray of hope, a beacon for salvation, is nothing more than the flames of a fire, destroying my world, my life.

This isn't life, this isn't the world that I knew. I won't accept it. This isn't real, it can't be! This is insanity! So, I did what only I could. I watched as the world burned, watched as it was being destroyed, and in the rubble of civilization, of life, I will rebuild. I will rebuild a new world. I will build my sanctuary.