Hey guys so last chapter for the dancer and king or as i like to call it TDTK *sigh* it's been a long run and i hope the ending is good enough for you guys.. i might end up making a sequel since i ended it very soon but i felt like if i didn't end it now then i would just keep writing stuff that wouldn't really make sense. anyways Enjoy!

"Min, you've been avoiding Eli for days now... he's starting to bother me." Kris said as he knocked outside me bedroom door. I locked it ever since the weekend had rolled around and planned on staying in there until school came again on Monday. "At least let me in so I can comfort you..." he paused and knocked louder on my door. "Come on it's what a best friend does!" I sighed and got up from my bed.

"No one else is with you right?"

"Yeah." Kris said and I opened the door only to see he had his fingers crossed and the very person I tried to avoid was standing next to him.

"Fingers crossed means my lie doesn't count!" Kris yelled before pushing Eli into my room and closing the door. I tried to open it but Kris was holding the door shut. "You guys can't come out until you work whatever issues you have out! Don't even think of trying to go out the window I have Jae on standby.

I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed before going back to sitting on my bed. Eli followed my actions but I pushed as far away as possible from him. A scowl formed on his face and he moved closer until my back felt the wall. His eyes bore into mine they sparkled and yet I could see worry hidden in them. I looked away from him feeling my face heat up, he was worried about me he cared for me... but not in the same way I did, he probably only cared for me as a friend.

"You didn't even give me a chance to respond the other day." His breath smelt like mints his cologne was heavenly.

"I already know what you're going to say." I mumbled.

"You do?" Eli's eyes widened and I nodded my head.

"You're going to say that you like me as a friend and that no matter how hard I try you will never go out with m-" I felt his lips crash to mine and I melted into the kiss. He tasted like mints and oddly enough vanilla. He pulled away smiling and he took my hand into his.

"I would be happy to go out with you." He leaned in to kiss me again but I stopped him. No matter how much this was making my heart pound I had to get a few things straight.

"Wait. Before we do anything I just want to know something... do you want to date me just because I like you? Do you even like me?"

He kissed me again this time hungrily and full of passion. This time when I tried to push him off he didn't budge. His hands snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him I gave in and felt my lips responding on their own. Our bodies were as close as possible and yet he tried to press us even closer together as if we weren't close enough. When he finally pulled away he was blushing a deep red, when he caught his breath he spoke.

"I like you a lot Mina don't you ever doubt that." He said before leaning in to kiss me again.

The door to my room flung open and we both turned to see Kris, with a shocked expression on his face. I suppressed a laugh and Eli's grip on my tightened.

"I didn't hear any talking so I thought you might have beaten Eli up or something. I guess you guys were too busy eating each other."

"Yah don't go stealing others people's words!" I yelled before smiling at Kris who rolled his eyes.

"You better not hurt her, trust me there are a whole lot of guys who want her and are way better for her. I'll be watching you, Min if he does anything don't be scared to call me kay?" I nodded my head before smiling at Kris giving him my best I'm happy so don't worry look as he turned to get Jae and leave me and Eli alone. Once I heard my front door slam shut I turned to Eli who was pouting.

"What's wrong?"

"We haven't been a couple for less than 2 minutes and already you're smiling at other guys." I laughed and Eli smiled before clearing his throat. His red face still hadn't faded. "I want you to only look at me alright?"

"As long as you only look at me... you are a king of our school, how do I know that you won't go ahead and look at other girls?" I faked gasped. "Or worse what if you decided that I'm just some twinkle toes not worth your time?" He laughed before engulfing me in a hug.

"What about you? You're a dancer who will have thousands of guys as your partners with their hands all over you." I playfully slapped him before finding my way out of our hug and leaned against the wall.

"His highness shouldn't worry over things." Eli positioned his hands on the wall on either side of me and I saw him leaning in. Man he sure did like to kiss. He stopped centimeters away from me.

"I have to, you're to gorgeous for your own good." He closed the space in between us and I moved my lips in sync with his. Who would have thought I'd be kissing him. I sure didn't but I guess that's life. Sometimes unexpected things happen. And while there would always be hardships it always get better in the end. After all you can't get a rainbow without a little rain right?

"YAH! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T KISS MINA IF YOU'RE AROUND!" Eli yelled into the phone as he talked to err screamed at Kris. We had been watching a movie in my living room, our kissing long done and over with for today when Kris had called to give Eli a bunch of couple ground rules.

"NO HUGGING TOO! KRIS YAH! DON'T HANG UP!" I laughed before I continued the movie.

"WAIT SLOW DOWN I CAN'T WRITE THIS DOWN FAST ENOUGH!" That must have been one long list I wonder when Kris found the time to make it all up? It didn't matter all that did was that Kris was looking out for me. I didn't really like public displays of affection anyways. Besides if Eli didn't get to kiss me in public that would leave us more time when we were in private. I smiled life was good i had a boyfriend who cared for me a best friend who watched out for me and i had just cleaned my orange shoes so they looked like they were new. I was happy.

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