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Tacks in my shoes, my desk on the opposite end of the school, and worst of all my lunch money was stolen. In the course of one day the word had spread out that I had offended the king and because of this I was being bullied. I didn't get it though; what made him and his friend's kings? Sure they were handsome but if Kris got upset just because of what I said it just proved that he was being a jerk.

So what if I didn't want to go out with him. What was the point if I had no feelings for him, besides we just met and love at first sight didn't seem possible to me. If you loved someone when you first saw them it was most likely lust not love. I learned that the hard way after my parent's divorce. Mom always said that that their love was purely lust and that's why it didn't last.

"Stop thinking about those bastards." Kris said as we learned against the tree at the back of the school. The cafeteria had officially become an unsafe place for me, no soon then I had stepped in then a tomato had been thrown at me. Kris was lucky enough to pull me out of there without a stain on my clothes.

"I'm not." I sighed before getting up and dusting my pants. "I'm gonna go to the dance studio, is that okay or do I need you encase more tomatoes find me?" He chuckled and I help him up. He didn't let go of my hand and we walk together to the dance studio like that. His hand felt really warm and I liked how it fit with mine. To be honest I had a little crush on Kris, it would have been perfect if we were together.

"Hey, so how's Luna?" I asked causing his face to light up.

"She's great! I called her last night to tell her about the King situation and she said if she needed to she would come and kick Eli's butt." I smiled and Kris's grip on my hand loosened until we were no longer holding hands. Luna was my other best friend and currently she was at a school for athletics, she enrolled under the martial arts program. I wasn't surprised when she did that after all she did come from an martial arts family.

"So have you kissed her yet?" Kris blushed when I asked him which only confirmed my suspicion. I smiled and congratulated him.

Yep it would have been perfect if we were together. Too bad he had already found the love of his life.

"Yah speaking of relationships, when are you going to get a boyfriend?If you want I could hook you up with one of my old friends?" I stopped in my tracks and Kris looked back at me with concern in his eyes.

I starched the back of my neck and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry." I began walking towards him again and he smiled thinking that I was okay; I masked my sadness pretty well. "The guy I like already has a girlfriend."

"Ahh do I know him? I'll knock some senses into him, who wouldn't chose you over some other girl!" I smiled and shook my head.

"Nah, him and his girlfriend are really happy together." Kris shoved me lightly in the shoulder and I shoved him back.

"Don't worry you'll find the right guy someday."

"Yeah, I hope so." When we reached the studio, Kris went to call Luna and I closed the door so that they could have their privacy. If I wanted to call Luna I would do it some other time. I was all for the couple but it still hurt my heart every now and again when I heard them to kisses over the phone and it was even worse when it was the three of us hanging out.

I clicked into the beat of the music instantly and it seemed like I was lost in my own world. As the song came to close and Eli's laugh echoed through the halls I sunk down to my knees and leaned against the wall. I cried, even though I shouldn't I cried.

"Wow, I guess know you know not to cross me." I heard a voice say and I turned my head to the back of the studio. I turned around to see a smirking Eli, right now I wasn't in the mood for his remarks.

"You think I would cry over something stupid like your followers pranks? You have to be kidding me." I rolled my eyes and I saw the door close fully meaning Kris had left the studio to meet up with Luna for lunch. I sighed and Eli narrowed his eye's in the door direction.

"Your friend left you."

"I know."

"Probably for the girl I heard him talking to before I slipped in the back entrance."

"I know."

"Then why do you seem so sad? If you know already you shouldn't care."

"I think the one who shouldn't be caring is you right now. After all I'm the one who offended you."

"So you're going to apologize now?" His tone of voice smug as if he expected me to.

"Tough luck... cause that is so not going to happen any time soon."

"Then how about if I apologize?" I was shocked and I was pretty sure my eyes widened because of it. "I'm sorry if things got out of hand. I guess I was just mad that you turned me down." He had to be joking right? When he showed no sign of breaking out into laughter and screaming "I can't believe you fell for it." I smiled at him.

"Apology accepted, but I'm still not gonna apologize to you though."

"I know but I think I can live with that." Slowly this guy was regaining the points he had lost. "So you going to tell me why you were crying?" He asked right out of the blue. I pondered this for a moment, pouting my lips as I did so.

"Let's just say you need to be my friend before you start asking me these kinds of questions."

"I thought we made up! Doesn't that count as us being friends?" I raised an eyebrow questionably. This guy was practically a stranger to me all I really knew was his name and that he was supposedly a 'king' and he was calling us friends? I guess our definition of friends had a difference. Too bad it was the entire definition.

"You do realize that I'm not your friend right? We hardly know each other; I guess I could call you an acquaintance though."

"Well how about if we get to know each other then?"

I sighed, would being friends with him be worth it? After all this trouble he caused I was seriously having my doubts. Even if he did regain some points it wasn't nearly enough to trust him completely and be his friend.

"I don't know I'll have to think about it." His face seemed to fall and I remorseful smile spread across his face.

"Okay, then I'll see you some other time." I nodded my head and he left the room. I rolled back my shoulders and started the music once again. This time I wasn't thinking about Kris and Luna, my mind kept flashing to the face Eli had minutes earlier; what did it mean?

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