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"A date?" I exclaimed nearly dropping my ice cream cone. Kris and I had gone to an ice cream shop after school to celebrate me not being picked on anymore. I was happily enjoying my vanilla swirl when he had blurted out going on a double date with Luna and one of her guy friends.

"Yep! She felt like you would be a third wheel if the three of us went together to the carnival, so we ended up calling her guys friends and this one said that he would! " I pouted , the fact that they were trying to set me up and that fact that several guys had said no didn't exactly help my self esteem.

"I don't need you guys to set me up. "

"Says the girl who had a crush on an unattainable guy. Clearly you need dating advice, and besides this guy seems nice!"

"YAH! I had and crush! Had meaning past tense meaning done, over, NO MORE! Stop bringing it up. Geez!"

I licked my ice cream cone and Kris began rambling his sorry's. By the time I finished my ice cream, his had melted and I was laughing at him as he tried to eat it.

"This is your fault you know. Take some responsibility for my ice cream soup." Kris said as we headed towards the bus stop.

"I don't wanna say it. " this time he was the one who pouted. I rolled my eyes and ruffled his hair, our way of saying sorry causing him to smile.

"So, you have to come to the double date on Saturday. If you don't Luna will hit me, and you wouldn't want your best friend to get hit would you?" I sighed before getting on the bus and heading to the backseats. Kris didn't follow me this time. As the bus pulled away I saw him smirk as he took out his phone. Seconds later I felt my phone buzz indicating a got gotten a text.

Now you can't say no, since you can argue with me. Don't try texting me cause I'm turning off my phone after I send this and I'm gonna unplug my home phone and I'll tell my mom to tell you I'm not home if you come looking for me.

"Geez, this guy." I mumbled before slipping my phone into my pocket and putting my ear phones in. A calming song with a beautiful soothing melody and operatic vocals by some Japanese band filled my ears. Soon enough I fell myself falling asleep.

When I woke up I was still on the bus and it was dark outside. The bus driver didn't seem to notice my extended ride, I checked the time; 6pm, I had slept for two hours. I sighed and texted my mom the I had fallen asleep on the bus and that I was coming home now.

"You talk in your sleep you know." I turned my head and beside me was a good looking guy. He had Luna's school crest on his jacket and was flipping through his phone.

"Ah, sorry if it disrupted you." He dismissed it with a wave of his hand and played a song from his phone that had a great beat and a intense bass.

"It's fine, I hope you don't mind but I took a sneak peek at your playlist. I think you might like this song based on that." I nodded my head an continued to listen to it. I smiled and the guy smiled back. "I knew you would like it. I'm Jaden, but I you can call me Jae."

"I'm Mina and I gotta go. It was nice talking to you!" I yelled before pushing my way to front and heading out the door, talking to Jae was nice but if I had missed my stop again mom would have flipped and take away my bus pass and drive me everywhere I from now on. If that happened... I didn't even want to think about that coming true.

Since Jae went to Luna's school maybe she knew him? I would have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday to ask her after all, if she wasn't training for judo she was with Kris and I really didn't want to interrupt their love fest.

The weekend rolled around and I found myself staring at Jae face. It turns out he was the guy Luna and Kris had set me up with. That wasn't so bad I guess, and now I could add another person who had orange shoes to my small list!

Orange shoes made me think of Eli. His face from earlier in the week was still fresh in my mind. I sighed while picking at my fries. Luna and Kris had gone off towards the tunnel of love so Jae and I decided to get something to eat. He was munching away on a corn dog and while I had opted for fries.

"What wrong? Not enough ketchup?" he pushed the red bottle towards me but I shook my head.

"It's just something that happened earlier this week. A guy I know had a weird face when I spoke to him about considering being his friend. I don't really know what to think about it."

"Don't think then, go with your gut." I shot him a confused look and he leaned towards me while waving his corn dog at me. "Your gut usually knows what's right. That's why you should normally never change your answers on multiple choice questions." I blinked twice, that information didn't really help. When I didn't respond Jae sighed before leaning back into his chair. "He probably cares about you in some sort of way that's why he looked sad when you said you would consider being his friend instead of saying you would."

That made much more sense. Maybe Kris was right; maybe I should step out of my dance world and head to reality. On Monday I would go and tell Eli I changed my mind, giving him a chance couldn't hurt right?

"I know we just met and all but do you think we could meet up again?" I asked as I saw Kris and Luna heading towards us. Their hair slightly ruffled and the both of them smiling like idiots.

"Sure, we are friends after all and friends do hang out." Jae smiled and I nodded my head.

"Great! Heads up, the love birds are coming and I think they just finished a make out session." Jae rolled his eyes and Kris and Luna approached our table.

"Hey guys! Sorry we took so long we got wrapped up in something." Kris said as Luna was trying to smoother out her hair.

"Yeah each other." Jae said causing me to hold back a laugh. Kris narrowed his eyes at Jae before turning to me.

"YAH! MIN YOU BETTER NOT LAUGH!" Kris yelled and I snapped and busted out it laughter.

"Sorry Kris, but I bet you guys looked like you were eating each other. I mean you have Luna's lipstick stained on your lips." I said between giggles. Luna blushed and Kris wiped his lips with his hands reviling pink fingers.

"YAH! MIN!" He exclaimed causing me to laugh once again.

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