Making Our Own Adventures: Part II

When Josh awoke, the first thing he noticed was the darkness surrounding him. The only light came from beside him as Evelyn browsed her phone. The second thing he noticed was that they were not moving. Though Josh could not recall the car ever moving on this particular endeavor, a quick look out the window told him they were not at the school anymore, even through the dim light.

Evelyn seemed to notice his shuffling around, as she then said, "Honestly, it's about time you woke up."

"Wha- wh-where am I? Whattimeisit?" asked Josh, now feeling a spectacular headache blossom throughout the back of his head.

"I'm sorry, Josh, you're mumbling again, I can't quite understand you when you're mumbling."

That prissy twat was really setting Josh on edge. Even so, you have to pick your battles, so Josh sat up straighter, grimacing through the pain in his head, and asked, "How long have I been asleep?"

"Oh, on and off for the last eight hours, every time you woke up I gave you some more of that drugged Gatorade."

"Drugged… Gator- Gatorade?" Josh turned the empty bottle over in his hands. He suddenly remembered taking it from that girl and the look on her face when he did. He wasn't trying to be mean or anything, he knew the girl, her name was Jasmine and Evelyn tutors her. Evelyn tutors her. Evelyn. Now, reflecting back on the girl's face, was that a, was that a smirk?

"Good, now that you've got everything figured out, eat this sandwich, it'll do you know good to have an empty stomach right now." Evelyn passed Josh a Subway bag, inside of which was a roast beef and Swiss foot-long, his favourite.

He ate his sandwich in silence, brewing over his initial anger at his friend and the following exasperation at her constant mischief and finally the acceptance that he's stuck with her, so putting up with her antics will always be his best option.

At his last bite, mouth full of roast beef, Josh found time to ask, "So… where are we?"

"We," Evelyn paused for dramatic effect, "are at the Calgary Zoo!"

Josh looked out the window again, and realized they were, in fact, in the middle of the large, deserted parking lot of the Calgary Zoo. He swallowed his sandwich and took a look at the clock. I was 1:46 am.

"Wake me up when it opens." he said, turning over on his side.

Evelyn smiled. "Will do, Joshua."

Will do.