Chapter 28: Just Another Day

I was grinning madly as we walked away from that idiotic boy. In all honesty, that's all he was: a boy. A man would never treat a woman the way he did to Shazz, and that much was apparent from the new love in my sister's life. We took a seat by a large window that overlooked a small man made pond that was home to several geese grazing on the lush grass that lined it.

I couldn't help but find Shazz and her new lover adorable. They were such a better looking couple then the prior choice. A waiter walked over with menus in hand and a smile plastered on his face. He set them in front of us, making it extremely obvious that he could take our orders whenever we were ready. I looked back to the other two of our little trio and gave a questioning smile.

"So what are you two going to get?" I asked with a sly tone. Blondie looked over the menu and bit his lower lip, which drew the attention of Shazz. She saw me looking at her and blushed for a short moment before burying her face in her menu. Must...resist...laughing urge!

"I think I'll get a steak." Blondie replied with a definite nod. Hmm, I should really find out this guy's name considering I still don't know the name of Shazz's former boyfriend... course I never have been good at remembering names. It probably took me three months to finally memorize my old friends' names, and that didn't do much good in the end. I scanned the menu myself and quickly decided what I would get before turning my full attention to my two companions.

"So, do I need to give you two the birds and the bees talk?" I asked sheepishly while ignoring the horrified and rather pissed off look Shazz gave me. But either way both of them turned red in some way, it actually made me think they were having a spicy food eating contest. I already predicted what Shazz was going to do and swung my legs out of the range of her under-the-table kick. I stuck my tongue out in victory.

I couldn't help but notice their lack of words to my question... Oh how that makes them look so guilty! Perhaps I should buy them condoms? Heh, Shazz was always embarrassed to buy simple femine products, she always made me do it. HA! I really love to pester her with my sisterly affection.

"Just keep this in mind, no glove no love." I winked at Blondie just as the waiter returned. He obviously heard the last bit of what I said for he turned pale in the face and looked as if he'd walked in on a murder in progress. Shazz's right eyebrow twitched a little, which in all fairness was my warning that she was about to strangle me. With my own hair more than likely.

"I'll take the Tropical Salad." I smiled innocently at the waiter, who nodded quickly and turned to the others. Aww, I made him feel awkward!

"Steak for me. Medium rare." Blondie nodded politely while one of his arms was resting on the back of Shazz's chair. He idly played with her hair as she ordered her own food.

"I'll have Chicken Salad, dressing on the side." Shazz folded her menu and handed it to the waiter, along with all the other menus that had been gathered. Just as the waiter was about to depart a deep and absolutely fantastic voice chuckled just behind me.

"Bring me some blackened salmon." the voice said smoothly to the waiter who nodded slowly before quickly leaving. I tilted my head back to look up at the tall figure of Darrel. Oh dear he looked soooo attractive. I wanted to touch him, a lot. Instead of doing said activity I merely grinned at him. He pulled a chair next to me and sat down, offering an apologetic smile to my sister and Blondie.

"Sorry, I saw you all in here and decided to join you." Darrel smiled slyly, his face matched perfectly with the stubble that claimed his jawline.

"No problem Darrel. A double date is better than having a third wheel." Shazz said teasingly, her brown eyes taunting me for my earlier comments. I snorted and made a face at her, grinning at the fact that the two men who kept us company looked delighted to see us making fun of each other. Darrel looked over at Blondie and smiled in greeting and hung his hand over the table for a manly handshake.

"I'm Darrel, just in case you were zoning out." Darrel grinned cheekily as Blondie shook his hand with a snort. Man, Darrel sure did love to tease blondes. Bastard.

"I'm Edward." Darrel turns slowly to look at me, and I know at that instant we are thinking the same thing. Sparkly fucking vampires. I wanted to laugh so badly but bit my tongue so as to not. Darrel chuckled and looked at Shazz. She really looked quite pretty, no doubt due to her connection with Edward, with her hair down in pretty curls that added to the long lashes that sat above those brown eyes that could make any man fall for her. She was also wearing a dress... I was wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. I am so stylish.

"Nice to see you again Shazzikin." Darrel grinned, revealing the dimples that made him look so cute.

"Oh good grief, don't start with the nicknames again!" Shazz rolled her eyes affectionately. Even though we hadn't seen Darrel in a long time, he was really important to both of us. He was the one who led us around when we explored as children, he had been the one to introduce Shazz's file to our university, and he was the one who led me to Jess. It was surprising how much of our life had happened due to him, and yet we rarely saw him now-a-days. I was so lost in thought about the past that I wasn't aware of Darrel's burning stare that was aided by a giant smile that just screamed that he was up to no good.

"Maybe tonight we can get together like we did last week, hmm?" Darrel wiggled his eyebrows as my face turned as red as the ketchup bottle. Shazz's eyebrows rose up and she smiled while Edward tried to drown out a laugh that just barely escaped his lips. Even I couldn't help but giggle in embarrassment. Luckily for me Edward started another topic, which was something about cars that only a man would bring up when they felt awkward.

Shazz listened and threw in any knowledge she had about the topic, but I knew nothing about cars. The only thing I knew about them was that mustangs were expensive, and that burning rubber was extremely literal. I looked to my right as they went on with their conversation. An older couple sat at their own table, talking quietly while smiling lovingly at one another.

They had to be in their early 50's, with soft wrinkles just starting to show as grey hair peeked out at the world. Their hands were intertwined, their eyes locked with such love that I was surprised. I wonder how long they had been in love. The man of the couple pulled his wife's hands to his lips and kissed them delicately, a simple yet romantic gesture. It was something pure, not ruined by arguments or unfaithful behavior. I smiled softly as I observed them, and deep down I hoped that one day I would be like that.

Becoming an ancient lover with the person I couldn't break away from. Love was definitely something everybody deserved, and I think it is something that everybody relished to have. People who say they could never love, are nothing but liars. Eventually the heart quakes for some person who has captured them, pulling them into an embrace they never wanted to end.

The conversation about vehicles, along with my daydreaming had ended as our food finally arrived. It all smelled divine, slithering into our sense of smell and tangling with our senses. I smiled and mixed my salad a bit before beginning to eat.

As we ate, and even shared each other's food, we laughed. This moment in time was amazing, and nothing could ruin it.