Chapter 38: Ice: Nature's Healer

It is that time of year where my presence is most apparent. The sun's light has become limited, but that has allowed my beauty to dominate this part of the lands. The news is taken with mixed emotions; some view it as a burden, but others, mostly the young children, are ecstatic. As such, I reward their delightfulness with my frozen gift.

With a gentle blow of air, I spread my seeds across the sky. The precious snowflakes gracefully glide down, shining in the pale sky like a million stars. They melt as they land, their print forever marked on the various warm bodies. I smile down upon you all.

You do not remember me, nor do you know that I actually existed. I am nothing more than the cold breeze in the winter air; the tiny particles of frozen water that silently come down and blanket your world in white. I am more times than not misunderstood: seen only as a force of merciless destruction, however there is more to me than meets the eye.

I am nature's healer; it is my cool embrace that soothes the intensity that fire brings. Together, we keep the balance of your planet, as creator and healer. We allow your existence to continue, but should we demand it, we will also be your persecutors. It is merely our way to atone for our mortal mistakes.

I have many names, but all of them have the same meaning. In a way, they make me feel more human. And while the part of me that was once known is dead, a more powerful, yet kind version of me will live on through you and your planet…. Forever.

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