Title: A Different Kind of Entertainment
Authoresses: NoChristmasJokesPlz and ANT-chan
Rating/Genre: SMUT/NC-17 (for SEX and GENERAL DEPRAVITY)
Summary: He meant what he said: he likes Cael best. But Baal is, and always will be a collector and connoisseur of fine things. And there's no reason why that shouldn't include people, in his opinion. A very smutty One Moment AU work. M/M/M+F

WARNING! Being the third in this series, returning readers should know to expect so much depravity by now. For new readers, this is what happens when Panda and ANT-chan decide to take everything they create and warp it into smut. This one includes graphic male/male sex. Specific warnings include: anal, oral, Dom/sub, use of toys, bondage, spanking, slight breathplay, multiple partners, voyeurism, and committed partners boning other people with the permission of their loved ones. There's also mention of pegging and Femdom, but it's "offscreen." You have been warned. Some readers will not like one or more of these warnings. While we would like you to keep an open mind, and maybe enjoy most of the fic even if something is not to your liking, we accept that you may not. But please, do not flame. You have been suitably warned, and flames will be expressly ignored. It accomplishes nothing.

A Different Kind of Entertainment

Because everyone deserves the occasional spice.

From Chapter 57: Just a Friendly Match

Baal grinned at his lover's gruff dismissal, leaning into the man. "Angel," he cooed. "You know I enjoy your kisses be- ESSS- mmmph..." He never got to finish, as Cael pulled him roughly forward and smashed their lips together. There was a swell of noise from the remaining onlookers, but neither were paying attention. Cael's hand cupped the dip of his spine, keeping him pressed together as he kissed him deeply. The hard, passionate kiss had Baal purring in seconds. He really did like Cael's kisses best.

Baal drew back with a smirk, ignoring the catcalls around them. With a teasing smile shot at his lover, he dashed off away from the Adelais house and the party goers.

This game was always his favorite.

Baal raced through the wooded area behind the Adelais property, grinning devilishly as he tried to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible. His black-clothed form blended well enough with the trees that he could duck around them without fear of being seen. Not that he was actually afraid, mind you. He paused behind a particularly sturdy trunk, straining his ears to hear footsteps through the undergrowth and fallen leaves. Baal thought he could almost pick up the faint sounds, but was also sure it could just be the wind. His lover was sneaky like that.

He'd set off from the front yard... what had to be twenty minutes ago, (he was having far too much fun to know for sure) leading Cael on a chase around the property. His lover had never gotten up to more than a brisk walk as far as Baal could tell, set on remaining above Baal's "juvenile game."

Which was what Cael always did when he wanted to push his lover into making a mistake. Which Baal knew and was debating on whether or not to fall into such an easy trap. But then again, Cael might be expecting it...

Such was the nature of their love.

The choice was taken from him as he rounded the next copse of trees. He had turned around for no more than a few seconds, when the leaves behind him crunched ominously. Sure enough, he whirled only to find Cael staring down at him. "You're not that stealthy," the man drawled in his gentle - outrageously sexy - Irish lilt.

Nonplussed at his apparent capture, Baal only smiled. "Perhaps not against you. But I am faster." He barely let himself finish his sentence before sprinting around the man. "Try to keep up, old man!" It seemed to do the trick. No longer were there quiet footsteps, easily mistaken for the natural sound of the forest. Baal could hear the fast crunch of leaves and twigs over his own break-neck pace. The chase was on. He laughed, exhilarated. "Come on, Angel!" All he got in return was a loud, almost playful, growl - much closer behind him than he'd been expecting. Baal sped up, his heart hammering in his chest as he cut through the woods, darting over the well-worn path that dividing it, and even sprinting through what looked to be a practice ring for the Cirque that made this place their home. And all the while, Cael was at his heels.

Eventually the trees gave way, revealing a clearing off to the side of the back pasture. It had to be the troupe camp that had been mentioned earlier. Trailers and tour buses were spread out chaotically over the grounds, almost outnumbering the little semi-circle of modest bungalows. With the whole troupe up at the house for the Halloween party, these grounds were deathly quiet.


Baal dashed down the path between two of the little cabins, sure that he could find a place to dodge his pursuing lover. He didn't get quite as far as he'd hoped. His arm was seized in an iron grip, and he laughed as he was dragged to a stop so fast that he got whiplash. There was a rush of vertigo, and his back was suddenly up against the rough wall of the modest home. His laughter was silenced in a sudden, hard kiss, but he didn't mind in the least. His heart was pounding in excitement, his blood rushing as he pushed back against Cael. His mouth was devoured, hands sliding over his body in a clear sign of want.

"Cael," he gasped between fervent kisses. "Angel. As much as I... mmm... love being adventurous... perhaps a more comfortable place is-"

There was a sound of a window opening by their heads.

The lovers parted quickly, Baal out of curiosity and Cael from shocked embarrassment, at the sound. Shiva was leaning out of the window not three feet from them. Her white make-up had been washed off, along with the severe, dark eyeshadow and lipstick. The lace dress was nowhere to be seen. She nonchalantly tucked a lock of jet-black hair behind her ear, propping an elbow on the window sill and quirking an eyebrow at them.

"Madam!" Baal greeted happily. "How may we help you?"

Shiva smiled even more. "No help is needed. I saw you were heading this way and thought I would say hello."

Baal grinned. "Saw us? Ah, yes, you're psychic, aren't you, dear lady? Quite an interesting talent. I'd love to hear more about it."

The tattooed woman smiled and leaned back, hands braced on the cheerfully painted window sill. She was wearing a thin lace camisole that bared the colorful tattoos winding all along her arms, bright flowers and fish and snakes and birds woven together in such a beautifully intricate pattern, laced with winding lines of characters in various languages, most notably Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, and perhaps even the old Navit runes. Stories scrolled through the vivid pictures painted on her dusky skin, stories told long ago, as well as stories still unfolding and stories yet to be told. "If you'd like to hear more, you can come inside. I'll put some tea on."

"That sounds delightful, my dear!" Baal exclaimed, ignoring Cael's unhappy glare and thoroughly disgruntled growl of protest.

Shiva nodded. "Come to the door. I'll be there in a moment." Her dark eyes crinkled at the corners, sparkling with something mysterious that immediately piqued Baal's interest. The brunet cocked his head, his eyes questioning as he looked at her. But the psychic only smiled her mysterious smile. "I'll see you at the door," she said as she leaned back, not even giving Baal a chance to agree. Then again, he supposed she already knew he was going to take her invitation.

The moment the window shut, Baal was untangling himself from his grumbling lover. "Let's go see what she has to offer, shall we?"

Cael muttered under his breath in response, causing Baal to roll his eyes. He knew Baal was prone to rapidly changing interests, but when it interfered with sex - which was rare - it never failed to annoy him. "Baal, weren't we-?"

Baal was already pulling him around the bungalow and onto the little front porch. "There's always time for that! This shouldn't take long, either. How often are we going to talk to a real psychic?"

"You know a handful of them."

"Yes, yes. But only two of them are of any real note."

The door opened, and the lovely Indian woman stood there in what appeared to be pajamas - her lace camisole and a pair of loose cotton shorts. Her ebony hair hung down her back in a thick, glossy fall, and her sharp eyes skimmed them both a bit more... calculatingly than Cael was strictly comfortable with. "Come in, come in," she urged silkily. Baal strode past her without hesitation, but the Irishman paused for a second before following his lover into a quaint little kitchenette. There was a kettle on the stove, boiling away, and three little cups were set out on a little table that folded out from the wall's light wood paneling. "Have a seat, both of you," she said pleasantly, gesturing to the little booths on either side of the folding table.

Baal and Cael both obeyed, and Shiva set out little metal containers of sugar, cream, cinnamon, and honey, along with a couple of long-stemmed dark wood spoons, the lacquered surface embossed with silvery designs. The teacups were much the same. Baal's aesthetics were immediately delighted. "This is lovely tableware - Shiva, is it?"

She smiled serenely. "Lajita, actually. Shiva is my stage name. And a nickname Collette bestowed before she did her research and knew that Shiva was a male god. I rather like it, but I do like my legal name just a bit more. Lajita Bandopdhyay Katamura. And the tea things are antiques. Temra wood. I bought them from a vendor in a commune in the Elkaen bluffs. Temra is waterproof and extremely durable when properly treated. It makes ideal, long-lasting tools and such. It's very pretty, too. But you didn't come for a lecture about my tableware," she added, shaking her head as if to forcefully bring herself back to the topic.

Even still, Baal reached out to take one of the finely-made cups in hand. "True. I wanted to ask about your psychic abilities."

Lajita slid into the booth on the other side of the table. "You are familiar with psychics." It was not a question, and she smiled when neither of them seemed surprised.

"I know a few around the Isles. The most powerful I've met thus far are Beatrice Donnett in this city, and Lora LaNoux from Redbrush Hollow. Miss Donnett's grandson shares her gift, but he is not as talented." The slim male laced his fingers under his chin. "But at any rate, the methods that psychics use fascinate me. They are different for nearly every single person I have met. Miss Donnett uses psychometry as a medium. And Miss LaNoux seems to specialize in cleromancy and rune reading."

Lajita smiled and sorted through a few tea bags, selecting them carefully for herself and her guests. "I've dabbled in cleromancy, but it isn't my strong suit. I mostly use it for quick readings on tour when a person's consciousness does not readily spring forth. I try not to touch people unless I'm already close to them, as part of my power relies largely on touch." She raised a hand and wiggled her fingers. "I already know a good bit about you and your thoughts based upon your auras - very strong and lovely, by the way, both of you - but I can learn practically everything about you if I were to so much as brush your arm. You can only imagine the residual consciousness I picked up simply by touching Seisaku after your... little trick earlier this evening."

Baal smiled and politely inclined his head.

"My abilities of foresight, however, are mostly random. Some nights, I have very lucid dreams of the future. Some days, I'm caught up in the flashes that strike at random. It happens much less frequently now that I've learned to control it, and I am able to get a much better understanding of my visions and such through meditation."

The kettle began to let out a shrill whistle, and Lajita quickly took it off the burner. She paced back over to the table and with the kettle in hand. Baal watched as she placed each of the carefully selected tea bags into their cups and poured the steaming water over it. "So you are a true clairvoyant, then?" he asked, looking genuinely interested. There was the slightest ripple in the room, one that only Lajita could feel. Baal's lover did not share his intent interest. But that was alright.

"I don't know if I would call it 'true clairvoyance,'" she replied, setting the kettle on a warm pad next to their cups.

"But you experience genuine visions. Something beyond reading cards or runes or... or tea leaves. True precognition at its fullest."

And that is where Cael tuned them out. He recognized his lover's tone, and resigned himself to a long, long conversation. Baal had, and probably always will, an insatiable desire to know things. His interests spread far and wide, and when he got like this... well, there was no stopping him. Psychic ability, or even extrasensory ability, was one of those. Baal had once explained to him that the interest came from his own family. While no one could call the Patroclos' psychic by any stretch of the term, they did have an uncanny instinct about things. Which is why all of them went with their gut feeling. It had rarely steered them wrong in the long run. And Baal had devoted himself to learning the field, as he had with so many other things.

So when the two of them were still talking a full ten minutes later, Cael was not surprised. "Where's Seisaku?" he asked at a lull in the conversation. He'd noticed the man's absence from the little cottage only a couple minutes into the pair's talk. "Didn't he come back with you?"

Lajita smiled, something odd flashing in her dark eyes. "Oh, I'm sure he's here somewhere," she said, tapping a painted nail against her full lower lip.

Baal smiled and leaned into his lover's side, eyes hooded. "Angel, darling, could you go fetch him for us? I'd love to hear his opinion on his wife's gift."

Cael didn't even try to refuse. He stood from the table. "Back here, right?" he asked. Lajita nodded once, before returning to her conversation with Baal.

The tall Irishman padded down the short hall. There were only two doors, and one led to a small bathroom that contained a sink, toilet, and a decent sized shower stall. The other door was partially ajar, and Cael perked slightly as he heard a faint strain of muffled humming from inside. He sighed and rolled his eyes as he pushed open the door.

"Baal requires your presence, S-" His sarcastic remark was cut off as he saw the one for whom he searched. He was in a position that had Cael torn between several rather confusing emotions.

Seisaku Katamura sat cross-legged in a chair, a length of black cloth fastened securely around his eyes. He was humming through another strip of cloth that was tied so that it rested securely between his teeth, effectively gagging him. He was shirtless, his well-toned arms behind his back, no doubt bound together or to the wooden chair in which he was perched.

If that wasn't enough to give a man pause, the rather large bulge tenting the bound man's pinstriped slacks certainly was.

Seisaku turned his head at the sound of his voice, his brows arching about the blindfold. "Nmpf?"

The taller male supposed that was meant to be a "who are you?" or a "what are you doing here?" But Cael couldn't find his voice to answer. In fact, he couldn't even think of a response. It was as if his brain hadn't finished processing the sight before him, and the only thing he knew for certain was that Seisaku was tied up, shirtless and horny, to a chair and there was a thick leather collar around his neck - oh god they were into that kind of thing? - and god damn it he was blushing, wasn't he?

He slammed the door shut, the heat in his face growing in intensity as a muffled chuckle reached his ears. Cael turned on heel, his mind foggy as he walked quickly back down the hall. It was all he could do to fight down the embarrassing flush to his cheeks. And... the spike of lust that he'd felt at seeing the man in such a position. He was a red-blooded, gay man. There was no shame in reacting in such a way.

At least, that's what he told himself.

"Angel, what happened?" The question flowed from Baal's lips the moment he stepped into the kitchen again. Damn it, there was no hiding anything from his lover!

"Nothing happened," Cael said, proud of how even his voice was. "I couldn't find him."

Baal's eyebrow arched, eyeing the no doubt still flaming blush on his cheeks. But Lajita... she only closed her eyes calmly and serenely, lacing her fingers together beneath her chin. Her plush lips turned downwards in a little frown. "That's odd. The last I saw, he was in the bedroom."

Cael wanted to scowl. What was she playing at? She knew damn well what Cael had seen. Even if she hadn't orchestrated it, the knowing gleam in her nearly black eyes said clearly that she could see what he had seen, could feel his brief spike of shameful lust. She had been planning this all along, hadn't she? From the moment Baal had kissed Seisaku in an effort to derail his concentration, she'd been manipulating them.

As if reading his thoughts, which she probably was, Lajita tilted her head coyly to one side and smiled. "Maybe you should check again? Seisaku is the playful sort. He may have been hiding."

'You know damn well he wasn't hiding, woman.' Cael thought, narrowing his eyes and practically pushing his thoughts towards the devious seductress.

The only indication that she may have sensed them was that same, tranquil smile.

"Angel." Baal was glancing between them, his eyes narrowed quizzically.

Cael's heart leapt into his throat. "It's nothing!" He mentally cursed as his voice came out urgent, and borderline panicked. It only made his lover more curious. Cael didn't protest, knew that it was futile to, as Baal stood, holding up a finger for him to wait as he walked out of the kitchen. With a rapidly sinking feeling, Cael listened as the man's footsteps padded up the short hall, and clenched his eyes shut as the door hinges creaked.

For a long moment, there was utter silence. "Mister Katamura! So sorry we caught you when you were indisposed." Baaltazar's boisterous greeting echoed throughout the little house. Cael brought a hand to his face, which further flamed at Lajita's quiet chuckle. The footsteps grew close again. Baal's presence appeared next to him, and he could feel his lover's eyes roving between him and their "gracious" host. Cael didn't even have to look up to know the gears were turning in that devious head.

"Some other business you would like to discuss, madam?"

Lajita smiled coyly. "Business?" she inquired. "I'm not looking for business. Just tea between friends."

Baal chortled. "Lajita, my dear, I admire your commitment to this lovely little ruse, but, certainly, you must give me some credit. You've intentionally left your husband in a delightful state for one of us to find, and I would like to know what business you have in doing so."

"No business," Lajita insisted, spreading her hands disarmingly, but her sly smile gave away her intentions. "Only pleasure."

Cael's hackles immediately rose, but his lover didn't seem to share his apprehension. Instead he looked distressingly intrigued by the idea. "Really?" he purred, tapping a finger to his lip. "Forgive me for sounding... possibly rude, Miss Lajita, but I'm afraid you're not our type."

But the psychic only laughed softly. "I will not be participating, don't worry," she assured, her eyes sparkling bright enough to match Baal's own.

"You... ah, a voyeur, are we?"

She chuckled. "I do like to watch now and again. It's not very often such a delightful opportunity drops itself in our laps. My Seisaku does like to have a real man every now and again rather than a... ah... shall we say, substitute?"

Cael's eyes widened almost comically at the very thought.

Baal's smile sharpened into the perfect Patroclos smirk. "There's nothing wrong with the right substitute, surely. But sometimes it's nice to a... flesh and blood specimen."

The psychic's lips curled into a sultry little smile that had no physical effect on either of them. But the intention behind that smile was clear. "Too true. And after your little display earlier... well, I think my dear husband is craving flesh and blood right now."


"No." The responses left their mouths simultaneously. Baal looked to his lover, his smile fading in only the slightest degree. Cael's green eyes glared defiantly back at him.

"Lajita, my lovely woman, why don't you go discuss things with Seisaku. It seems my partner and I need to have a chat."

Lajita politely inclined her head and left the room, and they could hear her murmuring down the hall, followed by more murmuring at a deeper timbre.

Cael turned his eyes back to his lover, who was smiling glibly, as if he hadn't just suggested sex with another man while said man's wife watched.

"Angel..." Baal said in that low, sultry little whisper that usually made Cael do anything his lover wanted to, with or without protest. But Cael was having none of it at the moment.

"Absolutely not."

The brunet sighed at his lover's tone. It was obviously going to take more than that to get Cael to agree to this. "Angel, Lajita isn't going to participate," he said, trying to assuage any possible worry Cael might have had.

"That's not what this is about!" the Irishman snapped in return. He hated the jealousy that was burning in his chest. "You want him." It wasn't a question.

Baal expression immediately softened. "Yes," he replied, and Cael wanted to throttle him for being so fucking honest, damn him. "Seisaku is attractive. But I wouldn't agree to this if you were against it Cael." The slender male approached cautiously, laying a hand on his lover's chest and leaning up to nuzzle his jaw. "This is nothing more than a new spice for both of us. You know I love you, Angel."

"They're... They'd be using us," Cael protested weakly, but he was already caving.

"To be fair, Angel, I think we'd be using them too. And you can't deny that seeing Seisaku got you worked up. I saw you when you ran back in here."

Cael stubbornly clung to his disapproval for a few seconds longer, but found keeping it futile. "...I... alright."

Lajita reappeared in the doorway, smiling radiantly and clasping her hands together. "Wonderful! Follow me, boys." She strolled down the hall, followed quickly by Baal, and then by a more hesitant Cael.

Seisaku was still restrained when they arrived, but he seemed to have escaped his gag, the strip of cloth hanging around his neck as he sang idly under his breath. "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... Hmm-hmm-hmm... There they are a-standing in a row... Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Give 'em a twist, a flick of the wrist, that's what the showman said-" He cut off and smiled towards the doorway, as if he had known they were there all along. "Lajita, dear, have you convinced them to join us?"

Lajita stepped forward, smiling that same, sunny smile. "It's more like they convinced themselves. But yes, dear, they'll join us. I'm going to untie you now." They watched as she sauntered over to her restrained husband, reaching out to slide the blindfold from his head in one smooth motion. Seisaku blinked as his vision came back into focus, and then turned his smile first to his wife, and then to the men standing in the doorway.

Baal was quick to return it with a seductive grin of his own, but Cael merely looked away. Ah, now that wasn't going to do at all.

Sei waited patiently as Lajita untied him from the chair, studying the two men with an openly hungry gaze. He couldn't wait to see what they had in store for him. And he knew Lajita couldn't either. He smiled as his hands were freed, and leaned up to nip at her fingers when they moved to brush back a strand of his hair. She chuckled. "Up."

"Yes, Mistress," Seisaku purred. The reply seemed to spark a new interest in Baal, his eyes sparkling deviously.

"Miss Lajita..." he began, but his eyes never left the shorter, more muscular man. "For the purposes of this... would you allow me control over your… pet? Slave?"

"Pet." Lajita's smile widened. "So polite to ask. Of course. You have full control over him for the evening. But I must warn you, he can be quite... willful. He has a way of turning around his orders to suit himself."

Baal laughed delightedly. "Fantastic! That will make this so much more fun! To the bed then, pet!"

Sei bowed theatrically. "Of course, Master." He sauntered over to the bed, and Baal got an eyeful of a brightly colored tattoo that covered his back. Much like Lajita's tattoos, the design bore intricate scrolling lines of symbols in various languages, but his tattoo had an odd texture - shiny in some places, seemingly wrinkled in others. The wings of the white phoenix-like bird that dominated the majority of the tattoo had a particularly heavy concentration of this odd texture, as did the fur of a sleek tiger.

"That is quite the tattoo you've got there," Baal purred.

Sei glanced back over his shoulder, before turning to lie down on his back on the bed, sprawled invitingly. "It better be. It took over a year to get it all finished. It is the work of my beautiful wife, of course."

Baal's interest was once again piqued. "Is it?" He turned to the psychic. "You did not mention this before."

Lajita chuckled, pulling up another chair and motioning for Cael to sit. "My tattoos are an art form. A passion, even."

"You are very talented," he said, moving over to the bed and kneeling half-over the woman's husband. "I would love to explore them at some point this evening." Baal let his hand trace over Seisaku's collar, and down over his chest. The other man arched up into the touch.

"I'd be happy to, Master."

"Good. Very good, pet. Now get those pants off, hm?"

Sei smiled coyly and slid his hand slowly down his smooth chest, eyes closing nearly all the way, until he was gazing at Baal through dark, narrow slits. He lightly brushed calloused fingertips over already peaked nipples, but didn't linger long. His palms smoothed over the defined ridges of his stomach, and, finally, reached the fly of his dark jeans.

"Hurry up, pet," Baal sang cheerfully. "If you keep me waiting, I may be forced to punish you."

Sei only smiled and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his tented trousers, pushing them slowly down his narrow hips. His boxers followed quickly, and Baal's eyes widened ever so slightly as the shorter man's impressive length bobbed free. "Congratulations, good sir," he chuckled. "You have just single-handedly disproved a stereotype."

Seisaku smiled and sat up so that he could push his pants and underwear away from his toned legs. "And people wonder how I can be so secure with my height."

Baal chuckled. "You obviously have no need to be insecure!" He glanced down again, admiring the shorter man's physique, but his head tilted as he caught a glimpse of something glittering at the head of Seisaku's cock. At first, he thought it to be the beading of pre-come, but he noted that it was silver. "Why, hello, Prince Albert!" he exclaimed gleefully.

The man beneath him grinned. "Like it?" He tilted his hips a bit more, so the barbell could catch the light better.

"Oh yes." Baal slid his hand down to circle the protrusion of the barbell, caressing the sensitive skin and delighting in Seisaku's soft moan. "I almost got one when I was young and impetuous." The brunet chuckled. "I decided a tattoo would be more decorative and slightly less of a hassle in the end."

"You... You have a tattoo?" Seisaku murmured, his voice a little tight as Baal continued to run his fingers over the pierced flesh. "May I see it, Master?"

Baal smirked, leaning close to him. "Maybe if you're a good boy."

Sei smiled, looking both naughty and eager. "I can be a very good boy when I want to be, Master," he purred. Baal gave a throaty chuckle.

"I'm sure you can be," he replied, playfully tugging the shorter man's length. Sei gave a hitched little gasp and dug his fingers into the bedspread.

Baal lowered his head to kiss those parted lips, smirking as Seisaku immediately pressed against him. He allowed the man to kiss him without restraint, humming in delight as their lips slid together wetly. But before Seisaku could try to deepen it, Baal pulled away, smirking down at him. "You're free to do as you wish for a moment," he ordered, standing quickly from the bed. He had to dodge Sei's attempts to drag him back down, and chuckled at the man's eagerness.

"Miss Lajita, do you have a place you keep your toys?" he asked instead, not even bothering to question whether or not she had any.

Lajita smiled gently, her hands folded neatly in her lap. However prim and serene she appeared, her excitement was betrayed by the delicate flush painting her dusky cheeks, and the bright, hungry gleam in her midnight-dark eyes. "There's a little chest underneath the bed. It's all yours for the evening."

Baal clapped his hands together. "Fantastic. Isn't that fantastic, Angel? You've been so quiet over there."

Cael had taken a seat in a rolling chair a good distance from Lajita, as well as the proceedings on the bed, and his face was an emotionless mask. His excitement, too, was betrayed by his physical response - the tenting of his costume tights (and now Baal did feel the slightest bit guilty about making him wear them) and the way his hands had turned white at the knuckles where they gripped the arms of the chair. His grip tightened further when Baal leaned over the edge of the bed to get underneath, his tight, black pants stretching enticingly over his backside. Seisaku was transfixed as well, callused fingers idly tracing the skin of his thighs, just barely skirting his arousal.

Baal straightened after a moment, a polished wooden chest in his hands. With a little hum of approval he set the chest upon the sheets, lifting the lid without hesitation. His eyes were alight and focused intently on the contents, and it was clear to everyone that he was plotting all the things he could do with the toys within. "This will take a few minutes," he whispered distractedly, removing a vibrator from the chest and studying it - no doubt deciding whether or not it could fit in his plan. And then he flashed a smile at Seisaku, and nodded his head towards his lover across the room.

"Go play," he chuckled.

Sei was across the room in a heartbeat, straddling Cael's thighs and running his hands slowly along the Irishman's upper arms. Cael looked almost startled by the sudden closeness, but Sei didn't give him a moment to think. He pressed their mouths together in a deep, ardent kiss, skillfully pressing his naked body to Cael's clothed form to coax him into admitting the much smaller man's eager tongue.

But much to his frustration, Cael was slow to respond. Or reluctant, perhaps? To say that Seisaku didn't like that idea was an understatement. With a disappointed sound he rubbed himself against that long, muscled form, winding his arms around the man's shoulders. "What's wrong?" he murmured, quirking a faint smile as he tucked a stray lock of now blond hair behind Cael's ear. "You don't look very happy."

Cael forced himself to glance away, hating how his body was betraying him. He had agreed to this, yes. He was even enjoying it, that much he couldn't hide. Not with how his costume tights - these idiotic tights - were becoming highly uncomfortable. But even with all of that, it didn't mean that he didn't have reservations about this whole thing. Cael didn't relish the idea of being someone else's twisted entertainment.

Well... he enjoyed being Baal's entertainment from time to time, but love did crazy things like that.

Sei chuckled slightly and ran the pad of his thumb along Cael's lips. "Are you upset because Jiji is watching us? Or do you just not like me?"

Cael opened his mouth to respond, but Sei wasn't paying attention. He was glancing back at his wife, who was glaring at him. He smiled blamelessly. Lajita was not amused.

"What have I told you about that nickname?" she drawled smoothly, with a faint edge of accusation.

Sei closed his eyes. "It's a cute nickname, my dear. Not to mention the way you punish me when I use it." His smile turned faintly sly. She gave him a meaningful glance. "Once we've bid our guests farewell, you may do what you wish, my love," he said, smiling. He returned his attention to Cael, and leaned forward to nip at his lips. "So. My question," he said calmly. "May I have the answer?"

Cael could've given him a scathing response had he not become tongue-tied at that moment. There was a chuckle from the bed, and he didn't have to look to know Baal was watching eagerly for his response. Not like he already didn't know the answer, anyway. "...Being someone's convenient show," he finally managed to choke, "isn't my idea of... fun."

Seisaku smiled knowingly. "Not an exhibitionist, hm?"

The larger man tried to look away, but Sei wasn't about to let him. He leaned in again, suckling on his lower lip and rolling his hips with enough pressure to make Cael gasp. "It's not so bad. You just have to get into it. You can't tell me you aren't interested..."

Cael looked away, and Seisaku cupped his cheek and leaned in close. Their lips were barely a hair's breadth apart, and Cael's breath was warm and smelled like tea. "Come on. Don't you want to put on a good show for Baal?"

Cael wanted to say no. He wanted to deny that he wanted anything to do with this. He wanted to deny he actually wanted Seisaku. But it would be a lie, and a horrible one at that. "I..." he growled softly, admitting defeat. He didn't even need to finish his sentence for the martial arts master to understand. Seisaku pressed forward, sealing their mouths together in a deep, probing kiss. Cael's breath caught. Everything about the kiss was so different from Baal. The way he smelled, the way he tasted, the way he felt...

After being with Baal for ten years, kissing someone else was stark and hyper-aware to his senses.

Baal's kisses were always impetuous, teasing, prodding until Cael was goaded into a passionate response. Baal was masterful, knew what he wanted and just what buttons to push to get it. But he also liked to relinquish control, to give Cael the power to do whatever he wished. Seisaku's kiss was... not entirely different. His kiss built up to a slow burn, starting with a simple, but firm push and pull, give and take. He was passionate in a relaxed, but at the same time ardent, way. As if he had all the time in the world. But, the longer Cael let their lips slide and press and gasp together, the more he realized that Sei was guiding him.

Much like Baal, he liked to make you think you had the upper hand, let you think it was all your idea, your will, when, really, he was just playing you like an instrument, deciding with a deft flick of the tongue or a fleeting caress of the lips. Like with Baal, he made you think it was you making the music when, without his touch, his breath mingling with yours, you'd be silent.

It was terrifying to think that there was someone so eerily similar to Baaltazar Patroclos in any sense.

And just like with Baal, the knowledge that he was being played like a finely tuned instrument set off a spark of irritation and pleasure. This teasing game was one he was so familiar with; one that he'd been forced to play so many times with his lover. It was strangely comforting that Seisaku was so very much the same in that sense. So he fell back on what he knew: he let his frustration lead him. His hands finally moved from their places on the arms of the chair. His arms went around the slighter male, fingers digging into his firm, muscled back and dragging him closer.

Seisaku's breath hitched sharply and suddenly, his back arching and his mouth parting from Cael's in a breathless, needy moan. Cael pulled back, looking a bit perplexed. He smoothed his hands down the smaller man's spine, watching as his muscles shuddered and convulsed. He couldn't help but notice that the texture of his skin on his back was radically different from the rest of his body. Where he should have been just as smooth and firm as the rest of him, his skin had an odd, ridged texture, raised and softer than the majority of his sun-and-work-toughened body. As if the flesh there were mostly new, interspersed with whorls and puckered areas. Scars? Bad scars, by the feel of it. Almost like burn scars, but different. If they were burn scars, especially this bad, the nerve damage should have been enough to make his back totally numb.

But these... appeared quite sensitive. Even more sensitive than undamaged skin. He'd have to remember that.

He decided to immediately put his theory into action, sliding his nails over one of the marks. Another shaky moan was muffled by his lips, Seisaku trembling in his arms. That toned, naked form all but molded itself to him, and he could feel his impressive shaft pressing against his stomach. Cael shivered, his other hand sliding down, raking a burning path over Sei's back and settling boldly on the firm curve of his backside.

Pleasure was rushing through Seisaku's blood, white hot and molten. His breath came in short gasps, further stolen by Cael's lips nipping passionately at his. He buried his hands in the man's blond hair, dragging his fingers through it as he rocked against him. Finally, the reluctance that had been pouring off the Irishman in waves was dissipating, leaving only curiosity and lust in a heady mix that made Sei desperate.

Sei drew back with much reluctance, tugging gently on Cael's lower lip with his teeth as he went. For a moment, the Irishman tried to follow him, but a firm hand pushed back on his chest. Seisaku tutted softy at him, before shifting back on Cael's knees and wiggling a hand between them to cup the bulge in Cael's tights.

The slightest touch made him ache. Cael hissed loudly, trying to arch up into the touch and almost dislodging Seisaku in the process. It was only by the man's quick reflexes and Cael grabbing onto his thighs to steady him that kept him from tumbling to the floor. He swallowed thickly, his face heating in embarrassment as he uttered a quick apology. Sei only chuckled at him, quickly slipping his hand into those silly tights and groping at him.

"Oh yesss," he purred in satisfaction, wrapping his fingers around the man's impressive length. "Very nice. I'd love to have you fuck me." His declaration brought the faintest of blushes to Cael's face, which was so incredibly endearing. He leaned in again to kiss him, but was stopped by a quiet chuckle from across the room.

"As much as we'd both love that, pet, I do believe it's time for us to give your Mistress her show."

Sei sighed softly in resignation, casting a sidelong glance at his wife, who gave a small smile and a little wave. "I suppose you're right." He closed his lips over Cael's for a short, unsatisfying kiss, and gave the taller man's cock a final, playful squeeze. With that, he left Cael's lap and returned obediently to the bed, leaning back on his hands and shamelessly splaying his thighs. Cael swallowed a growl of pleasure at the sight.

Baal smirked as he took in his lover's wanton expression, but chose not to tease him for it. He turned to Seisaku, tilting his head as his smirk turned coy. "Kneel here." He motioned to his feet. "Facing the bed."

Sei didn't hesitate to slide onto the floor at Baal's feet, completely ignoring the second order and tracing his hands up Baal's thighs. His mouth hovered dangerously close to the elder man's groin.

Baal's hand shot out suddenly, knotted in Sei's ponytail and tugging it loose, none too gently. His hair spilled over his shoulders, and Baal smiled, jerking his head back forcefully. Seisaku uttered a small moan as his throat was bared submissively.

"I said facing the bed, pet," Baal chided.

"I warned you," Lajita chuckled softly behind him.

Baal glanced over his shoulder as Seisaku did as told, smiling lazily. "That you did. But... I like it. And I have a feeling so does he." He stepped closer to the kneeling man, who now had his back to him. Baal brushed the soft, inky black locks over his shoulder in a tender caress. His smile sharpened as Seisaku shivered. "Isn't that right, pet?"

The younger man licked his lips, his eyes focused on the small assortment of toys Baal had placed on the bed. A pair of leather cuffs on long chains, a plug... and a riding crop. It was obvious that the brunet had taken great care in choosing his instruments. Excitement rushed through his veins, and he nodded numbly.

"Yes, I thought so."

Baal leaned over Sei and brushed his fingers over the toys, selecting the riding crop first. He stroked the supple leather wrapping the handle, and drew the end lightly down Sei's spine.

"Bend over the bed, pet. And give me that plug while you're at it."

It felt like every nerve-ending in his body sparked to life at the caress, and he could feel Baal's smirk at the reaction. He did as told, forcing his hands not to shake in excitement. He pressed his upper body to the sheets, quickly passing the plug to his temporary Master. His mouth was dry, his throat tight, and he couldn't think of a witty answer at that moment. "Yes, Master." It came out as a deep mewl, something that only delighted Baal more.

"Thank you, pet," he rasped. The crop trailed over his ribs, almost teasingly, and traced down his spine again. A moan finally broke free, his whole body jolting. "I won't restrain you for this, since you're so... experienced. But you are not to move. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," Sei all but whispered. Baal smiled and stroked Seisaku's hair, brushing his thumb along the shell of his ear as he located a tube of lubricant in the little toy chest. He set aside the riding crop for a moment, and carefully slicked the toy with the lube. His fingers still coated with the slippery substance, he knelt behind his temporary pet and slipped a finger into him. He chuckled when he felt him already slick and somewhat stretched.

"Ah, you played a bit before we arrived?"

"What can I say?" Sei purred, arching his back. "We like to be prepared. More time to have real fun."

Baal sneaked a glance over his shoulder at Seisaku's declaration. His eyes caught Lajita's own, which were glittering and impossibly dark now that lust was clearly visible in them. He smiled. "That so?" The Greek man shot their host a pointed look. Lajita merely arched a challenging brow at him, folding her arms her chest. Shameless as always, the fact that someone - a woman, no less - was watching him finger said woman's spouse had no effect on him.

Cael didn't seem to be sharing his sentiment, though, the poor man. He was turned on, oh yes, Baal could see that with barely a glance. But he still looked so adorably uncomfortable as he watched his lover prepare another man and share platonic, teasing smiles with the man's wife. It was an entertaining predicament.

Oh well. Stranger things had happened. Baal shook himself from his momentary lapse in focus, returning his full attention to the purring man kneeling in front of him. The Patroclos male added a second and then a third finger in quick succession, testing Seisaku's limits and smiling in pleasure because, yes, it did appear that they'd had fun before he and Cael had gotten there. With a satisfied hum he withdrew his fingers and patiently angled Seisaku's hips so he could slide the plug in, in their place. "Excellent," he drawled. "Then that should ensure you're nice and stretched for when I let Cael take you."

Seisaku shivered at his words, licking his lips as the older man reached for the crop again.

"We'll make the safeword something simple. Hm. How about... ruby? Oh yes. That'll match nicely to your flushed skin after I'm done with you."

Seisaku chuckle softly. "And with your, no doubt, expensive tastes."

"I am a man who enjoys the finer things in life, my pet," Baal said, his tone absolutely oozing high class and good breeding. It made Seisaku snort none too delicately. "Whether those finer things be cuisine, artifacts, or a gorgeous man splayed out and helplessly at my mercy matters very little."

"Lovely to know I rank up there with caviar and sixteenth-century necklaces. I feel like a prostitute. A very expensive prostitute, but a prostitute nonetheless."

"I would ask you how you knew about that necklace," Baal chuckled, swatting the smaller man lightly on the rump with the tip of the riding crop, "but your lovely wife no doubt told you. And to even insinuate that I have ever had to pay someone for sex is insulting enough that I am going to turn your lovely backside ruby. And, however much of a tangent it is, I've never been overly fond of caviar."

Even in his uncomfortable state of arousal, Cael had to roll his eyes. Only a Patroclos...

Baal broke off his rambling with a coy glance at his temporarily blond lover, and smiled. "Now, where were we? Ah, yes."

Suddenly, the riding crop descending, and the resounding smack of leather on flesh made an absolutely mockery of the light, playful tap he'd give his temporary pet earlier. Sei's body barely tensed, but a soft, eager moan shuddered past his lips. Baal grinned like a madman and set quite enthusiastically to work, bringing the crop down with enough force to raise vivid pink welts on the smooth, tawny skin of Seisaku's ass. Sei barely moved, but the way he subtly arched his hips and made soft, encouraging (but controlled, Baal noticed) noises gave him away.

When his ass had turned from the lovely tawny color of a well-tanned man of Eastern descent to a bright, angry red, Baal paused his assault, admiring his handiwork. "I think that's enough for this area..."

By the time the crop had been raised, Lajita was moving to her feet, and when the stuff leather came down on her husband's back with a sharp crack, she cried out, "Ruby!" with such uncharacteristic sharpness that it made both Cael and Baal jump.

Baal's eyes were suddenly drawn to the genuinely pained tightening of Seisaku's body, the way his fists clenched, white-knuckled in the sheets, and his toes curled away from the soft, braided rug at the foot of the bed. There was a curious sound, like the air being let out of a tire echoing from somewhere in the room, and it took the rough, hitched grunt of tightly controlled pain for Baal to realize that it was Seisaku, hissing through painfully gritted teeth.

"Not his back," Lajita said shakily. "Anywhere... anywhere but his back."

The final traces of a manic expression on Baal's face vanished, revealing a faint look of guilt. The riding crop was deftly flipped in his hands, now being held in a much less threatening position. Seisaku didn't quite relax - he was still wracked with the aftershocks of pain, it seemed - but his apprehensive tension did ease slightly. Baal reached out, faltering when both the psychic and her husband tensed.

"Shhhh," he cooed, gently brushing his fingers over the welt. Seisaku trembled under his touch, but whether it was from pain or pleasure, Baal couldn't truly tell. His fingers sought out the varied texture of his scarred back, a sour taste in his mouth. He hated making mistakes. Especially one he should've been able to avoid easily. "Is it really so sensitive?" he asked Lajita softly.

"Extremely," she murmured. "I know you know things," she said, sitting down as Baal comforted her husband with soft, soothing touches. "Things about the Isles. Things about everywhere worthwhile. Have you ever heard of sirsha?"

"The sea serpents, yes." Baal traced his fingers over the knobs of Sei's spine. The smaller man was relaxing more and more under the attention, until he was draped contentedly over the edge of the bed, his eyes half-closed. He was purposely losing himself to the sensation of nimble, sure hands dancing over his mutilated back, turning down the volume of the world around him so he didn't have to listen. Baal knew the defense mechanism when he saw it.

"I was referring more to their venom," Lajita said. "Very, very rare."

"Ah, yes," Baal hummed. Being largely aquatic, they didn't breathe fire (as legend often assigned to mythical reptilians), so they spit venom – sirsha, for which they were named – at their enemies.

Lajita's eyes were dark with anger, a chilling look on the serene woman. "It burns. It's acidic, but it has special capabilities that don't numb the nerve endings after long periods of exposure. They make them more sensitive, much more sensitive, so you feel the burn that much more. And if you add fire..."

"So!" Sei suddenly straightened up, smiling glibly and looking around the room as of nothing had occurred. "I do not know about you, but this conversation is on the fast track to killing my hard-on. Anyone else?"

They were blanketed in thick silence, making Lajita look away. He could feel the intense emotions flashing through her eyes almost as sharply as his own. And Patroclos had a look in his eyes that was not quite pity, but knowing and sadness and it still managed to leave a nasty taste in Seisaku's mouth. To say that this was a mood killer was a gross understatement.

But then that devilish grin was flirting with Baal's lips again. The riding crop connected with Sei's chest, only with enough force to sting. "Did I say you could get off the bed, pet?" he teased smoothly.

Sei's lips curved faintly. Yeah, that was more like it. "I don't believe so, Master."

"Well then, you'd better get yourself right back onto it. Lie flat this time. No hanging off the bed like a common heathen, hm?" This command was a bit gentler, his smirk a bit tenderer. But it was a command nonetheless.

Seisaku returned quickly to the bed, not particularly because he felt like being obedient but because this was one step closer to getting rid of that awful downturn of the evening. "Are you going to punish me, Master?" he questioned as he rested against the sheets, not quite able to keep the eagerness out of his voice. He heard Baal shift, and Sei turned his head as the jingling of chains reached his ears. The man was picking up the shackles from where he'd left them.

"Ooohh not quite. But we will go right into your final test."

"Final test?" Sei purred thoughtfully. "Sounds naughty."

"Only if done right," Baal replied cheerfully. "Arms stretched out in front of you, pet. And be quick about it."

Sei obeyed without hesitation, and Baal rounded the bed, securing one leather cuff around his temporary pet's wrist. He looped the long chain connecting the cuffs around the wrought-iron bars of the headboard, and tightened the second cuff around the smaller man's other wrist.

"Cael, my Angel," Baal called out. "Come here, love."

Cael stood slowly, still throbbing in his tights, and padded obediently to his beloved's side. "Yes?" he rumbled.

Baal beckoned his lover down to his level and kissed his cheek. "I need you to fetch something for me." Smiling slyly in the now bound (and absently whistling) Seisaku's direction, he whispered what he needed in the tall Irishman's ear. With a faint sigh, Cael nodded.

"As you wish, Master," he said dryly, before leaving the room.

Baal grinned as his lover exited, his eyes trained on that tantalizing ass - framed perfectly in the costume tights. Best decision Baal had made in a long time, in his opinion, despite the discomfort his lover was no doubt in.

Oh, who was he kidding. He made great decisions all the time. Like the one that led them both to his little foray.

His mahogany eyes found Lajita's as he waited for Cael to return, gazing intently at the psychic as he noticed her far-off look. But thankfully, she no longer looked troubled. Her dark eyes were distant and glazed, but it only seemed to last a matter of seconds before it passed. And then the barest hint of a blush rose to her cheeks.

'Ah.' He smiled inwardly. 'Caught a glimpse of my plan, did you?'

A tiny smile quirked her lips, and she cut her eyes slyly in his direction. Ah, so she approved. She shifted a bit, neatly crossed her legs, and settled in to watch.

Soon enough, Cael returned, bringing with him an opaque violet glass that rattled as he walked. He calmly handed the glass to his lover and returned to his seat.

"Thank you so much, Angel," Baal purred. "This will make our game much more interesting."

He chuckled at his lover's eye roll, taking his chance to give the large man a swat on the ass as he walked away and laughing at his stunned glare. He smirked until Cael returned to his seat, looking more disgruntled than ever. "We'll have to hurry," he chuckled at Seisaku. "I think my dear Angel needs to work off some frustration on you."

Seisaku squirmed on the bed, arching his hips and presenting his plugged entrance to him. "You could make him happy and let him work it off now..."

He was given another swift smack on his already abused ass for his trouble.

"None of that. Now lay still and flat. Or I'll tie your legs down too."

Sei heaved a sigh or resignation. "Yes, Master." He shifted so he was lying flat on his stomach again, and waited. And blinked when weight settled over his thighs. He turned his head slightly, peering up at his new Master, who was now straddling him and leaning over his back, glass in hand. The glass was starting to sweat, telling him exactly what was inside it. Seisaku's eyes went wide with the realization of what was to come, just as Baal carefully plucked an icecube from the glass and dropped it onto his back with little warning.

The ice landed in the dip between his shoulder blades, slipping down the curve of his spine as his back arched, his throat closing at the deliciously painful shock until nothing but strangled gasps of air could escape. The ice was so cold on his hypersensitive skin that, for a moment, it registered as burning heat.

"Fuck!" he choked out.

Almost as soon as the curse left his mouth, the scalding-freezing-ohgods sensation was counteracted by a hot - and he knew it was hot this time - wet tongue following after the trail of melting water. The dual sensation was almost too much, his body not knowing whether to arch towards or away from his tormentor. Baal's nimble fingers plucked the ice from the dip in his back just as his tongue reached it, lapping up the small pool of meltwater with a soft, impish slurp for effect.

"M-ahhfuck!" He didn't get a chance to do much more than that as the icecube was immediately pressed to his shoulder blade, just over another scar.

He began to squirm, unsure whether he wanted to get away from the freezing burn, or if he wanted more. The cube slid down his back again, and, like before, a hot, slick tongue following the cold, wet trail left behind.

"Drag your tongue upwards along his spine," Lajita instructed from across the room. Her eyes were dark and focused, her lips curved in a little smile. "It drives him crazy."

Baal lifted his head, glancing sidelong at the woman. "Ah, thank you. Enjoying the show, milady?"

Lajita lifted a brow, her dark, dark eyes twinkling with humor and pleasure. She nodded, rather than say anything. Her gaze raked over them as Baal absently traced the rapidly melting ice over a scar and blew cool air over it this time. Seisaku made a wounded sound, writhing against the sheets, his hips bucking in the instinctive search for relief.

"No rubbing yourself off on the bed, pet," Baal whispered. He turned to his lover, offering him a patient smile. Cael was looking less put off now, his mouth no longer pulled tight at the corners in a guarded frown. Now he just looked uncomfortable. Which may or may not have been from the erection straining obviously against the front of his costume. "I'll be done playing in a moment, Angel," he soothed with a smile. He dipped his head again, not waiting for a response, and did as Lajita had instructed. The ice was dropped, allowed to slide down Seisaku's spine, as he dropped his mouth to the small of the man's back and drawing his tongue up in the opposite direction.

The effect was immediately apparent. Seisaku pushed back into the touch with a weak, keening moan, shameless in volume and pitch. His back arched in a neat little curve and he gasped and panted desperately.

"Interesting," Baal hummed, eyebrows creeping towards his hairline.

"I don't know what it is, but that turns him into a needy, mewling bottom bitch." Lajita smiled affectionately at her husband, who glance back to give her a deliciously submissive look.

"You're so... mean to me," he panted. His pupils were blown wide, and blended in with the deep chocolate of his eyes. His face was flushed, his hair sticking to his face and neck with a light sheen of sweat. He already looked halfway to well-fucked. Lajita smiled coyly.

"You like it when I'm mean to you."

Seisaku refused to admit the sound that came out of his mouth was a whimper. It wasn't even a matter of pride, but he still refused to on principle. But he didn't get the chance to amend himself, to reply properly to his wife - his Mistress. His temporary Master fell upon him with a vengeance, taking great pleasure in wringing as many noises out of him as possible, it seemed. That molten, almost serpentine tongue performed an intricate dance over his back with the ice as its partner. Sometimes it would follow after the steadily melting piece, sometimes it would travel in opposite but matching patterns. Once one cube had melted away, another would be plucked from the glass. And the dance would start over. Again and again and again until Seisaku was practically sobbing, so far past pride - not even in the same universe as pride - that it was all he could do not to come all over the sheets.

Baal drew back at last, allowing the other man a moment to collect himself. He smiled, watching as Sei struggled to stop trembling, to not rub his achingly hard, leaking cock over the deliciously soft sheets.

Cael was looking positively hungry. Baal smiled even more at his lover. "Do you think he's ready for you love?" he purred.

It was a blatant jab, because by the way Seisaku was writhing, he'd been ready a long time ago. Against Cael's will, his eyes traced the curve of the smaller man's back, lingering on the flush creeping over his shoulders and the swell of his pert ass.

"If I say yes, will I get to have him?" Finally.

The brunet grinned wolfishly. "Of course. On your back, pet. Let's get that plug out of you so Angel can have his fun."

Seisaku obeyed so quickly that he tangled his wrists in the cuffs. In spite of the desperation obvious in the blown black pupils of his eyes, the bright pink flush to his skin, and the redness of his leaking cock, he was grinning like a madman, his eyes bright and wild. He spread his legs willingly, and Baal's nimble fingers danced teasingly around his entrance where it stretched invitingly around the sizeable plug. He sighed raggedly in pleasure, his eyes fluttering closed and his manic smile faltering just slightly. The arch of his hips as the taller man removed the plug was slow and languid, but needy. His hands were freed from their restraints, the chain removed dutifully from the bed while Seisaku arranged himself.

Dark, dark eyes flickered over to Cael, and the relaxed arch of his hips beckoned him close. "Come on, Angel," he purred, his voice thick and husky with arousal. Somehow, there was something fundamentally wrong about this near stranger using Baal's affectionate pet name for him, but Cael could not deny that he liked it.

It almost felt like an out of body experience as Cael stood. His hands didn't feel like his own, obeying Baal's quiet command to strip without even thinking. The tunic was shucked off and tossed unceremoniously to the floor, and Cael took a detached pleasure in shoving those damned tights off his legs, his own groan faint to his ears as his aching length was freed to the air. Baal was suddenly in front of him, obscuring his view of the dark-haired man on the bed, and Cael reacted in the most instinctual of ways. He met his lover halfway, bringing their lips together roughly and tugging the slighter male against him. Baal's moan against his lips, the feel of him pressed against his arousal, it made him see stars.

But it was over all too quickly as the brunet pulled away, smirking that same mischievous, flippant smirk, and pushed him towards the bed. A bottle of oil was pressed into his hand, a silent beckoning of, "Go. Enjoy it."

Cael intended to do just that.

Sei felt the bed dip, and he watched in utter fascination as Cael's large frame slunk towards him. There was such power in those broad shoulders, that defined chest, those corded arms. However much he loved his dear wife and her soft, dusky curves, there was no denying the fact that he delighted in the sheer masculinity radiating from Cael's powerful form.

He spread his legs as far as they'd go, arching his hips in offering and donning that sly, cocky little smile that made Lajita shivery and desperate to punish his arrogance in the absolute best of ways.

He risked a quick glance her way, and yes, that smile was still affecting her even when it was directed at someone else. Her impossibly dark eyes were intent on him, her body leaned forward just the slightest bit, as if she'd stopped the impulse to get up and go to him.

Oh yeah, he was never going to get tired of that.

Seisaku drew his eyes away before the moment could last, turning back to the impressive specimen now looming over him. It wasn't as easy to read Cael as it was his wife, but at the very least he could feel the lust coming off him in waves. His smirk widened. "You just going to stare?"

Green eyes blinked, and the dazed, somewhat awed expression shifted into a skeptical frown. Cael glanced at Baal, who had taken his vacated chair and was grinning at them both expectantly.

"Oh, I don't have to be nice to you, Angel," Sei purred. "You're not my Mistress. Or my new Master. You're just the Master's favorite pet."

Cael scowled darkly and reached out to drag the smaller man close by his hips, smiling smugly as he hissed and squirmed, his oversensitive back and ass sliding over the sheets.

"You'll be nice to me because if you don't," Cael said softly, dangerously, running his tongue along the seam of Seisaku's smiling mouth, "I'll tease you and tease you and won't let you come."

Sei's eyes sparked with lust and delight, and his smile widened. "Do you really think it's your choice," he taunted. "Your master holds the leash, Angel. You do what he tells you to."

"I don't know," Baal hummed. "I rather like that idea."

A strangled sound left Sei's mouth. If it were any louder, it could be seen as protesting, but he managed to rein it in just in time. Protesting would get him punished. Distressed and slightly pleading would get him only amusement - he hoped. He was far too worked up to take anymore.

"Master," he murmured desperately, letting it become a plea. And then he turned his eyes to Lajita. "Mistress..."

The pair seated across the room looked at each other, silently deciding his fate. In the end, Baaltazar gestured to her, as if to say, "He's your pet."

"Cael," Lajita said at last, her voice low and sweet, like the purest of honey. "Baal has teased him enough for the night. He's been a good boy."

"And that sass of his will be a good challenge for you, Angel. I know how much you like a challenge."

The redhead-now-blond frowned, his mouth tightening as he turned to find Seisaku smirking up at him. "You like a challenge, do you?" he purred, and Cael's breath caught in his throat as the martial artist arched up, rubbing insistently against him. "I can do that."

Oh, no. There would be none of that. Cael's frown became a sneer, his hands closing around Sei's arms and pinning him to the bed. "Don't even think about it."

Sei couldn't help it. He laughed - dry, quiet, and unbidden. Did Cael honestly think he could keep him pinned? He may have had the size advantage and the leverage, but Seisaku had the skill.

But... Cael's master was holding his leash. He couldn't retaliate too violently...

He latched one leg around Cael's waist and pressed his heel hard into the larger man's ass, effectively distracting him long enough to push up with the leg still braced on the bed. Their positions flipped a bit more slowly than Sei really wanted, but he wasn't complaining. He was on top, and he was grinding his hips down into Cael's groin eagerly, head tossed back, enjoying the sweet, sweet friction.

The body beneath him arched, a ripple of muscle and stretch of smooth, pale skin that you would have to be insane not to find beautiful. The groan that left Cael's mouth was far from the decadent, breathy moans of Lajita's, but it was electrifying all on its own. He flashed his Mistress a quick smile, wicked as he rocked his hips, giving her the show she wanted. Hands gripped his raw and stinging ass, making him hiss and bite back a moan. Sei smiled down at Cael, propped his hands on his chest. "Where's your fight? Thought I was supposed to be a challenge."

The hands on his ass squeezed harder, nails digging into the abused skin. He gave a long, drawling moan, arching his back as sharp-sweet pain zinged through his compact body. "Don't test me," Cael rumbled. Sei's heart leapt into his throat at the sound. He leaned in close to the smaller man's ear, breathing so only he could hear, "I don't always obey my 'master', you know."

He was given mercy - the briefest of mercies - as Cael let go of his ass. But it was only a moment's respite as nails raked upwards, digging into his scars with just slightly too much pressure. In his arousal, it only made the pleasure-pain even more sweet. His head dropped back with a sharp cry, quickly followed by vertigo as he was shoved back onto the bed.

This time, he let it happen (that's what he told himself anyway), and he took care to arrange himself as invitingly as possible without making it look intentional. Lajita always praised him on his ability to look so naturally seductive. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a man so much larger than him physically was doing wonderful things to the submissive part of his brain that relished domination.

The intense emerald gaze was only helping things. Sei didn't stop himself from squirming, putting an enticing twist to his hips for good measure. Cael's throat worked, no doubt swallowing back a moan.

Those green eyes broke from his, drifting up to gaze across the room. Seisaku tipped his head back, just enough to glimpse Baal nodding silently. His heart tripped in excitement. That was a good sign. There was no possible way that could be a bad sign.

Cael didn't say a word, reaching quickly for the discarded lube. Sei's mouth went dry, his eyes focused on that dexterous hand as Cael managed to flick open the cap and pour some into his palm one-handed. There was something so carelessly powerful in his movements that made him tremble.

Almost without his volition, his legs opened, hips canting up eagerly and a breathy whimper slipping past his lips. His eyes were blown black with lust, his tongue flicking out to wet his suddenly too-dry lips.

The almost cold, harsh facade cracked, Cael's lips quirking involuntarily as humor flooded his eyes.

'Oh, that's nice...' he thought eagerly. 'That's just as nice.'

He knew Cael would be fun when he let go.

"I dare say you're slick enough," he intoned lowly. But his eyes still danced with humor, the tension visibly leaving his shoulders bit by agonizing bit. He still refused to glance in Lajita's direction. But the obvious embarrassment was becoming far more endearing.

"You couldn't hurt me if you tried," he challenged.

A single brow rose, and Cael sat back on his knees, his strong, tapered fingers enclosing around his flushed cock. Something in his expression shuddered, a brief fluttering of his eyes giving away his relief and his pleasure. "I think you've played enough already."

Sei squirmed a bit, spreading his legs and smiling. "I could say the same to you, you know," he teased. "How do you want me?"

Those big hands slid up the inside of his thighs, squeezing with enough force to just border on rough. "You can stay like that. Just tilt your hips up."

Seisaku didn't even think to disobey, too thrilled to mock and tease. He planted his feet on the sheets, angling his hips up enough to let Cael press against him easier. The plump tip of his cock rubbed against his hole, the slick slide of skin-on-skin sending a thrill up his spine. His breath flew from his lungs in one, shaken burst as he was filled.

He couldn't make a sound beyond a strangled groan, every muscle in his body singing at the delicious stretch-and-burn of real, hot flesh forcing him open. It was a sensation he'd gone without for too long.

However wonderfully his wife fucked him when the mood struck, the feeling of cold silicone paled in comparison to the flesh-and-blood, steel-and-velvet sensation inside.

"Mmmmm." The sound was startling in the silence, mostly because it came from Lajita. She chuckled as Cael jumped, his eyes darting up, and his face flushing at the sight of her. "He loves this," she murmured sweetly. "Don't hold back."

Sei chuckled softly, weakly, arching his hips and biting his lip. Cael's flush upon being directly addressed was extremely endearing. "Oooh, yes. I am quite durable, and I do love a bit of... rough treatment..." He gave a pointed roll of his hips, strong thighs squeezing around Cael's pointedly.

A shudder coursed up Cael's spine. The hot clench of Seisaku's body was more than he could take. He'd been forced to wait - to watch - to sit there and be good while his lover made this man writhe and sob and moan for him. It was a wonderful thing that Sei was durable. Because he couldn't stop the desperate forward snap of his hips if he tried.

A scream made its way up the smaller man's throat, but he choked it back forcefully, biting savagely into his lip and hissing instead.

"Y... You'll have to work a bit harder than that, my friend," he purred.

"Harder?" Cael hissed, bowing his head forward, leaning over Seisaku. A lock of hair slipped from behind one ear, further obscuring his face from their enraptured audience. But Seisaku could see him clearly, and that was what counted. "You really don't need... any time, do you?"

Seisaku bucked his hips hard, letting his arms fall carelessly above his head, his eyelids drooping alluringly. "Fuck me as hard as you can," he growled, lips pulling upwards in a sly little smile. "Let's see if you're good enough to make me scream."

Cael had been with Baal for so long, had lived with these kind of jabs and had learned to ignore them. But this was a stranger. A stranger that was arching under him and forcing his hips back onto his dick.

No, that wasn't going to fly.

He drew back slowly, watching as the small, compact martial artist under him sucked his breath in through his teeth at the slow, heated glide. He didn't stop until the very tip of his achingly hard cock was just barely inside. He saw Sei's sculpted abdomen clench the split second before he slammed back inside.

The beginnings of a curse was cut short in an airy cry, Seisaku's body bowing off the bed. Cael pushed a hand against his chest, shoving him back down and holding him there. One thigh was pushed back towards his body, shifting the angle and further immobilizing him. "Unnngh!" Seisaku bit down on his lip to stop a needy, wanton moan, tasting blood. He found himself pinned, not only by the strong touch of Cael's hand but by the deep, powerful thrusts of his hips.

Oh god, when was the last time he'd felt so helpless? He couldn't move beyond weak, ineffective squirming and the helpless lolling of his head on the pillow. But he didn't make any sound beyond ragged huffs for breath and soft, strained grunts.

He wasn't that easy.

Cael's eyes sharpened, his fingers flexing on Sei's chest, digging into him as fucked him deep and easy, just managing not to let his thrusts turn wild. "I could wreck you easy," he growled softly, and his accent was thicker, his voice deeper and oh, wasn't that the sexiest thing? "I could. I could just... flip you over onto your stomach and drag my nails over those burns while I fuck you. But that would be playing dirty, I think."

Sei smiled up at him, glib and careless, but no one in the room missed the full-body shudder that wracked his stocky frame. "Hm... may be your only option," he rumbled, a touch of his own accent slipping in. He flicked his tongue out teasingly, playfully, and the flash of silver there blinked like a little beacon in the low light.

Green eyes sparked. "We'll see."

From across the room, Baal gave a husky laugh. "Oh, you've done it now. I'd apologize, but this is going to be fun to watch."

Seisaku tilted his head on the sheets, directing his questioning, defiant glance at the Irishman, rather than his Master and his Misstress.

His breath hitched as the hand at his chest slid up to his collared throat, settling snugly over the leather. With a steadying inhale, Cael shifted, his barely restrained expression forcing itself into calmness. With it, the tempo of his thrusts slowed to a leisurely, patient rocking.

Sei gasped softly a the leather pressed into his throat, limiting his air supply just a bit- not enough to present any hint of danger, but enough to make each inhale just short of comfortable. The accompanying rush and fair dizziness, combined with the slow, leisurely rocking of the bigger man's hips combined into something... absolutely divine.

He sighed weakly, eyes nearly falling shut.

Through his heavy lashes, Seisaku could just see the quirk of his mouth - confident and sexy and just faintly... wicked. But he didn't change his pace. Just kept pushing into him slow and easy and deep. So very deep. It was wonderful - exquisite, even. But it wasn't enough.

Especially not as the minutes ticked by.

Seisaku shifted, arching his hips as best he could in the position he was in. "Mor-nnngh!" He didn't get fare into his demand. The hand around his throat clenched. Again, with not enough pressure to cause him harm. But it stole his breath away. His lungs immediately started to ache, craving air. But it was over in an instant, the grip on his throat releasing even before he could gasp for air.

The sudden rush of breath in his lungs left him lightheaded and dazed enough to allow a weak little whimper to escape. "F... Fuck," he whispered hoarsely. With a... frankly unconvincing glare, he clenched his fingers in the sheets and tested his range of movement with a minute shift of his hips.

He was solidly pinned, unable to move his body now beyond that little shift.

That was alright. He was nothing if not determined.

He took as deep a breath as the big, callused hand on his throat would allow and deliberately tensed his body. More specifically, the muscles in his lower body, flexing them rhythmically and effectively squeezing his inner muscles around Cael's cock. He was rewarded with a full-body tremor - a low groan from the back of Cael's throat. It brought a sneer to his lips.

The larger male's lips curled, and the hand on his throat closed tight again. And this time, it held. Green eyes stared into his. Waiting, watching him as he stilled, struggling for breath.

"I think," Cael said, his voice deceptively calm and quiet. "That'd you'd better stop."

Seisaku's eyes, usually half-lidded and lazy, were wide open now, almost black with lust and delight. He was grinning almost manically, even as he strained to draw air into his constricted windpipe. His hands came up to grip Cael's wrist, nails digging in slightly.

But he didn't try to pull, and he kept up working his inner muscles torturously for a few seconds more, before he finally relented and went deliciously limp.

The pressure on his throat eased, and he sucked in gulps of air, eyelids fluttering and eyes flickering.

And god, he was so fucking hard. His cock throbbed, arching over his stomach and flushed a dusky red at the tip. Pre-come dripped onto his toned stomach, sliding down towards his navel. The dizziness and the utter lack of control had done this to him.

And the steady, infuriating slide of Cael's shaft pushing into him was not giving him relief.

"Cael," he hissed, his voice coming out wrecked.

It brought a faint smile to Cael's lips. "What was that?"

He tried to glare, but even the faintest puckering of his brows was enough to send his mind whirling away under a wave of fresh dizziness. "Cael..." he repeated weakly, trying to squirm even though he knew it was futile. "Cael, please..." he whispered raggedly.

Cael smirked. A full on smirk, damn him. "I don't know. I don't think you've earned it yet."

Sei huffed weakly, the only real sound of protest he could force himself to make. He swallowed hard, still quite dazed, and twitched his hips a bit, licking his lips. "Please?" The fingers at his neck twitched, but didn't squeeze. It still made him gasp. "Please," he whispered.

Cael hummed, eyes tracing the dips and curves of the slighter man's body. He was beautiful, so very beautiful and sensual. Especially when pleading for him, as proud as he was.

However proud he was, Seisaku knew when he was beaten. That didn't mean he wasn't open to taking a bit more punishment just to make things interesting. But now, he was done with foreplay, and every instinct was screaming at him to give in and let the gorgeous Irishman fuck him so hard he wouldn't remember his own name.


The sly drawl cut through the air, making both of them groan in utter disappointment. Cael's head dipped lower, his jaw clenching. "Yes?" He didn't need to glance up to feel the delicate arch of a brow being sent his way. "Yes, Sir? "

"Better. Stop for a moment. Seisaku, dear pet, come here." Baal moved close to kneel at the edge of the bed and crooked a finger at the martial artist, who was now staring at him with dark, glazed eyes.

Sei blinked, biting back a pitiful moan as Cael withdrew, allowing him to roll onto his stomach and crawl over, his body trembling ever so slightly. "Hmmm?" he rumbled, blinking dazedly.

One graceful, long-fingered hand reached out to stroke his cheek. A smirk played about Baal's mouth as he took in the sight of him. "My, aren't you pretty like this. I had so much fun watching you and my Angel, pet." The hand slid back, into his hair, cupping the back of his neck. "See?"

Sei smiled a bit, blinking. "Oh, I see," he murmured, his voice low and hoarse. "Would you like me to do something about it?" His reddened lips curled in a naughty little smile.

Baal smiled down at him, eyes glittering and dark. "I'd like that very much, pet. Come on, now." He tugged Seisaku closer, but gave him some small mercy by undoing his tight trousers.

His cock was just as handsome as the rest of him - enough to make Seisaku's mouth water. He pressed his nose into the creased of the man's thigh, nipping the tender junction playfully. He tilted his head, tracing his lips teasingly along the shaft, suckling and nibbling playfully. Baal tipped his head back, humming low in the back of this throat. The sound sent a near-painful throb of pleasure straight to his cock. Seisaku nuzzled the hot flesh beneath his lips, darting his tongue out for a taste.

The hand in his hair flexed, massaging his scalp. "Mmmm, let's not tease, now. We've all had enough of that, I think."

Sei let his eyes flutter alluringly, and he dragged his tongue along the underside of his prick, pressing the little silver bar just under the head, before drawing his lips into a hot, hard little suck at the tip.

Baal arched, pressing down lightly on Sei's head. "Better... keep going." His command was quiet, husky. The slighter man looked a thousand kinds of delectable, kneeling before him with those reddened lips wrapped around his cock. His lovely, olive skin was flushed, his hair tumbling over his shoulders in wispy waves, mussed from sex. And as with all things pretty, Baal was going to use him to his fullest.

Slowly, Sei's lips slipped along his shaft, leisurely engulfing him and stroking his fingers along his inner thighs, eyes drooping as the warm, solid weight on his tongue, thick and throbbing deliciously. A few more inches and he felt it at his throat. His lips stretched in a smile around the rigid flesh, and he tilted his head back, slowly letting the head sink deeper.

Baal inhaled sharply through his teeth. "Oh... haha. He's quite good at that." He cast a sidelong grin at Lajita, shameless of the situation.

She smiled. "He does enjoy it. He's missed the real thing."

Baal couldn't help the twitch of his hips, arching into that hot mouth. "I can... see that. Mmm. I'll not torture him any longer." His eyes turned to his lover, who was will sitting on the bed, trying his best to look unaffected and not impatient. And he smiled beckoningly. "Angeeeell..."

Cael did very well at not perking up like an eager dog at the call. But his eyes fierce and hot and hungry, flickering between Baal's impishly dancing eyes, Seisaku's lips wrapped around his cock, and his upturned ass, his entrance slick and pink and open, beckoning him.

Baal's airy, lust-wrecked laugh forced his eyes back up, and he fought down a blush. He was caught. But rather than tease him, his lover nodded and settled against the headboard. He looked for all the world like the a king from legend. The explicit versions of them, anyway. Reclining on the throne with an inhuman grace, and a pretty thing servicing him.

Cael licked his lips, glancing meaningfully at Seisaku. When the brunet smirked, confirming his suspicions, he swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry.

Sei squeezed at his Master's knees, pushing them further apart and breathing carefully through his nose as he sank further and further down, opening his throat until his nose pressed against the neatly kept, wiry caramel-colored curls at the base of his cock.

He was so focused on his task, on satisfying his new master, that he didn't feel the heat behind him until hands gripped his hips and a thigh slid between his, knocking his legs wider apart. A reedy yelp was muffled around Baal's shaft as he was filled suddenly, but his instinctive attempt to pull away was thwarted by Baal's hand in his hair.

"Mmmhmm," Baal chuckled softly above him, "easy, now..."

Sei made a soft, pleased humming sound, eyes falling nearly completely shut. He would have said something snarky or sexy- maybe a bit of both- but his mouth was rather full. Instead, he opted to rock between the two men, first pushing Cael deeper into him, then urging forward to take Baal even further down his throat.

Oh, how long had it been since he'd been in such a deliciously vulnerable position? Ages, surely. Gods, how he'd missed it.

Baal purred, low and sensual, spreading his legs a little to let the dark-haired male to settle deeper against him. "My," he breathed, and his voice had gone husky, "You do love this, don't you? Mn. Fuck him hard, Angel. I'd like to feel him scream around my cock." What could only be a chuckled vibrated around the cock in question, and impishly dancing dark eyes peered up at him, playful and challenging. He wasn't completely broken yet.

He was not punished for his brief insolence, however. In fact, Baal's eyes seemed to spark in delight. He tugged at Seisaku's hair, enough the he could feel the little whimper around him. "We'll see if you can keep that up, pretty pet~," he sing-songed. He then leaned over Seisaku's back, one hand coming up to cup his lover's chin. Cael was pulled into a short, deep kiss. "Fuck him," he whispered again, arching his hips into Sei's mouth as emphasis.

Cael swallowed thickly, nodding as his lover went back to reclining almost lazily in his chair. He tipped Seisaku's hips up, finding the desired angle as he drew his hips back. The martial artist met his sudden, rough thrust halfway, which succeeded in knocking the breath from his lungs even if it didn't surprise him.

A soft keen of delight vibrated the soft, wet heat of the smaller man's throat, the hands on his thighs gripping and squeezing harder. "Mmmm..." he rumbled happily, pressing back into Cael for more.

The big Irishman growled softly, eyelids fluttering with want. He bent slightly over Seisaku's body, large hands digging mercilessly into narrow hips.

"I'll have you screaming yet," he promised, his voice rough and deep.

Seisaku's eyes threatened to roll back. The press of Cael's thumbs didn't quite touch his partially hidden burns, but it was close. Close enough that he could feel the ghost of electrified pleasure as the pace picked up, Cael's thick length pounding into him and skimming along his prostate even as the force jolted him further onto Baal's cock.

He was held at their mercy, trapped between them in the most filthy of ways, and damn if it wasn't sexy.

He kept up the force of his sucking, curling and undulating his tongue expertly, even as he swallowed and tried not to choke until the onslaught of both men. He could do nothing but suck and rock between them as he fisted his hands in the crumpled sheets, and make soft, needy, decidedly pathetic sounds. But not a scream. Not yet.

It continued on like this, until Seisaku was trembling with every powerful thrust, taking quick breaths through his nose whenever the rhythm allowed him to. It was fast and hard and mind-numbingly wonderful, the press of the brunet's length into his throat on every push was doing a much dirtier imitation of Cael's hand on his throat earlier.

And then hands - he couldn't tell whose - hovered, just a hair's breadth above his skin. His body tingled all over.

Sei moaned weakly around his mouthful, back arching and hips twitching as he eagerly awaited the touch, the touch that would be only the start of him completely unraveling for them, these two men who were strangers before tonight.

But the touch never came. It just hovered there, the tingle of the near-touch moving slightly as he rocked between them. He arched, squirmed, wanting the pleasure of the caress. But the hand lifted, only gifting him with the slightest brush of a fingertip as the owner of the hand was almost caught off guard.

Sei's back bent in a hard arch, Baal's cock slipping out of his throat just enough for him to suck in a breath and exhale an uninhibited moan as the tip dragged across the roof of his mouth. "More," he rasped, before swallowing his temporary master down again.

"You'll get more when I feel like it." Baal's rasp met his ears, and oh, he should have known that's who it was, the mischievous bastard. He sucked hard, hollowing out his cheeks in retaliation.

Baal tipped his head back, exhaling a deep sigh of pleasure. "Ooooh, yes. Do you think that's punishment, sweetheart?"

Sei tipped his head back a bit, glaring through slitted eyes, before lessening the suction and simply sitting there, slack-jawed, letting the other man's cock slide in and out without meeting any resistance. The annoyed keen that he got was more than worth it. The tug at his hair was too. Narrow, clever eyes - a dark cherry now that they were blown with pleasure - locked with his. "So willful. It's too bad I can't keep you."

It was the only warning he got before nails descended onto his back.

Sei's eyes flew open, and suddenly, so many things were happening at once. His own nails dug instantly into Baal's thighs. His back snapped into a taut, quivering arch. His jaw went slack as he uttered a hoarse cry almost loud enough to be considered a scream, before his lips tightened around Baal's cock, cheeks hollowing as he sucked eagerly and fiercely. Ever muscle in his body was tight and trembling, rippling with dizzingly searing bolts of white-hot ecstasy rocketing from nerve to nerve.

Baal chuckled above him, but it was dim compared to the rush of blood in his ears. He had gone delightfully lightheaded, fighting to gasp between being rocked onto Baal's cock and the pleasure shooting through him. Another hard thrust of Cael slamming into him - another jolt of pleasure, another delicious sting as Cael's hips pushed against his already abused ass. His world went fuzzy and dim and hot and intense and sharp all at once. The hard bite of nails brushed over his scarred and tattooed back in a paradoxical lover's caress, and then quickly switched to another area, digging in.

And that time, Sei thought he did scream. Maybe. He couldn't tell anymore, didn't even try to. Everything was a blur of heat and sweat and skin and fuckfuckfuckohgodsogoodsofuc kinggodfuck!

The blunt head of Baal's dick pressed at his throat, nearly choking him, making it hard to breathe, and he was almost too out of it to inhale through his nose, because fuck, Cael was driving what little breath he could get into his lungs with every merciless thrust, every deeply accented, filthy little nothing whispered into a pierced ear, with every almost absent-minded flutter of big, calloused hands sliding up his hips, skirting the divide between unblemished golden-tan skin and raised, inked-over scar tissue. Could... Could he really handled two pairs of hands on his scars, while being fucked within an inch of his life from both ends?

The very thought nearly pushed him to the edge of sweet oblivion.

The anticipation only made it sweeter. Every twitch of Cael's rough fingers at his hips made him jump; he was hyperaware of every instinctual flex they made. Past that... he didn't have much knowledge of anything other than ecstasy. Was he screaming? Moaning? Begging around Baal's shaft? Were his hands creating bruises on the man's thighs; was he arching back, slamming himself back on Cael in desperation?

And suddenly, he could breathe. Baal was gone from his mouth, making him feel hollow and empty and wanton. His wrecked brain pleaded desperately for it to return. Pleasepleaseohfuck- And it might have been spilling breathlessly from his lips.

He got what he wanted. The hands at his hips finally - finally - moved, joining Baal's over his back. But they pressed firmly, instead of scraping nails over his most sensitive burns. Provided a widespread counterpoint to the burning, pinpoint scratch of nails.

The combined sensation, that and the larger man's hard, punishing rhythm, was too much. The sturdy little man didn't bother to hold back his noises anymore. He didn't think he could if he wanted to. A litany of breathless, ragged noises, ranging from whimper to scream, tore from his throat, and he didn't give a damn. He slumped against Baal's thighs, nuzzling and kissing desperately, eagerly along his shaft, as the man's lover pounded into him, hands digging and pressing and prodding against his back, each fresh touch shocking a new batch of needy, shameless sounds from deep within, forcing them out against the hot, rigid flesh sliding against his open mouth. "Close," he gasped out, tongue flicking, curling, mouth sucking and kissing between ragged pleas for more.

"Come for us, Raiden." The teasing command was gentle - husky and breathless. The fingers in his hair petting and massaging his scalp. "You earned it. Come on."

He didn't come right away, but it only took one more hard, well-placed thrust and two sets of fingers digging hard into his back and he uttered a loud, raw scream of absolute bliss and shuddered violently, pulse after pulse of delirious ecstasy rolling through his thoroughly wrecked body and ruining the sheets below him. The only things that kept him from completely collapsing into the wet spot he made were the hands grasping his hips to hold him still and upright as Cael pounded mercilessly into him, seeking his own release and looking up at Baal, his master, his lover, silently pleading for permission to reach his peak as well.

Baal, ever the evil trickster, merely smiled at him, panting in need and watching him fuck the trembling man beneath him. But the was not to wait long, because his lover nodded, his lips forming the permissive words he sought. Cael clenched his jaw, letting go on the tightly spun coil of heat in his abdomen. A half-bitten off curse flew from his throat, his hips faltering and snapping as he let orgasm wash over him, spilling into Sei's quivering body.

Seisaku could only shudder weakly at the warm wetness inside him, eyelids fluttering as he gasped for breath, his body quivering and twitching and painfully over sensitive . He was boneless and sated and he didn't want to move, but...

There was still a very hard and lonely-looking cock sliding against his slack mouth whenever its owner drew a breath, and, well...

Wasn't that just a travesty?

The slender brunet made a nearly wounded sound as Sei took him back into his mouth; swallowed him as deep as he could. He sucked hard at him, pressing the hard ridge of his tongue piercing to overheated flesh and rubbing. It got him a sharp hiss, the hand in his hair tightening once more. He didn't attempt to stop Baal as his hips arched, pushing his length into the caress. A few more quick bobs of his head, and he pulled back to suck hard on the flushed head, lapping up the freely flowing pre-come.

It didn't take much to have Baal fucking Sei's mouth, and the shorter man enthusiastically sucking and humming. It felt lovely not to have to really work after the rigorous fucking he'd just endured. He just had to lie there and enjoy being used by such a gorgeous man.

"Mmmnnn, ah!" Baal stilled, the bittersaltsweet taste blooming over Seisaku's tongue as he came. Despite his attempts to swallow it all down greedily, some dripped from the corner of his lips down his chin. Not that he cared. He was a good pet (most of the time), and he would do his best to lick his Master clean. He let the softening flesh slip from his mouth, tongue darting out to lick the last remnants of release from its length.

Two hands stroked through his hair, one graceful and lightly teasing, one pleasantly heavy and broad. Then, three hands were in his hair, the new arrival long and slim and deceptively delicate, stroking through his long, ebony locks.

"Such a naughty little pet," Lajita cooed delightedly at her exhausted husband, worming her way shamelessly into the sated pile of hot, languid men. "My naughty, good boy."

He all but purred under all the attention, smiling lazily up at her. "Mistress," he crooned happily.

She cupped his cheek, daunt thumb swiping away the trail of thick, pearly fluid at the corner of his mouth. With a playful wink to Baal, she licked it away, before bending to kiss her beloved's hair.

"Sleep, darling," she murmured. "I have so much planned for you after this little game, and you'll need your strength."

"We got him quite dirty," Baal chuckled, nonplussed by her deliciously filthy display. His lover was not so lucky, and was flushing pink. "Would you like us to clean him up for you?"

Lajita smiled mysteriously. "No, no, I'll do that. It is... part of our aftercare." And, as if to demonstrate, she reached down and unhooked the sturdy collar from around her husband's throat.

Sei's head lolled limply against Baal's thigh, and he was drifting off in no time. The tall, exotic woman smiled fondly, stroking his cheek with her knuckles. "You two are welcome to stay for a bit, rest up. It's a big bed and my Seisaku essentially becomes a human-shaped hot water bottle when he sleeps."

Baal regarded his lover at that. The Irishman shifted without a word, clearly uncomfortable. "I think we'll let you have your privacy, my lady. We've imposed enough."

Lajita inclined her head. "You're welcome to join us for tea any time. Thank you for this lovely evening." A pleasant little smile tilted her full lips, warm and guileless, as if she hadn't just watched the two men enthusiastically fuck her husband.

Baal offered his hand to her with a satisfied grin, and dipped down to kiss her knuckles. "The pleasure was all ours. And your husband's," he joked softly. "Speaking of..." His hands went to Sei's shoulders, lifting the practically boneless man off him and easing him back onto the bed. "We had a lovely time, my friend." He pressed a kiss to Seisaku's lips, tongue deviously flicking past to taste himself on the man's tongue. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

Seisaku hummed into his mouth in his sleep, one arm draping languidly over his forehead. Lajita smiled and slithered up to join him, but not before pecking Cael on the cheek. She did the same to Baal once she reached him. "Oh, most definitely. I love to see my Seisaku have a good time. Thank you for treating him so well."

"Think nothing of it!" Baal remarked, climbing off the bed. He padded over to his quickly dressing lover, tenderly brushing a strand of Cael's hair back. He helped the man dress, teasing hands brushing over his skin at every possible moment. "Did you have fun tonight, Angel?" he murmured.

Cael flushed, lowering his eyes. He cleared his throat. "I... yes?"

Baal smiled coyly and leaned up to kiss him. "Good."

They finished dressing quickly and Baal waved cheerfully as he tugged him out by his hand, leaving Lajita to her sleeping husband.

Well... perhaps not entirely sleeping.

"Did you have fun tonight, my love?" she asked him, tugging away the dirty sheets and covering them both with an ornately patterned quilt.

"So much," Sei purred dazedly. He reached up, tugging at her long hair softly. "Did you?"

"Oh, yes," she replied pleasantly. "You look quite lovely with a cock in your mouth."

He smiled happily, warmly at her, snuggling into her modest bosom and draping a strong arm around her slim waist.

He always loved spending the afterglow with her after their games. He loved the way she always took care of him. He'd go mad without her, of that he was sure. She was his rock, his shelter from the storm. Everything he did, everything they went through, he could always trust her to be there to soothe him. And perhaps to punish him if he was being particularly... impish.

"I love you," he whispered into her chest, feet hooking around her ankles to draw her closer.

"I love you too," she replied serenely, kissing his hair.

"Wonderful." He smiled slyly, if sleepily, up at her. "Would you mind terribly if I asked you to get naked now?"

ANT-chan here! Bringing you the beginning of another, long and extremely smutty, AU! Yes, AU. Just in case you haven't read our previous two smutty AUs, this is not canon to the Crimson Isles universe. But that doesn't matter. Because it's fun.So this is what happens when Panda and I put our SUPER SMUT goggles on and say "What exactly DID happen after the four of them left in chapter 57?"


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