i'm trapped in the midnight corner

of your blue green dreams waiting

for some splash of red a bullet

hole or beating heart to come for

me and ask to be saved only then

can i fly from the tree tops into

the valleys and lakes the deepest

parts are my favorite without

the light and only the dark to

see by when i open my eyes to the

stinging of saltwater i remember

the first time in the water when

i almost drowned in the beauty

before the power lifted me up

and it wasn't my time the water

whispered the river cutting through

the ground a dragon across the sky

why do we let the river run our

course through the emptiness

before it all burns because i'd like

very much to make my own decision

about where to walk next and

maybe i'll trip and fall on your

technicolor television bottle blonde

fantasy if you don't pick it up when

you're finished but at least i'll

know what pain feels like because

it feels like being alive and being