This is an idea that I came up with and my best friend Emma helped me with. I hope you enjoy the story of these four teenagers.


Summer of 2013. Three teenagers were lying outside underneath the shade of a tree that had been there for as long as they had known the house. There was no awkwardness between them in spite of some of the events of the previous school year, but now that was over and they'd got through it. Luke had known Sam since they were little kids, their parents were good friends and they lived next door to each other for the past twelve years. Sam had dark brown hair which contrasted against her pallid complexion that accentuates her dark green eyes which are slightly too close together. Imi however was taller than Sam but slightly shorter than Luke, she had cropped mousey brown hair which she had always wanted to dye red but neither her parents or the school would let her. Her slender frame made her look taller than she was and although she looked athletic she never was any good at sport. She was best friends with Sam, they shared a common love for Mumford and Sons and watching youtube vlogs, something that they didn't tell many people in fear of them being victimised or ostracised because of it.

They all attended the same secondary school in Brighton, St Johns. It wasn't a very religious school, although it is called St Johns they don't have to be Christian to go there and many of the students aren't. They were in year 10 when things happened, a lot happened. None of them really know the full story of it, they all have their different perspectives.

"Okay, Imi," Luke said with a half smile, half smirk, on his face, "Truth or dare?" The bottle was pointing towards Imi, she laughed showing her perfectly straight teeth that hadn't been achieved by braces, no, she was just born with perfect teeth.

"I pick..." She paused still laughing slightly, "Dare." She almost always picked dare, she'd rather make a fool out of herself than be honest about things. She was one of those people that would rather always act happy for the sake of her friends and family, so that they didn't worry about her, than be honest about how she felt. Luke couldn't see through this, he just thought she loved being the centre of attention, not in a bad way, in a confident way, not cocky. Sam, however, she knew that Imi put on this act as the overly-confident girl who was smiling to hide that really she had stuff going on, stuff she'd rather not talk about.

"Okay," Luke had a habit of saying okay a lot, no one minded though, it was kind of cute in a weird way. "I dare you to climb the tree."

"Is that really the best you've got?" Imi laughed again, "Alright then. Be prepared for some super amazing tree climbing skills." She winked at Sam as she grabbed the lowest branch that looked strong enough to hold her weight and swung her legs up. "Oops," She muttered as the edge of her red converse she was wearing collided with the back of Luke's head, "mind your head." She smiled down at him, luckily he could see the funny side of it. She managed to get her feet onto the branch and by holding tightly onto the trunk she grabbed the next one up and steadied herself. She looked down below her, she wasn't very high up but to her if felt like she was miles above the ground. She hated heights. But, of course she didn't tell anyone that, apart from Sam, but she didn't want people to think she was weak or a wimp. She cared far too much about what people thought. She pulled herself up another level on the tree and felt her foot slip slightly. Despite her intense fear of heights she carried on until she reached the top. The view from up there was amazing. Although the tree wasn't very tall she could see over to the ocean and the beach that lined the coast of Brighton. She heard Sam and Luke clapping below her,

"Now you've just got to get down!" Luke shouted up to her smiling his usual grin, Imi forced herself to smile back at him trying her best not to look down. Slowly she made her way down the gnarled trunk of the old tree, her hands holding tightly onto each branch as she gently lowered her feet onto the branch below. Although she was shaking she managed to keep her balance as she climbed down and dropped to the floor.

"How's your head?" She said jokingly to Luke, he smiled back at her and Sam laughed, they were all so close, to them it didn't matter that Luke was the only guy there, he was different with them than with his other friends.

"Well, it's pretty good seeing as some idiot kicked me in the head a few minutes ago."

"Can't imagine who'd do that." Imi laughed as she sat down next to Sam. "Right then, she picked up the plastic water bottle which was lying in the grass and looked at it before putting it back down and gently spinning it. As it slowed down due to friction of the soft green grass below it it came to a halt facing Luke. "Well, Luke, truth, or dare?"

"Let me think," He paused, long enough to make the silence awkward, "I pick..." He paused again, "Dare." He laughed, "Give it your best shot." Imi turned to Sam,

"Sam, it's your turn." She grinned, "Make it a good one."

"I'm rubbish at dares." Sam chuckled, "Okay, I dare you to..." She paused, trying to think of something good she could dare Luke to do, she didn't want to seem boring.

"Come on Sam, I'm sure you can think of something." Luke knew that what had happened last year had really damaged Sam's confidence, he could see that see was different now.

"I really have no idea..." She looked down at her feet, she almost felt ashamed that she couldn't even come up with a dare for one of her best friends, that was how badly she was hurt after last year, she was almost like a totally different person.

"Okay, truth then?" Luke was trying his best to help her, he hated seeing her sad, they were as close as he was to his older brother. Imi spoke this time, there was one question she wanted to know the answer to but she would usually be too scared to ask.

"Last year," she stopped, working out how to phrase it best. "What really happened? I mean, I know about the stuff that involved me but what really happened?" There was a long silence before Luke answered and even then she could sense the tension that had built up between the group, all of the awkwardness you would have expected to be there after the last year now was, and they knew that. Before Luke answered Sam spoke,

"Imi, do we have to do this now?" Her voice wobbled slightly, "Maybe he doesn't want to talk about last year."

"I don't mind," He said. Seconds later he realised that it was Sam who didn't want to talk about it and she was just using him as an excuse. He knew how much it'd affected her but still, he could see why Imi had asked him, he wanted to know their sides just as much and she wanted to know his, and he suspected that Sam wanted to know the same, she was just too scared to admit it. "Maybe it'll be good to talk about it." He glanced at Sam. They made eye contact for a second and he could see how anxious this was making her, but he went ahead anyway. He couldn't just pretend that it hadn't happened. He couldn't just pretend that she wasn't hurt because of it. It was time to get it all out into the open, time to talk.