McRyan's Story

Chapter 1 – Same old Beginning

McRyan held out his hand, he was eating pie. It wasn't an ordinary pie, it was a radio active pie that gave McRyan carrot vision!

McRyan heard a knock on his door. He walked over opening it only to see Brittney, Emma and Arrianna. He let them in as he walked over to his doorway closet.

Emma seemed to know what was going to happen. She started crying. "Please don't hurt us!" She started to chant. McRyan shook his head and pulled out a shot gun. He shot Emma and put her dead corpse in the closet.

Brittney and Arrianna looked at each other weirdly. Arrianna stayed with McRyan.

Brittney ran towards a tree. Jarret looked down in the tree. He was in the tree Brittney was running towards. She started climbing up the tree to get to Jarret, the only evil villian in this world. He stood in the tree trying not to be noticed. Which is kind of hard with his bright yellow tights.

Brittney climbed more loosing her grip on a branch. "I'm so stoned!" She yelled out before she fell, landing on her head. This was her fault. Jarret stared at her looking like some lost little boy in his tights.

Three then seven minutes pasted. Brittney did not move, she was breathing just not moving.

A loud barking scared Jarret, making him fall off the otherside of the tree. The barking came closer. It wasn't like a animal, more like a human. Jarret looked around. He saw McRyan walking with a boy on a leash. The collar was leather along with the leash, the boy wore a 'sexy' male co uniform.

McRyan walked towards Brittney. She was awake and moving now. "You left Liam at my house again." He sounded almost annoyed. Brittney nodded, taking him from McRyan. A Boy? As a pet? This was driving Jarret insane.

"How weird are these people." He thought to himself.

More ruckus occurd. Jarret snickered. He shook his head, jumping back into the tree. Three girls appeared into view, a apple with apple red hair, a tile blonde and a light brunette. This was enough, Jarret needed to leave. The boy as a pet looked up at Jarret and started to bark. Brittney looked up. Jarret jumped out of the tree, running into the bushes. The girls and McRyan and the pet grew quiet.

Later that night McRyan and Arrianna played vollyball. Then after Kenneth and Jarret saw an anthill.

"Bury me in that anthill!" Kenneth shrieked. Jarret nodded and buried him so his head was sticking out.

Liam barked loudly from Brittney's house. Liam looked through the window looking outside. Liam barked more. He saw Megan approaching the house. Brittney walked towards the door. "Liam! No, be quiet."

Liam jumped on the couch. "But she's ugly!"

Jarret walked in from the back door. He was nude. "It's true!"

Brittney threw a lap at Jarret making him scream and run away. Brittney opened the door, letting Megan in. "Welcome." Brittney whispered in a sharp voice.

Megan floated in. Brittney was never friends with a ghost before. Her family have always told her, that because she was a 'stoner' she was bad news.

Liam barked more. He jumped off the couch, still barking. Megan laughed getly. Brittney looked at Liam. She made him follow her to the basement. He sighed stumbling into the basement.

"I'll let you out when you behave." She closed the door gently. Her fox ears flickered back and forth on her head.

Brittney had also, eaten the radio active pie. She had turned into a mutant. Half human half fox.

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