What happens after we die? Do we just wink out of existence? Or do we stick around for a while in between life and death, to see if we want to be reborn? After we die, we can't do anything else. It's all over. No more waiting until tomorrow to get things done. No doing things you've always wanted to do. Do we even know that we're dead, after we die? Are ghosts people with unfinished business, or are they lost souls, wandering around, not knowing where to go?

What if there were such things as ghosts? What if ghosts really do exist? This world would be full of them, and you wouldn't even know it. You could be standing in a room full of ghosts, packed to the roof. Maybe, you've come across a photograph of a ghost in a picture of your friends or family. Or, you just have this feeling. A feeling that a ghost is in your presence. The hairs on the back of your neck my stand on end, or you'll suddenly feel cold. Maybe, it would really be horrible to be a ghost.

Maybe, ghosts don't even know that they haunt you. They could have been a relative coming to visit you, and on the way to your house, they die in a car wreck. Now, maybe your relative doesn't know that they're dead. So, they continue on their way to your house. After arriving there, they knock on the door, but no one answers. Ghosts have no sense of time, perhaps. Your deceased relative will keep knocking on your door, and you'll hear it. However, when you go to answer the door, no one is there. For some time, you may think that it's those pesky neighborhood children. But, when you find no grubby hand prints anywhere, you'll get curious. Then, you'll smell your relatives perfume, and wonder; Is there a ghost? Ghosts would really have no way to get in contact with people. Unless, they had some way to concentrate of one point of their body, to make it real. To turn the page of a book? Write a short note? Maybe, the people that die only haunt their friends and family because they want them to know that they're still there, just in separate planes of existence.

Or, after you die, you go to this place. Some place where you're tested to be reborn. When you die, you go there, and you'd make a choice to be reborn, or not to be. Maybe they'd give you a job. Have you be the Guardian angel for your new nephew, brother, or cousin? Or collect souls so that they have a choice to be reborn or not. Whatever it is, that's the place you'd go. When we die, is it like closing our eyes, and dreaming forever? Probably not, seeing that our brain would break down once our heart stopped. But, maybe it would be like dreaming forever. However, our soul could still be intact, so we just might be able to have an eternity full of dreams.

It depends on your beliefs. Maybe, you could just believe that there is a certain place that 'God', who ever that is to you, takes you. Or, being a wandering soul, ghost, or guardian angel wouldn't be that bad either. Or when you die, you could become an eternal slave in the dark abyss of the underworlds. It'd make it so much simpler to not think of death. Whatever it is, send me a post card, would you?