11/4/2012 8:07p Krissie: Really random poetry. I hope you enjoy and understand it.


We stare silently.

Watching the world spin continuously.

The world is so grand,

Is it not?

We're often left questioning

Why you do it to us?

Why you spin your lies into such a bland

Day? As if it were our hearts you wished to rot.

I am stuck. Left cursing my rotten lot.

You are a liar.

We're all left scrutinizing.

You betrayed all you have trust

For the world of my heart

Is shaking


It's all falling apart

But you don't seem to care?

This is far too much for us to bare.

I'm tired.

I'm tired.

Of all of your lies.

You're a liar.

We all know.

Can't you feel the fire?

This is what thou have sew

How can you live

Knowing what you did?

Well answer me?

I can no longer trust

You are family

I thought I was supposed to trust

But being betrayed

Especially by you

It's far too silly

You're so rude

It's just so crude

You're always telling lies.

We're getting sick

It's time to say goodbyes

We can no longer help you

We can not these broken pieces pick

Putting them back together

Is all but impossible

It is only your lies

You'll find

That are remember-able.

It is those lies

Which have you bind

Can you feel the pain?

The suffering falling like rain?

How many you have made cry?

How many you have hurt?

How many you burnt?

With those lies

You not only try

You succeeded

You won

You may not like the prize

But no more

Can we trust you

So enjoy.

I hope you feel up to size

You succeeded.

And I know the pain weighs a ton

But I doubt you're evening going to


It's not in your nature

You always lie

Even when you don't try.

It's always a lie with you

Liar! Liar!

Burning in the fire!