Nathaniel woke up in a bed that clearly wasn't his, with a lavender sheet wrapped around his waist. His groggy mind couldn't truly comprehend what was happening until he felt the warm body that was wrapped around him turn in the bed. He looked down at the wild mass of black and brown curls that belonged to the mocha goddess in the bed next to him. His eyes trailed down her face, from her high cheek bones, to her full lips, to her long neck, to her … She was naked. Nathaniel pulled back the sheet and realized he was too. But he didn't remember having sex last night? He thought long and hard and then the whole night came flooding back to him.

He jumped out of the bed and then looked to see if he had woken her up in his haste and stupidity. Thankfully she was a sound sleeper and had only shifted slightly. Looking around the room he grabbed his boxers, jeans, and shirt before realizing that he couldn't find his socks and shoes. He had to get out of the room quickly before she woke up and things got awkward. Oh who was he kidding; it was already awkward and he was the only one up. He spotted his shoes and socks by the door and sent up a silent prayer. Grabbing them, he made his way out of the room and down the fall of the unfamiliar house.

The long hallway led to a staircase that took him into a small, but comfortably decorated living room.

"Where the heck is the door?" He muttered under his breath as he realized that there was no exit. Searching the room he saw an open doorway to what looked like a possible way out and hoped that he would get out soon.

The room turned out to be a kitchen. It was bigger and sleeker than he would expect since all of the other rooms had been smaller than average. He couldn't even see the whole thing when he looked around, just the work space; an island, fridge, counters, a sink, cupboards, a stove, and a dishwasher all with a professional finish. And even though he couldn't see the whole kitchen and dining area, he did see a door that looked like his possible way out.

'But wow, this is a huge kitchen.' He thought to himself. Whoever that girl from last night was, he could bet she liked to cook. A smile crossed his lips at that thought for an unknown reason, but he just shrugged it off and leaned down to put on his socks and Jordan's.

Standing up, he dusted the imaginary dust off of his pants and straightened his shirt. He made his way to the door in the corner that he hoped was an exit and not just another room. The second Nathaniel put his hand on the doorknob he had a thought. What if her house had an alarm? Oh well, it was a risk he was willing to take. Just as he was about to turn the knob he heard a high pitched voice come from behind him.

"Who are you, and where do you think you are going?"