I found this when I was cleaning out my room in an old notebook of mine, I went through this weird vampire phase (not because of twighlight) and wrote a few short stories involving the creatures of the night haha :P please read and review:)

Footsteps echo against the damp brick walls of the tunnel.

Are they mine?

Heart pounds loud in ears.

Is that my heart beat?

Lungs burn, its hard to breath

Am I the only one having trouble breathing?

A look is thrown over shoulder. Nothing but darkness is seen.

Am I alone?

In front a light. A room. An escape!

Am I the only one seeing it?

Stumbling to a stop once room is reached. Looking around at cargo crates. No door. Heart sinks, stomach twists.

No way out.

Turn to face tunnel entrance fish knife from pocket to hold in right hand. Now waiting for something, waiting for what?

Where did it go?

Alice surveyed the man's mind with a small smirk. Humans. Confusion anger and fear mingled with countless other emotions mingled in his brain. She sighed and drew from his thought and back to her own. She had always had been fascinated on how the brain works in high stress situations; she enjoyed surveying the mind of her next meal while she stalked them. It was very intriguing.

She adjusted herself atop of the crates she sat on in a dark corner of the room. The vampire watched the scraggly man carefully, seeing his tattered clothes and greasy black hair; it's the same color as hers, only she kept it clean. Her stomach growled like a feral animal and she clutched her torso; fangs refused to shrink back into her gums do to hunger. Alice narrowed her amber eyes pre-pairing herself for what she was about to do.

He's a murderer. She jumped down to a lower crate without a sound. He's killed children! She was on the floor now, slinking up behind him. He deserves to die for what he has done.

Alice grabbed the murderer by his hair and snapped his head back, grazing pearly daggers over his neck. He gasped in shock and pain. He fought to get away but Alice was stronger.

"Please!" he cried. "I don't want to die!"

Alice paused at his statement, rage growing inside her. "Do you think the little ones you murdered wished to perish?" she spat before sinking her teeth into the flesh of his neck, never giving him a chance to answer.

He was drained in seconds, now a pale white corpse. Don't need another vampire running around. Alice mused as she snapped his neck. He dropped to the floor, lifeless.

He deserved to become my meal. Alice walked out of the room and back into the abandoned dark tunnel system that snaked under New York. No doubt about that, that sick bastard.