I slammed my locker shut and started to head towards Carter's locker. I smelled the delicious scent of oak trees I looked around and saw Landon standing next to Carter's locker. I didn't want to attract his attention so I walked past him then stopped when I saw Carter making out with some random girl. I shook my head and tapped Carter on the shoulder he growled and looked at me. His eyes widen in shock and I rolled my eyes.

"Are you taking me home or not?" I asked him.

"Yeah I'm taking you home," he replied.

"Okay give me the keys to your car," I asked holding out my hand.


"Your keys," I said. He gave me a look of disbelief and I sighed moving over to him. "Excuse me for sec," I told the girl he was making out with. She stepped out of my way waiting for Carter to do something I suppose. I gently pushed Carter against his locker pressing one hand on his chest and other on his thigh. His body immediately tensed and I bit my bottom lip trying to hide the grin that wanted to spread across of my face. I looked into his eyes they were filled with confusion but when I slowly moved my hand up his thigh, his eyes filled with lust. He moaned and I took this time to slip my hand into his jean's pocket and get his keys.

"Thanks," I whispered into his ear and quickly backed away. I started to make my way towards the schools exit when Carter shouted through the halls making me stop.

"For what?" he shouted and I gave him a smirk.

"Oh nothing," I said and kept walking.

Once I was outside, I headed towards his car. Many people were staring at me for some odd reason but I just ignored them. I finally reached Carter's car and unlocked it. I got in the driver's seat, turned the car on and rolled down the windows. I backed out of the parking space and started to exit the parking lot I took a quick glance in the rearview mirror. I saw Carter staring at his car with his mouth open and Landon standing next to him with a smirk. I smiled to myself wondering what Carter was going to do to me later.

I didn't see my parent's cars in the driveway when I pulled up in front of the house. I got out of the car slamming the door shut then walked to the front door. I unlocked the door and slipped into the house. A familiar scent hit my nose but I couldn't place it so I followed the scent into my bedroom. When I opened the door, I saw a tall figure blocking the sun from coming into my room. When the figure turned around, I took in its appearance. It was a young man around my age with long dirty blond hair and piercing amber eyes. He had on a white beater that hugged his body revealing his sexy-eight pack with black gym shorts. I finally looked at his kissable lips and wished that I could kiss them again.

"Hello princess," he said with a deep voice.

"Hello Lucas," I said then ran and jumped into his arms. He held me tightly to him and I breathed in his scent. "I thought you said you were coming on Monday."

"Yeah I just told you that so you would be surprised when you saw me today," he said and I shook my head.

"How did you get here?" I asked.

"By plane, your parents sent me a plane ticket so that I could come visit you for your birthday and Thanksgiving," he replied. So my parents new about this and they didn't tell me.

"Well I'm glad you're here," I said giving him a grin.

"Yeah me to," he said grinning back.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked.

"I don't—" Lucas started but was cut off by a loud banging from downstairs.

"Uh oh," I said chuckling to myself.

"What is that?" Lucas asked.

"Come with me if you want to find out," I replied heading out of my room and down the stairs. The banging got louder as I approached the front door. I opened the door and saw an angry Carter on the other side. "Can I help you?"

"Where are my keys?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"In my bedroom," I replied turning to Lucas who was now right beside me, "Lucas can you get his car keys from my room please?"

"Sure," he said giving Carter a look that said try something and you will be sorry.

I turned my attention back to Carter he calmed down and ran his fingers through his hair. I thought I ought to apologize for my earlier behavior.

"I'm sorry for taking your car," I said.

"Good because I know a way you can make it up to me," he said with a smirk.


"Go on a date with me tomorrow night," he replied.

"Why can't we just go tonight?" I asked and he was taken aback. The only reason why I suggested tonight was that I wanted to get the date over with so I could spend all of my other nights with Lucas.

"Because I'm sure you want to spend time with your friend Lucas right?"

"Since when are you so considerate?" I asked.

"Since the day you abused my—"

"Here you go," Lucas said handing me the keys. I chucked them over to Carter and he gave me a grin.

"I'll see you later tonight then?" he asked and I nodded. He turned around and left then I remembered he didn't give me a time. Oh well I guess I'll surprise him and just show up at the pack house.

"I have something to give you," Lucas said.

"Okay," I said and watched as he pulled out a box from behind him. I took the box and opened it to find a letter and a large green bottle. I read the card first it.

Dear Rosa,

I made this potion for female wolves for when they go into heat. It helps conceal their odor and not attract other wolves. Please use it if it is necessary. I love you.


So this is the present that he wanted to give me. For a second there I almost thought that my dad could see the future but I know he didn't.

"Thanks," I said giving Lucas a smile.

"I've been holding on to that box for a long time," Lucas said.

"Really," I said and he nodded. I wonder how he even got the box.

"So you're going on a date tonight?"

"Yeah," I replied then started thinking about whether I should just show up or not. I pulled my cell phone from out of my pocket and looked for the text message Carter sent me. Then realized I deleted it after I read it this morning. "I'll be right back."

"Okay?" he said and I ran out the front door before he started to question me.

I ran to the pack house and knocked on the door. Landon answered and I was somewhat relieved that it was him.

"Yes?" he inquired.

"Is Carter here?" I asked.

"Yeah he's in his room," he replied. "Why?"

"I just needed to ask him a quick question," I said and entered the house before Landon could object. I was already up the stairs and in front of Carter's bedroom door. I opened the door not even bothering to knock. What I saw next would make most girls jaw drop but that just wasn't me. I saw the girl he was making out with on top of him completely naked. She immediately jumped off him and covered herself with the sheets. I took this time to get a good look at her. She had short blond hair and dark green eyes she had a small body but was still fit.

"What do you want?" Carter snapped. I just shifted my weight to my right leg and crossed my arms against my chest then slowly shook my head.

"I don't think you want to use that tone of voice with me Carter," I calmly said to him but still held authority in my voice. He groaned when I said his name and I loved the affect I had him. He was always open with his feelings towards me and I knew he couldn't resist my authoritative voice. Hell, no male wolf could resist it even some Alphas were slightly weakened by my voice.

"If you don't have anything important to say then just leave," he snapped again. I would have taken his advice but all this snapping he was doing was making my blood boil. I demanded respect not only because I was born to be this pack's Luna but also because I just won't let any male walk all over me. An evil smirk spread across my face and I looked over to the girl then gave her a wink. She got my message and bit her lip to prevent herself from smiling.

I walked over to the bed and slowly climbed in crouching as if I was a predator coming for its prey. Carter's eyes went into panic then quickly changed to lust. I just remembered that I had on a tank top so he was getting a good view of my chest. I slowly climbed on top of him brushing my knee against his member making him tense up.

"What do you want?" he asked cautiously.

"You," I whispered in his ear and slowly traced my lips along his jaw line.

"What do you want from me?" he asked, as my lips were a few centimeters apart from his. I looked into his lustful eyes and I motioned for the girl sitting beside us to come closer to me. When she was close, enough I whispered my plan into her ear and turned my attention back to Carter. He looked confused and I just wanted to laugh at him.

"What do I want from you? Well for starters I would like for you not to ever raise your voice at me again," I said running my hand down his chest.

He shivered before replying, "And if I don't."

"Oh you will by the time I'm finished with you," I said then held him down he tried to get me off him but I held him down with my body weight. I asked my wolf to project a scent that made me seem like I was aroused and I knew he got the message because he breathed in my scent and his eyes turned black.

"Mine," he growled and I knew it was his wolf talking. Oh this should be fun I thought to myself.

I looked towards the girl and mouthed now to her and she slowly placed one of her hands on his leg and moved it up and down. He immediately was turned on and he started to move again but I held him down tighter.

"You're not getting away until you submit," I told his wolf. He growled at me, "Oh I see you're a feisty one."

"I'll never submit to you," he said through gritted teeth.

"Oh that's what you say now but you won't be saying that later," I said seductively making his member shift up and I smirked to myself. His mind might not be ready to submit but his body was. I looked at the girl again; she had a lustful look in her eyes as she stared at Carter's member. I cleared my throat and she snapped her head into my direction. I nodded my head twice signaling that she could touch it but she would have to be a tease.

I turned my attention back to Carter he held lust in his eyes but it immediately turned into pain once the girl touched his member. He whimpered at her teasing him and tried to move again but realized it was no use since I had a good grip on him. I smiled to myself as I saw his eyes fade from black and turn into his bright blue eyes. His body was still tensed which made me frown but I knew how to change that.

"I know you want to finish what you started earlier," I whispered in his ear and he shivered, "I know you probably want me to join you," he moaned at the thought. "But that's not going to happen. So I suggest that you submit unless you want to be tortured all over again."

His eyes shifted from black to blue as he tried to control his wolf. Finally, when he was in control he relaxed and said, "Fine you win," I smiled in triumph.

"So what did you want?" he asked calmly.

"I just wanted to know when you were going to pick me up for our date tonight," I replied and he looked at me in disbelief.

"You interrupted me because of that!" he snapped.

"Carter," I said in a warning tone and he flinched.

"Sorry," he said, "I'll pick you up at eight."

"See that wasn't too bad now was it," I said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before getting off him. I got out of bed and headed towards the door. I looked back at the girl and gave her a wink, "Enjoy," I said then left. I walked back down the stairs and almost ran into Landon.

"So," he said, "did you have fun torturing Carter?"

"Yep," I said giving him a wink then walked past him and out of the pack house.

"What took you so long?" Lucas asked as I entered into my room.

"I had to torture someone," I replied with a shrug.

Lucas shook his head, "you've changed a lot in the past few years."

"Yeah I guess I have," I replied then my stomach grumbled.

"Hungry?" Lucas asked laughing. I blushed in embarrassment before nodding. I just remembered that I barely ate anything today thanks to Carter. He kept trying to make out with me during lunch so I didn't have any time to eat. "Come on I'll make you something to eat."

"Really!" I exclaimed.

"Sure," he laughed at my excitement then we both headed towards the kitchen. "What do you want?"

"A double bacon cheeseburger please," I replied.

"Ah, I see that's still your favorite," he said getting the food out.

"Yep," I said smiling. I remember the first time I ate Lucas' double bacon cheeseburger it was the best thing since sliced cheese and that's when I knew I was in love with him. He was an amazing cook even though he didn't look like it. He would always make me lunch and dinner while I made him breakfast. I was a good cook to and sometimes he would let me cook with him. We would end up cooking a feast for the whole pack by the time that we were finished. I thought back to Amelia and wondered how she was doing my heart pained a little but I just ignored it.

"Here you go," Lucas said placing a plate with two double bacon cheeseburgers on there. My mouth immediately started to water. I could smell the grease from the bacon and I thought I was going to faint because I thought I was in bacon heaven again. I looked over at Lucas and he gave me a grin. I took one of the burgers and bit into it. I groaned in pleasure, as I tasted the juicy burger, the melted American cheese, the cold lettuce, the sweetness of the honey mustard and the crispness of the bacon.

"Good?" Lucas asked grabbing the other burger that was on my plate and sat down across from me. I nodded in response not wanting to break the relationship I was having with this mouth-watering burger. He smirked and took a bite. We wolfed down the rest of our burgers and sat there rubbing our tummies. "So what should we do now?"

"I should probably get ready for that date," I replied and he nodded. "You can pick out my outfit since I'm not really in the mood."

"Okay," he said nodding in agreement. When we used to date Lucas almost always picked out my outfits and I still didn't know why but I just let him.

With that, we cleared the table and headed back to my room. I went to take a shower as I thought about what outfit Lucas was going to come up with for me. When I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped a blue towel around me and walked out of the bathroom. I walked towards my bed that had all of my clothes, including my underwear, laid out on it. I looked around and didn't see Lucas so I assumed he was in the living room watching TV. I dropped my towel and put on my matching lacy black underwear. I then put on my high waisted shorts that came up to my mid thigh and had a line of gold buttons. Then I put on my gold pleated top that showed my arms and a little bit of my chest. I walked back over to the bathroom, fixed my hair putting it up into a messy bun, and applied my makeup. I put on a black eye liner with bronze eye shadow and applied a little bit of waterproof mascara. I then applied a little bit of foundation and my cherry lip-gloss.

I came out the bathroom and walked back over to the bed grabbing my golden-wedged heels. I set them on the floor then walked over to my dresser and grabbed my jasmine scented lotion. I quickly lotion my arms, legs, and feet before slipping on my shoes then grabbed my Angel perfume and sprayed it on my wrist, neck, chest and behind my ears. I put on my class ring and my diamond studs before grabbing my white clutch. I exited my room and headed into the living room I immediately caught another scent in the house that only smelled like Carter. When I entered the room Lucas and Carter were sitting on the couch watching TV, their attention shifted to me, and they quickly stood up.

"You look beautiful," Carter said.

"Thanks," I said with a smile.

"Yes you do princess," Lucas said and I gave him grin.

"Ready to go?" Carter asked and I nodded my head. He walked over to me and held out his arm for me to take. I took it and we exited out of the house.

"Don't wait up for me," I said to Lucas since he was standing in the doorway.

"Trust me I'm not," he said and I chuckled before slipping into the car. Carter got into the car and turned on the engine he put on his seat belt and put the car in reverse.

"So where are we going?" I asked him.

"To Paradise," he replied.

Next chapter will be Rosa's date with Carter! Hmm should I put it into Carter's POV?