It's been two weeks since our engagement and I've been on cloud nine ever since. We haven't told anyone about it but we planned on telling our parents this Friday. I can't wait to tell them so I can tell Emma and Amora. Then we can slowly start preparing for the wedding since that won't happen until after we graduate. So I have more than enough time to plan the wedding.

"Good morning Luna," Amber said as she took a seat at the dining room table.

"Good morning Amber," I greeted while flipping a pancake in a pan.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine, and you?" I asked.

"Just wonderful," she replied.

"I'm happy to hear that," I said taking the pancake and placing it on the plate beside the stove.

"How is Mark?"

"Don't you mean the Alpha," I corrected.

"Yes," she said quickly.

"Didn't you see him yesterday?"

"Yes but…" she trailed off.

"But what?" I inquired.

"He seemed really happy," she replied.

I turned to look at her then asked, "Is that a bad thing?"

"Noo but he seemed happier than usual…that's all," she replied looking down at her hands.

"Well you should ask him why he seems happier than usual," I said turning around and turning off the stove. As if on cue, Landon walks in looking like an angel. I almost thought he was Liam for a moment. He had on a plain white v-neck shirt with white and gold gym shorts and all white Nikes. His dirty blond hair was curled to perfection and his blue eyes shined in the fluorescent lighting. But the thing that shined no more like illuminated the most was his pearly white smile that he flashed my way when he entered the kitchen.

"I love your description of me Rose," Landon said through the mind link. I blushed as I prepared him a plate.

"You look beautiful today Rose," he said aloud, "you to Amber."

I looked like the complete opposite of Landon. If he was an angel, I was a demon. I wore all black today. I had on my black ripped up skinny jeans with my black Blood on the Dance Floor shirtand my black combat boots. I parted my hair into an emo bang and put a red headband on. I even painted my nails black and wore black eyeliner and eye shadow.

"Here you go," I said placing a plate full of food in front of Landon.

"Thanks," he said then dug in.

"Amber don't forget to ask Landon your question," I said then exited out of the kitchen. I walked into the living room and grab the keys to Landon's Camaro and my purse (which just so happens to be black). Some of you might be wondering when I am going to get my own car. The answer is I'll get one for graduation so for now I'm carpooling with Landon. I got into the car and turned on the engine I revved it up a bit then smiled. I loved the sound of the V8 engine. The door opened then closed and I looked to see Carter sitting beside me.

"Hello Carter," I greeted.

"Hello Rosa," he greeted back.

"And where is Landon?" I asked looking towards the door.

"He's coming," he replied.

"So you're riding to school with us?"

"Yep, since Angel totaled the front of my car," he said slightly irritated.

"She did what!?" I exclaimed.

"She destroyed, obliterated, demolished, annihilated, erad—"

"Okay! I get your point," I said. "But how did she do it?"

"She asked to borrow the keys to the car so I said sure assuming that she was going to the store or somewhere close. But no she went into the forest and crashed my car into a tree."

My mouth hung open after he finished. I don't want to sound mean but how could she be so stupid. Doesn't she know that a mustang is a sports car and it wasn't built to drive through a forest. If she wanted to do something, crazy like that she should have borrowed a jeep. Besides who in the world takes a causal drive through the forest anyway or at least in Florida?

"Well did she get hurt?" I asked.

"Nope she hopped out just in time," he replied. Suddenly the door opened beside me and Landon peered in with a smile.

"Get in the back seat princess today I'm going to be your chauffeur," he said and I rolled my eyes but did as he asked.

"So what were you guys talking about," Landon asked once we were on the road.

"We don't want to talk about it," I replied. Just thinking about it pissed me off and it wasn't even my car.

"It's okay Rosa," Carter said quietly. "Angel totaled my car."

"She did what!?" Landon almost shouted while looking back and forth between the road and Carter.

"To make the long story short she drove my car into the forest and crashed it into a tree," he replied looking out the window. His hands turned into fists and I looked out the window to. A mustang that looked exactly like Carter's mustang was next to us. I frowned feeling a little sad for Carter's loss.

"Was she high?" Landon asked catching us off guard. "Or drunk?"

"What?" Carter asked.

"Landon!" I exclaimed hitting him on the arm. "Don't ask those types of questions."

"Hey you never know she could have been under the influence," Landon said shrugging it off.

"No she was not under the influence," Carter said through gritted teeth. "You think I would have let her drive under the influence!"

"Whoa calm down buddy I'm just teasing," Landon said uneasily.

"This isn't funny Landon," I spoke up. "Try to put yourself in Carter's position. You just insulted the guy."

"I'm sorry man I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Landon said glancing at Carter who was trying to keep control of his anger.

"Seriously Landon 'hurt your feelings' are you trying to make things worse?"

"Both of you just shut up!" Carter shouted and Landon stopped the car with a screeching halt. We turned to look at Carter our eyes wide as we watched him open the car door and jump out of the car. Before we could say stop he was already in wolf form and off into the forest.

"You know this is your fault Landon," I said as I climbed into the front seat and closed the front door.

"How is this my fault?" he asked as he started to drive again.

"You shouldn't have insulted him," I replied looking out the window wondering if I could see Carter's grey wolf.

"No you should have kept your mouth shut about my unintentional insults," he snapped.

"Well someone has to point out your errors!" I shouted.

"You could have told me later!" he shouted back.

"Don't shout at me!"

"You shouted at me first!"

"Fine I see I'll have to be the adult in this situation," I said calmly.

"Of course because you're the old lady in this situation," he said with a chuckle.

"Oh you're going to regret saying that," I said as he parked the car.

"Really I doubt you can do anything that bad," he taunted.

"Oh no he didn't," my wolf said shocking me by her presence. "Give him back the ring."

I didn't question my wolf and I didn't think about the consequences in what might happen if I gave it back. I just slid off the ring and placed it on the dashboard then got out the car and walked away leaving Landon calling after me.

It was finally Friday and I'm heading to the Ford car dealership with Carter. The day after Carter ran out the car I called him and apologized on behalf of Landon and me. I told him how Landon was an idiot and that I shouldn't have pointed out his idiocy in front of him. He said it was okay and that he shouldn't have yelled at his Alphas. Since neither of us had school today we decided to meet up and look at cars together. I told him the pros and cons of a mustang and camaro and he seemed to lean more to the camaro than mustang but for now, he was going to test-drive the mustang.

"Boy is it hot or what," I said as we stepped out of the car.

"Yeah I should have put on sun block," Carter joked and I laughed.

"I doubt sun block could have helped that much," I said and he shrugged.

"You're probably right," he said and I nodded.

We walked around the parking lot looking at the different cars and SUVs. Carter said that one day he might own a truck but that would be the day he has a high paying job and spending money would be second nature to him. I totally understood what he meant who knew what gas prices would be like in the next couple of years and owning a truck or SUV consisted of a lot of gas. Five minutes past before a sales representative came to help us. It was funny since he was one of the members in our pack not to mention he was Angel's father.

"Hello Luna, Beta what can I do for you?" he asked.

"We're here to find Carter a new car," I replied.

"Oh, of course," he said then slightly frowned. I assumed that he already knew about the accident hint his frowning.

"Come one Mr. Henley let's turn that frown upside down," I said. "Carter is going to buy a car from you so you get commission and your guilty conscious is relieved. I get to drive Landon's car alone so in the end we all win."

"She's right," Carter, said looking at a black mustang.

"Yes of course she's right. Thank you Luna," he said with a smile.

"You're welcome," I smiled back.

"So what car are you looking for son? Another mustang?"

"Yes, but Rosa was trying to convince me to buy a camaro."

"Oh really," Mr. Henley said then looked my way with a raised brow and a soft glare. I gave him an innocent smile before looking away.

"Yep," Carter replied oblivious to the sudden tension between us.

"Well I'm sure I can convince you on seeing why the mustang is better than the camaro," he said and I could feel his eyes burning holes on the side of my face. I turned to look at him with a smirk.

"You're on," I said.

For the next, twenty minutes Mr. Henley and I went back and forth with the pros and cons of both cars while Carter listened and injected when he had something to say. The answer came after he test-drove both the mustang and Landon's camaro. In the end, Carter chose a white and black mustang Shelby.

"Thank you again sir," Carter said as he shook Mr. Henley's hand.

"No thank you," he said giving him a smile.

"We'll see you later Mr. Henley," I said shaking Mr. Henley's hand.

"Alright drive safely you two," he said using a parental tone.

"We will," I assured him before getting in Landon's car.

"Hey Rosa!" Carter shouted and I rolled down the window.

"Yeah," I said.

"Want to see who gets back home first," he challenged as he revved up his engine.

"Oh you're on!" I shouted while putting on my shades. This was going to be so much fun. Since the sheriff and police force were, mostly members of our pack I mind link them to tell them that Carter and I are having a race to see who gets home first. So if we speed past them don't give us a ticket. They all understood and wished me good luck.

"Ready?" he asked and I nodded. "five…four…three…two…one…GO!"

I stomped my foot on the gas pedal as the car jerked forward. In seconds, the car recovered and I was going at a normal speed of thirty miles per hour. I slowly climbed my way up the speedometer as I looked in my review mirror and side mirrors to see where Carter was. He was right behind me and that made me pick up the speed. For a couple of minutes I was in lead but then Carter zoomed passed me laughing. Of course, that made me upset but then I remembered a short cut that Landon taught me so I was the one laughing. I came up to another road that Carter sped past and I took it since it was the shortcut. I reduced my speed a little since the road was a little bumpy. By the time I got home, I didn't see Carter's car anywhere in sight. I got out the car and stretched then Landon came out of the house. As he walked towards the car I heard tires screeching in the distance and an engine pick up speed. I smiled to myself feeling triumphant. Carter's car came out of the woods and came to a screeching halt in front of us.

"It looks like I won," I said to myself.

"You cheated!" Carter said as he got out of the car and I laughed.

"I took a shortcut," I protested. "Besides you didn't lay down any ground rules."

"Ugh, fine you're right. You beat me fair and square," Carter said.

"Yay!" I explained then I did a happy dance.

"I see you two had a good time," Landon said.

"Yeah," Carter said. "Well I better tell Angel I got a new car."

"Tell her I said hi," I said.

"Alright," Carter called over his shoulder as he walked away.

"So," Landon started and I turned to look at him, "Are you still mad at me?"

"Hmm not really," I replied.

"Does that mean you'll accept the ring?" Landon asked not hiding the hopefulness in his voice.

"Sorry no, not at the moment," I replied and he frowned.

"Why?" he asked.

"I want to tell our parents first tonight about us getting married then after that I'll accept it."

"Fine," he said shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Good, I'll make you a sandwich in the meantime," I said and he grinned.

"Okay," he said and I linked my arm with his and pulled him into the house.

It was 7:45 and I was more nervous than a person trapped in a patch of quicksand. I decided to cook dinner and set up the table and I hope everything was to our parent's liking. I was getting dressed in Landon's room when Landon came in and smiled nervously at me.

"They're here," he said.

"Um okay," I said nervously as I looked in the mirror. I decided to go with a natural look the only makeup I had on was lip-gloss. I had on a simple white halter dress that came up to my mid thigh and I decided to wear my silver heels with the dress. Landon had a simple button up light blue and black slacks with black dress shoes. Landon walked over to where I was and looked into the mirror.

"You look beautiful Rose," he said then leaned over and grabbed the heart diamond necklace he bought for me in Orlando. He put the necklace on me and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks," I said smiling.

"You're welcome, are you ready?"

"Yeah," I replied then grabbed Landon's hand. "Let's go."

We exited the room and went down the stairs. We walked over to the dining room and met with our parents.

"Hello Rosa," my mom said as she hugged me.

"Hi mom," I said hugging her back.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I'm good and you?" I asked.

"I'm doing wonderful. I miss you so much Rosa, we should have a mother and daughter day soon."

"You're right, we really should sometime this month," I said and she smiled.

"Okay," she kissed me on the cheek before stepping aside for my dad to approach me.

"Hey dad," I said nervously then kissed him on the cheek. "How are you?"

"I'm okay," he said giving me a knowing look. He knew there was something going on and this wasn't just a casual dinner.

"That's good," I said.

"Hello Rosa," a voice said from behind me and I turned around to see Elizabeth boy was I glad to see her.

"Hello," I smiled then turned back around to see if my dad was still there but he was gone.

"Are you excited about having dinner with your parents?"

"Um yeah," I said nervously.

She raised a brow, "you don't seem all too sure about it."

"I am, I am very excited about having dinner with you all," I said with more confidence and a smile that I hope didn't show how much I was freaking out on the inside.

"Good, did you meet with Landon's parents yet?"

"No I didn't," I replied.

"I'll escort you to them," she said offering her arm, which I took. We walked and made small talk over to where Landon was standing with his parents.

"Oh hello Rosa," Mrs. Clayworth said her accent seemed stronger than I last remembered.

"Hello Mrs. Clayworth," I said releasing my arm from Elizabeth's arm.

"Landon told me you prepared a feast for this occasion," Mr. Clayworth said and I looked over to where Landon was now speaking to my mom and Elizabeth.

"Well I wouldn't call it a feast," I chuckled nervously.

"Whatever it is I'm sure it's good," Mrs. Clayworth said giving me a warm smile.

"Yes, hopefully," I said then looked at the clock on the wall for the time. It was time to eat. "Hey everyone it's time to eat so if you can please take your seat Landon and I will go get your food."

Everyone did as they were told and Landon and I were now in the kitchen preparing plates for our parents. Landon took out all the plates and I came behind him with the apple cider and breadbaskets. Once we were finished placing the plates on the table and pouring the drinks we took our seats at the head of the table.

"Bon appetite," I said and everyone started to eat. I was quietly nibbling away at my food since I was trying to pick up the sound of approval from someone's mouth. When I thought all hope was lost, I heard a moan coming from Mr. Clayworth.

"God that is one juicy steak," he said and I smiled then looked at Landon.

"Yes it is," Landon agreed.

"The mash potatoes are good to Rosa I have to get your recipe for them," Mrs. Clayworth said.

"The steam mixed vegetables are good to," Elizabeth said and looked over to my parents who seemed too engrossed in the food to pay attention to anything else.

"Mission accomplished," I mumbled to myself then began to eat again.

After we were all finished with dinner Landon and I collected the dishes and took them to the kitchen. While Landon got started on the dishes, I prepared the dessert for our parents and put them all on a tray with a cup of coffee. I walked back out of the kitchen and made my way to the living room where everyone was sitting on the sofa and chairs. I passed out the desserts and told them that Landon and I will be with them shortly. After that, I headed back to the kitchen and helped him with the dishes.

"So do you know what you're going to say?" I asked as Landon handed me a plate to dry off.

"Uh no not yet," Landon said and I looked at him.

"You're about to tell our parents that we are going to get married and you haven't come up with a way to tell them yet?"

"Right I haven't come up with a way to tell them yet, but trust me when the time comes I will know what to say," he replied.

"Okay Landon, just try not to make a fool of yourself," I said.

"I won't," he said passing me another plate.

After that, we worked in silence finishing the dishes then we wiped down the kitchen. Once we were completely finished with everything, we walked into the living room and sat on the love seat.

"So what are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"Oh nothing," my mother replied holding back a chuckle.

"I don't trust that look on her face," I said to Landon and he nodded. Both of our parents looked like they had a big secret that they didn't want us to know. "Well if you say so mom I believe you."

Instead of a normal reply, she just nodded and looked away.

"We might as well get down to business," Landon started and everyone looked at him, "we wanted to have dinner with you tonight to tell you some really good news."

Everyone looked at each other for a moment before looking at Landon.

"Rosa has agreed to marry me," he said a little excited.

"Oh congratulations!" Mrs. Clayworth said getting up and walking over to us.

"Thanks," I said standing up and Landon followed.

"Congratulations Rosa and Landon," Elizabeth said.

"Thanks mom," Landon grinned.

We went around hugging Landon's parents but suddenly stopped when we noticed that we were the only ones celebrating. When we looked, there way they were talking quietly amongst themselves. Before anyone could say anything, my dad stood up and said.

"I'm sorry but I can't accept this marriage."