Tres Luna

By Justin J.


The goddess was one that watched over all of time and space, saw every infinite possibility. Every choice made, by mortal, immortal, and god alike, changed a path, split the streams in new ways. It was her task to oversee this all, to ensure the balance of everything in existence.

Every choice created a new timeline, every new timeline created a new universe. Every universe added to her task. She was, as ever, fine with that. She was eternal, she was patience itself. She, ironically, had little time for such trivial things as curiosity. A moment's distraction could lead to entire timelines collapsing, entire universes simply ceasing to exist.

No, she had no time for idle fancies, but even she took notice of the single universe where that girl survived childhood, where she had the chance to grow into her potential. As one of the Three Great Balancers - the other two being the Goddess of Creation and her brother, the God of Oblivion respectively – she could easily set her work to complete itself. It was something her fellow deities did often enough, so why not her?

For the first time in her aeons-long existence, the Goddess of Time knew curiosity and chose to watch this mortal, this woman that had died in infancy in every other timeline. She waved a hand, setting up a system that would complete her complex work alone (and warn her if personal attention was required), and sat down to watch this sorceress on the world with three moons.

The world of Tres Luna.