When I close my eyes
I see her face behind my lids,
Engraved, etched and unmoving,
Her eyes meeting mine.

And she looks so sad…

Her features tremble,
And her hand comes up
From the depths of nowhere,
Reaching for me
As her tears begin to fall.

The tears tear apart
Every feature of her beautiful face,
Mutilating it,
Until it is no longer her face I see,
But my own.
It's me,
Wretched and writhing
On the black floor of my vision
Like one possessed.
Racked with sobs that
No one can stop.

And I beg myself,
Scream to myself
"Open your eyes!"
But the whisper of
A voice I hear
Belongs to her.

And I awake, screaming,
Imprisoned in the sheets,
Drenched in sweat
With tears rolling down my cheeks
Like a river down a mountainside,
And I am alone.