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I slammed the door of the rusty mustang, re-adjusting the silver knife in my dust clad boot. Looking through my aviators at the small isolated diner, I brushed imaginary dirt off of my white tank top and ripped, cut off, denim shorts. I held the bag with the blue waitress dress and roller skates in one hand, slowly walking to the entrance. This was a great way to get information, and see if there were any werewolves in this town. I needed to find the wolves, and I needed to kill them, for taking away what I cared most about. This was my first mission. I had been training since I was seven for this day.

After pushing open the door I was met with a blast of cold air and the scent of chocolate and peppermint ice-cream. Gloria, the owner, was asleep in a chair next to the coffee machine. A magazine lay on her lap, and you could see the heavily applied blue eye shadow from over here. I smiled to myself, going to the bathrooms, and going into a stall, removing my shoes, shirt and shorts, replacing them with the knee length light blue dress, tying the white apron around my slender waist. Walking out of the stall, I looked into the cracked mirror, the jagged break slicing over half my face. I fixed my red hair into a neat bun on top of my head, securing the loose strands with some bobby pins I had. I pulled on the roller skates, skating out of the bathroom, bag in hand, putting it under the counter top, ready for another afternoons work.

"Hello Evie. Had a good day?" I heard Martin say from behind me. I turned around, smiling at the chef.

"Yeah, it's been good so far!" I replied. I started working, pulling up the blinds letting light filter into the diner. I stood for a moment, watching the dust particles dance through the stream of light. I snapped out of my reverie and went into the cleaning supplies room, taking the broom, and sweeping the dirt from under tables and chairs and from corners.

Two or three hours had passed and I finally I heard the bells of the glass door ring, and loud voices filtered into the diner, waking Gloria from her sleep. I chuckled at her startled expression sending her a small smile.

"Where did Alph- I mean Jayden end up sending us? This place isn't even on the map!" One of the boys said.

"Well, you were pissing him off about being hungry, so he probably sent us somewhere far away." another said. I took a notepad and pen out of my apron pocket, and rolled away to a spot, where the large group of males were now sitting. They were big and burly, and looked like they had been taking steroids by the bucketful. There was a possibility they were the wolves I was looking for. I counted out five of them.

"Hello, and welcome to The Finer Diner. I will be your waitress, what would you like to order?" I asked sweetly, plastering a fake smile onto my face and jotting things down as a boy listed down almost the entire menu. I raised my eyebrows at the long order. I smiled at them again, not meeting their eyes.

"Okay, it'll only be a few minutes!" I said, turning around, but not before muttering to myself.

"Or a few hours at this amount of food." I heard a chuckle and almost froze. They'd heard me. I winced. What a stupid move. That could've got me fired. I rolled away skilfully to the kitchens where I gave the order to Martin.

"You can go take your break now, until the order is up." he informed me, and I nodded, rolling away to the coffee machine and pouring myself some into a disposable cup.

"Want one?" Martin asked, grabbing a green apple, I nodded gratefully. He threw it and I raised my hand up next to my face as the apple hit my palm, making the flesh sting slightly . I grinned roguishly before sinking my pearly whites into the green skin, feeling the sour apple juice gush out, running down the sides off the apple and onto my wrists as I pulled the chunk off with my teeth, chewing slowly, and sitting down at a table at the back.

I set the cup of coffee down on the table, putting my feet up as best I could, under the circumstances that my feet were in white and pink skates. I looked like a typical diner waitress with the knee length button up light blue dress and little white apron with the roller skates. The dress may have clashed with my hair, but it went well with my blue eyes.

I yawned tiredly taking a scalding sip from the cup of the piping hot black coffee. I took another bite of the apple, licking my lower lip. The diner was quiet, so I could tune into their conversation if I tried really hard. I caught a few sentences.

"Jayden... The hunters... Yeah..."

"He needs...Mate...The Luna."

I took out my phone and began texting my boss, Paul.

I found them. Paul was the one who found me, when the wolves killed my parents.

Did you? Don't make a move unless you know it's them. I smiled, typical Paul.

I won't, calm down. I texted back a sly smile on my lips. I could handle them. I was a hunter. Paul always said trust your instinct. That is what I was doing.

"Order up!" I heard Martin call and I slipped my phone in the apron pocket, swiftly rolling unto the kitchen, grabbing for plates of food and putting them on the werewolf table. I had to make three trips before I was done. I went back to my table, grabbing my coffee and finishing it off. I smiled. I had the plan all figured out in my head. It would work out fine, and I could move on to destroy the other wolves. I would get my revenge on them.

"Gloria?" I called. She looked at me.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"When am I off?"

"I think it's in about another hour, dear."

"Okay, thanks!"

I left the diner in good spirits. The werewolves were still inside, pigging out. I went over to my car, taking out the tracking device and small camera. I went over to the only other car in this lot, which obviously belonged to the wolves, and stuck the tracker underneath the bumper of their car, watching the entrance carefully. I inched my lips to the side, wondering where I would be able to put the camera. Then I saw it. One of the windows was rolled down one or two inches, which gave me the opportunity to stick it right above the window on the inside. I went back to my mustang, getting in. The door squeaked as I wrenched it open, buckled up and started the engine. Unlike the exterior, the interior of my car was all high tech and new. Well, the dash was. There was a small GPS, navigating me to where the tracker was. There was another small screen that allowed me to talk to Paul, or see through the lens of my camera. I switched the GPS on, and a small dot in front of the arrow which was me, blinked, flashing across the screen.

It was about a few minutes later when they all walked out, being rowdy. Not trying to be suspicious, I pulled out a compact mirror, pretending that I had been doing my make-up that whole time. They glanced at me once, getting into the shiny, sliver SUV, and driving off. I waited a few moments, before driving off myself, following the small dot on the GPS screen. It blinked rapidly, taking a turn. I went slower than they did, as not to make myself suspicious. I used one hand to switch the other screen on, showing exactly what was going on in their car.

"Do you want to go for a run? Alpha Jayden seemed pretty pissed." One said.

"Dude, you were annoying him and he gets angry real quick." Another pointed out. I smirked. This was too easy.

"He did sound a little stressed. The hunter ambush did do quite a number on him."

"Not only him, us too." I yawned, eyeing the GPS screen. I wasn't far behind them, and decided to slow down to make myself look inconspicuous. Hurry up and stop somewhere. I don't have all day. I though impatiently. A few minutes later, they turned into the forest.

I stopped my car at the edge, pulling on my jacket. I placed my pistol in the pocket, putting some spare silver and wolfsbane bullets in my other pocket. There was a scent hiding formula in another pocket, and I spritzed some on, before replacing it back where it was. I took two wolfs bane smoke grenade, placing them in another pocket along with the gas mask. It might seem silly that I was taking all these precautions, but Paul told me to always be prepared. I double checked that all of my weapons were there, and went off through the trees.

I made the least noise I could, lest they hear me and capture me, or worse, kill me. I kept my eyes alert and sharp, looking out for any sign of movement. That was when I heard it, the clear sound of masculine voices filtering through the trees. Gotcha, I thought with a smirk. I crept closer to the voices, hiding myself behind a tree. I slowly pulled out one of the smoke grenades, putting on the mask and pulled the pin, pushing my head out from behind the thick trunked tree and throwing it.

"What the-" one of them started to say before smoke started gushing out of the grenade. They began to choke and heave and I heard four thuds, before making myself visible. The smoke cleared up a few moments later, and they looked up at me, sweating and panting. I was a little bit surprised as they were still conscious. I pulled the mask off.

"You," one of them breathed out, struggling without oxygen.

"Yup," I said flatly. "But let's not waste our time with introductions, shall we? I would've thought you guys smarter not to be fooled by a human, though, you are animals." I said dryly. I looked at them all. "So, who wants to die first?" When none of them moved I rolled my eyes. "Fine, I guess it's all up to me." I said dramatically. "If you want to go like that, well, here it goes. Eenie, meenie, miney, ah you," I said sweetly, pointing the gun at the one who talked to me. He gave a low growl, glaring at me. I was about to pull the trigger when rustling sounded from behind me. My eyes widened and I re-counted the wolves in front of me. Four. My heart went into overdrive.

"No." I whispered. The one on the ground grinned.

"Yes." He said. "Taylor, it's a hunter. Get her." And before I could blink, my pistol was knocked out of my hand. I did the first thing that came to my mind and ran. I tore through the forest, dodging trees and receiving scratches from branches and shrubs. I ran out of breath and I quickly surveyed my surroundings. Trees everywhere and nothing could lead my somewhere. I checked my pocket for my phone, my stomach dropping to feel the empty space. I felt the colour drain from my cheeks and I starter panicking.

"Come out sweetheart. We know this forest inside out, and your heartbeat is really loud I must say." I cursed silently, drawing my knife from my boot and getting ready to run, but felt a numbing pain at the back of my head. The scenery around me blurred, and faded to black as I drifted to unconsciousness.


I opened my eyes, blinking rapidly as the blur around me sharpened. I hastily got up from my spot on the floor, eyeing the room I was imprisoned in. It was a small cell with cobblestone flooring and no windows. The barred door was rusty. There were shackles on my wrists and ankles. I snorted. How cliché could they get? But that was beside the point. I was captured, with no hopes of calling Paul. Most likely I would be tortured for information on our whereabouts. I stood up, and wandered to the back of the cell. Moving my shoulders around, I noticed that my jacket was gone, meaning they had taken my weapons. I swore loudly, punching the stone wall. My chains rattled loudly with the movement. Someone must've heard me as I heard the scuffle of feet getting louder and nearing my cell. I didn't turn around.

"Austin! Go get Jayden, she's up." The person called. There was a grunt, and someone whom I presumed was Austin, thumped up a flight of stairs. The door slamming was the last I heard from him. I stayed staring at the wall for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. The sound of feet was audible once more, but this time it was two pairs. They stopped and someone spoke.

"I hear the hunter's awake?" The voice was smooth and deep.

"Yes sir. You want to interrogate in the room?" the first said.

"Here's fine." I heard the footfalls stop right in-front of my cell. "Well? Show your face then. Or are you too filthy to-" he was cut off when I turned around at met his smouldering brown gaze. He gasped, then uttered a word I never wanted to hear from a werewolf in my entire existence. A word that was entirely disgusting in my dictionary. A word I'd never thought I'd hear directed at me.



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