Hi guys,

Not sure if any of you are still following this story because I know its been a while (and it's not the first time i've going MIA for ages). I just want to apologise for that and the only excuse I can give is that life just got in the way and as time went on, I lost motivation for all my books and reading them just made me critical of my sub-par skills from all those years ago.

As for the fate of this story (hah, no pun intended) I've rewritten the first chapter entirely under a different name and user. It isnt on fictionpress at the moment and I'm not sure if i will be uploading here anytime soon. If any of you guys still care to read it, it's under the name 'Enemy of the Moon' on wattpad with the username leahpaldyn.

Big shout out to Ella for motivating me with all her reviews over the two years. thank you for always checking, I'm flattered by your persistence.

thank you guys for reading, and I hope you enjoy and check out the redone version!