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I stood there staring at him, lips parted in disbelief. My eyes flickered to his asshole buddy, whom I tried to kill, who had a shocked look on his face as he stared at his friend.

Emotions flooded through me at the speed of light.




But most strongly of all, Anger.

I scoffed rolling my eyes up towards the sealing, laughing humourlessly. Mate. I'd heard him clearly. Of all people, I had the horrible luck of being soul mates of some disgusting mutt. I was seething. This was definitely not the way things were meant to go today.

I looked back at the brown eyed man. His eyes were also widened in disbelief as he kept staring at me.

"Please, tell me this is a joke," I snorted.

"Mate," he repeated in a whisper. I blanched.

"Jayden," asshole friend started. "It can't be she's a hunter, I-I mean are you sure?" Jayden nodded, still staring at me with wide eyes.

"Mate," he repeated for the umpteenth time. I scoffed.

"Is that the only word you can say? God I thought that being half human would give you some type of higher intelligence than a dog. Guess not." I muttered darkly. Asshole buddy looked at me.

"Shut up, you stupid bitch," he barked at me.

Ha, barked. I smirked at him.

"Me? Stupid bitch? Pretty rich coming from a filthy mutt. Only stupid bitch I know is the bitch who made the mistake of bringing scum like you to this world, pup." I shot back harshly. Asshole was livid. (It was pretty hilarious). He opened his mouth to retort, but Jayden stopped him.

"Stop." He ordered. Well would you look at that? He had a vocabulary that extended beyond one word. I tried to look indifferent, looking down at my nails in disinterest, the shackles on my wrists clinking loudly. However, underneath the surface I was freaking the hell out. I was a damn werewolf hunter for Christ's sake. This was such a low blow for me. A stupid dog has some weird animal attraction to me? Gross. It was just beneath me as a human to be pushed as low as to have been paired up with, well, that. I inwardly shuddered. I looked back up at Jayden, who was still looking at me.

"Can you quit staring you filthy mutt?" I spat at him, eyes ablaze. He said nothing, but there was a hint of anger in his gaze. The muscles in his jaw clenched and his fists tightened.

"Jayden, besides the fact that she's your mate, she is a hunter. She could know something, and I doubt she'll willingly talk. We need to follow through with the methods of persuasion," Asshole said. Jayden turned to glare at him a low growl sounding from the back of his throat. Freak.

"She will not be tortured, Austin." He spat. Asshole looked at him, in disbelief.

"Jayden, she tried to kill us."

"You know," I started. "I really wish you'd stop talking about me like I wasn't here." I drawled. But they ignored me.

"No, Austin." Jayden said with finality in his voice.

"Fine." Asshole said. "But what do you propose we do, because you seem really on top of this. By all means, do tell," Austin said. The cell bars rattled dangerously as Jayden pressed asshole up against them, pinning his throat.

"I do not appreciate the disrespect," Jayden said lethally, releasing Austin.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Austin said, trying to regain breath. "But, seriously, what are you going to do?" Jayden's eyes fell on me again, a twinge of pain in his brown irises. He roughly ran a hand through his brown locks and squeezed his eyes shut.

"I don't know," he said finally. He swore loudly slamming a hand against the cell bars, a clanging sound resonating throughout the prison. He stressfully ran a hand over his face, looking at me through his fingers. He sighed loudly.

"Why the hell does this shit have to happen to me," he muttered. He looked at Austin. "Keep her detained here until I figure out what to do with her. Keep switching guards. Try getting her to talk. I'll be back when I've made a decision." He said abruptly. He threw me another lasting glance before walking away.

"Oh good Lord, just torture me, kill me an be over with it," I groaned quietly to myself. This was not happening. This was not how everything was meant to go. Austin glared at me.

"Well, I'll agree on that one thing with you." he said. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Filth," I muttered.

"Bitch," he shot back.

Oh dear God.


It had been six days since they kept me locked up in that stupid cell. Some of it was a blur, which I could barely recall. My time in there was spent lying down in the really uncomfortable bed, and mostly successfully attempting to ignore their interrogations for information. Not that I had any.

Seriously. Nada.

For some reason, even after being with the hunters since I was seven years old, they didn't trust me to do anything. Sure I was trained an all, but this mission was the only one I had ever gotten. At twenty three years old, I was caught on my first mission. I clenched my jaw, sighing through my nose.

No wonder why they didn't trust me with anything, I was useless. If I ever even got out of here, would they even want to take me back in? I mean taken prisoner and the Alpha werewolf's mate. There was no way.

I rolled over uncomfortably to face the wall, my eyes filling with tears and my heart filling with hatred. Whenever I heard their voices from outside my hell, I wad filled with intense hatred. Their happiness and laughter fuelled my anger.

They had no right to be happy.

They were murderers.

They took my home and my family.

And now they took my second home.

I squeezed my eyes shut, spending a few moments in darkness, when at the sound of footsteps on the stairs, they fluttered open straight away.

"Austin," Jayden's voice was heard. "She's being released. Now." Wait, what? I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Sure," Austin said. I shot up and turned around. Both boys turned to me, Jayden's brown, unsettling gaze literally roaming my body. There was a woman trailing behind me, observing e with her dark brown, almost black eyes.

"What? You haven't even tried to get anything out of me yet, and you're just letting me free?" I asked in confusion. If this was the case, they were literally the worst interrogators and prison wardens, ever.

"We're not letting you free," Austin said, rolling his eyes. I glared at him.

"You're not being let go," Jayden said. "You're being detained elsewhere." he said. I furrowed my eyebrows. How were they even aware if I was a threat or not. I scoffed a laugh.

"You're not actually playing favourites, because of some ridiculous notion that we belong together, right?" I said with false humour.

"No," Jayden said curtly, not emotion on his face. Okay, he was fooling nobody. Unless he was trying to convince himself, I knew he was giving me some kind of creepy special treatment. He looked over his shoulder at the girl behind him and nodded at her, as he produced a set of keys stepping forward to unlock the gate.

"Evangeline, be ready," My eyes flickered suspiciously towards her as she produced a syringe. No. I thought, my eyes widening. No. The door swung open and I looked around the cell looking for some kind of defence. He walked in advancing towards me slowly.

"No," I said fiercely, my shackles clanking around as I quickly grabbed the glass water bottle on my food tray and swung it at the side of his head. It shattered against his skull but he didn't even blink an eye. However, he did appear to be angry.

Very angry.

He clenched his jaw, eyes narrowed, flashing in rage. He reached out to grab me, but I darted out the way, best I could, quickly tugging against my chains, successfully tripping him over.

"Don't fight us on this!" Jayden roared angrily, getting up, and chasing after me. I hopped over the bed, however his arms snaked around my thighs and he pulled me back onto the ground. I screamed, and struggled against him, but he only pulled the chains around my arms tightly behind me with one had, the other going over my front, across my chest to my other shoulder to secure me against his chest. I thrashed, trying to head butt him in the chin with the back of my head.

"Now Evangeline!" He commanded. She began walking towards us and I struggled a bit more, keeping hold of the glass bottleneck in my hand. As she reached the syringe out towards me, with all my strength, I pushed the sharp broken ends of the bottle into Jayden's flesh from behind.

I felt a stinging prick in my neck and a strangled gasp of pain was heard behind me from Jayden as he staggered back. I wobbly turned around to see him drop to his knees, his shocked eyes on me, the broken bottle imbedded into his stomach.

The wooziness was kicking in immediately, my eyes drooping the whole world becoming a fuzzy blur, like a dirty camera lens. There were gasps of shock, and a barely audible scream of 'Alpha Jayden!', before I succumbed to the tired feeling, and sank forward onto his body, unconscious, only after feeling a pair of arms instinctively wrap securely around my middle.


The pounding in my brain was the first thing I registered as I stirred from unconsciousness. The second thing was the immense comfort that surrounded me. I was definitely not in the cell any more. This bed I was in was too comfortable. I opened my eyes and quickly shot up from my lying position on the bed.

I looked around the large, victorian, dimly lit room in suspicious curiosity. Directly in front of the bed on which I was sitting, was a pair of glass sliding doors that lead to an office. Where was I?

Like the bedroom, the study was also empty of any werewolf trash. This was my only chance of getting out.

I quickly but quietly slid out of the bed, tiptoeing towards one of three wooden doors. I assumed it was an exit.

"That's the bathroom." A voice said from behind me. My hand had barely enclosed around the cold, golden coloured door knob, and the words sent my heart hammering, and I turned around, stepping back, my back thumping against the door, as my eyes fell on none other than Jayden. "I mean, unless you were planning on flushing yourself down to toilet to escape or something."

My cheeks flushed hotly in anger and mortification. I stared back at him silently as he gazed at me impassively, his toned arms crossed over his chest. His very bare chest, may I add. My eyes, at their own accord, roamed his body shamelessly. It had taken this long for his striking good looks to dawn on me.

He stood tall, and had a very athletic and fit build to him. He had a smooth light tan to his skin. His hair was dark brown and a small stubble covered his strong jawline. My eyes had just fell on the gauze wrapped around his lower middle when he cleared his throat. I looked back up at him and he raised a sleek brow.

"Done?" He asked, tilting his head and my face flamed red again. I nervously crossed one leg over the other shifting my weight. His eyes dropped to my legs, for much longer than necessary.

"I could ask the same," I retorted. His eyes snapped to mine, and he opened his mouth, however I cut him off. "Let's cut the shit and get to it. Why am I here, and not in my cell?" He looked at me for a couple of moments and shrugged.

"We got all the information that we needed out of you, and out of your car." My eyes narrowed. They touched my car?

"I said nothing to them when I was down there. Six days is a short time you need to up your game." I told him. He smirked slowly.

"Six days? Wow it did work." he said. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What?" I said in confusion. He stepped towards me slowly.

"You weren't there for six days, you were down there for a whole month." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"You might think I'm stupid, but I know how time works." I said. he took another step towards me.

"Well, what if I told you, that we may have slipped a little something into your food over the time." My breath hitched in my throat as he continued. "We've developed a serum, that makes people very susceptible to telling the truth. The perks of this include inability to recall memories from when under effects of this truth serum." By this point, his body was pressed up against mine, and I pressed myself further into the door as he moved closer, pressing his forearm above my head. My heart hammered and I was fuelled with anger. They drugged me? I internally cursed my own stupidity. I should have been more cautious.

"W-Wha-," I struggled to get a sentence out. He leaned forward, so close his breath brushed my face, as I tried squirming away.

"You had nothing to hide, nor much of importance, so you're being detained here. Is our game up enough for you now, darling?" he whispered. He leaned up and stepped back as I glared fiercely at him. I clenched my fist and tried to swing at him, but before I knew it, he had caught my fist mid air, cold metal slid over my wrist and a clicking sound was heard. I tried using my other hand, to try and get him but he caught that one as well, securing both my hands in the handcuffs. I nearly screamed in frustration, tears stinging at my eyes.

"Where am I?" I said lowly, anger dripping in my tone.

"I'm glad you asked, because as of now, you are being confined in my room."