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We arrive in a small, dark room with only a single piece of furniture in the center. We slowly zoom in on the table, and realize that there is a board game residing on the top. The game is indescribable, the board a flurry of holes shaped as a hexagon. The holes are surrounded with something that can only be described as a triangle topped 3-d polygon having six gaps in between for the game pieces to roll across. The game pieces are merely white and black balls, aligned in the formation of 5-6-3 at two opposite sides of the game board. You remember this game, seeing it on television and websites, but you feel an evil aura coming from the game.

Soon, you are joined with a shady figure, dressed in a cloak that blocks the view of his face and body. He then sits down on a chair that you had not noticed before. You then hear the man speak. "I see that you are interested in this game. Would you like to play with me?"

Something about this man strikes you as odd, but you can't resist nodding your head. You see the man pull back his hood, which revealed an old man's face. "Good, good! It has indeed been a long time since I had someone to play with. Please, sit down!"

You suddenly find yourself sitting in a red velvet chair, facing the board at arm length and the man facing you directly. "Now, I assume that you know how to play the game?" You nod. "Good…good. This is a popular game that was played before all those…electronic 'marvels'. To me, they're just eventless lights that form pictures. Don't you think so?" Remembering how much you hated technology, you nod politely.

The man rubbed his skinny hands together. "Well, let us begin."

The game didn't take a full minute. You instantly found yourself flanked by his white pieces. Your black pieces pushed to the side of the board, which for every one that you had lost; you felt your heart stop. That was when you realized that you would not leave this alive. On your last turn, which your lone piece was surrounded to the edge, you played your last move. When he pushed the ball to the edge, you finally felt your heart stop completely.

"You will pay, together with this accursed game." You whispered, before succumbing to your dark end of death.