The Most Dangerous Game:

Chapter 2: Assessment

When people think of gamers, the first thing that they think of is a fat couch potato that does nothing but sit there and stare at cutscenes with the occasional five minute tapping on keyboards or consoles. Robinson (The Ledgerman) Larry Biorne is the complete opposite. He has suspiciously good grades, pro gaming skills and in Aleque School for the Gifted, games are part of life.

On the outside, it just seems the regular school with children past their prime, but on the inside, it's a haven for gamers that want to get achievements in life from gaming. The students there are immensely intelligent, enhanced by the unorthodox teachings of the staff, till they hide their intelligence behind a playful mask. Despite parents constant nagging about their children's gaming addiction, the students keep them blissfully unaware and ignorant about their true genius.

But, as everyone knows, gamers can be extremely arrogant when in games, especially when on a winning streak. So occasionally, the students make their rants of their grades, which somehow shut their parents up. They later regret it when their parents make them eat sickening atrocities passed off as food for lunch and dinner.

Robin is one of the few individuals that teachers actually recognise, both for the best and worst. Best, because Robin was the one who built the school's reputation on gaming and grades. Worst, because there are rumours of him being genetically engineered to be like that AND that was legally cheating.

But who's complaining?

-Paragraph Break-

Presently, he is in history class.

"-And that was how Solitaire was integrated into the web. Now, let us continue with the history of how yarn was integrated in…"

If you can call it that.

He was sketching plans in his notepad, trying to figure out the workings of a board game that had just witnessed in the school food cafeteria. "What the heck…" The game was on a holed, pentagon shaped board, the pieces, shaped of a variety. Triangles, Circles, Squares and a single one that looked like a half-shaped tesseract.

Despite being well-versed in the gaming world, he had never seen this kind of board game before, yet nearly everybody knew how to play it. Actually, ever since he thought of his father's death, everybody around him started to become better than him. His grades still remained the best, though. No, everyone was becoming as good as he was, possibly better. He once saw a chess game between one of his classmates with another class', the game couldn't end.

It was still going strong, actually.

"Let's see…this piece moves here, his piece kills this, bringing this piece back, and killing his triangle piece, which pushes his square piece back and pushes it to the side, knocking it over. My piece is then defeated by the squares, then… AGH! Defeated again." He crumpled the paper and tossed it into his bag. He surveyed the scene to see if any of his friends were still paying attention to the droning excuse for a teacher.

Orlan (The Rookie) Rosley is Robin's best friend, and was currently sleeping on his table. He was the one of the few that Robin could still beat, even when all odds were against him. Orlan never really expected Robin to be his friend, much less his best friend, since he was the one that Robin had always schemed against when they were younger. Orlan was a sport person, one of the reasons that no one dared to confront Robin about the rumours. Another was that Robin was powerful in his own right.

Jack (The Newb) Nersoton is Robin's second mate, a new-comer to the gaming world. Despite this, and his unfortunate nickname, he is a formidable player and a genius, that which earned him a place in the Ledger domain. Not well read in the rulebooks of life and game, people mistake him to be a bumbling fool who got in due to his rich parents. But those people soon ate their words when they played against him in the game of Chess. Neck-and-Neck with Robin. He was presently taking down notes, hoping to be recognised throughout the sleepy class.

If we're talking about ship rankings, then Andrea (The Lemon) Leonora is the Navigator. Her nickname was sourced from the fact that she was repeatedly pelted by lemons when she was kindergarten. Yup, nothing to do with the fact that she likes yellow, likes lemons, acts a little sour, plays games so sour till the opponent forfeits, her grades being (surprisingly) good in the yellow range, shall I go on? She's a long-time friend of Robin, being there whenever he needs her. As for her relationship with him, let's say that someone got friend-zoned and continue, all right? She wasn't affected by the apparent 'i-can-beat-Robin' effect. As for her status in class, she was reading a book on String Theory.

Robin returned to his paper and scribbled down another game board and played the game in his mind again. He was then interrupted when a paper aeroplane hit him in the head.

The thrower was Ian (The Blowhard) Barry Jofoncov. (Yes, nearly everyone has a nickname. Given by Andrea herself.) He is Robin's rival, local spoiled brat and class idiot without even the slightest of respect for the sanctity of games. Despite being as good of a player as Robin, he is nothing like the good-natured teen. Without even the slightest bit of conscience, he's able to get out of anything he does with a pocket check book that he almost always has. His escapades range from the occasional spit ball to an ingenious plan of burglary. For a measurement of his personality and exterior appearance, imagine the look of your sworn enemy; amplify his evil attributes by a hundred million times and you've got Ian. By his nickname, you should be able to deduct what he usually does.

Ignoring the silent laugh of his enemy, Robin finished his drawing of the pieces and began to play. As he played, he could feel a feeling of dread creep up his spine. As he moved the last piece, he found himself writing down a sentence, soon to form an address.

"#6849453858385839 Solitaro Street, Jromethan Islands"