Money changes people, and it's mostly for the bad. They will never be satisfied, they'd want more and more, and nothing will ever be enough; because they know that if it's enough and that they think their life is good enough, they will have no purpose to live. There must always be something that they want, that's what pushes them to live. Though money is necessary in life - definitely - too much of it will make one greedy for more, and too less of it will make one starve and hate.

You can change the bags you hold, the clothes you wear, and even the age of your face but you can't ever change a corrupted personality. You can be beautiful but you'll still be empty. What makes a human is what's inside, and by that, I don't meant the organs and the beating heart. Oh no, maybe not the insides. You must have been an influence, been loved and loved, so it's not that. No, not really. What makes a human so human is what they do, what they say, and what they are.

Sometimes you love someone not for the things they say or the stuff they do. It's what they are, as a whole, because they are so human.