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Chapter One: A Battle of Wills

Princess Arissa paced the room, barefoot. Her father, King Titus, sat regally upon his throne. His fingers drummed the edge of his seat. He was calm. So calm, in fact, that you knew that he had to be extraordinarily angry. His eyes were narrowed into slits, and a grimace adorned his mouth.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I am NOT going to let the dragons free!" The king exploded, suddenly.

Arissa jumped but quickly regained her composure. "More times that you already have." She quipped back.

Titus sighed and relaxed in his seat, "Forgive me, Arissa. Forgive me. I did not mean to shout. It's just that you never seem to listen to me, and I'm growing tired of it. You hear?!" Against his further declaration not to shout, King Titus's voice rose louder and louder with each word. "I am TRHOUGH with you escaping in the middle of the night to goodness knows where. I am THROUGH with your, 'Free the dragon or else-' speeches. The last part, he mimicked in an exaggerated high-pitched voice that, despite his attempts, sounded nothing like his daughter's.

Arissa threw her hands in the air. "I sound nothing like that!"

King Titus raised an eyebrow. "Well, I may have exaggerated it a little… but, the point still remains!" He finished threateningly.

Arissa rolled her eyes. She was used to her father's antics by now. In fact, they had this same routine day after day, or rather, night after night. Arissa would storm into her father's chambers, demanding that the dragons would be let free. Her father would refuse her demands. She would argue and bicker with him for the next three hours, and by the end of it, both would be exhausted. And, neither would have won their ongoing battle or gain or lose anything.

Arissa was growing tired of it. "Father," She said, her voice cold as ice. "Let. The dragons. Go."

"No," He replied smoothly. "I am the king. You are naught but a princess. Remember your place, child!"


"No buts. The dragons made their choice. They enslaved us for many years. When we finally escaped, we made the wise decision to take them as our prisoners. Now, they don't have any way to entrap us once more."

"Father," Arissa growled, her voice taunt. "You know that isn't true. This generation of dragon's ancestors may have enslaved us, but we were set free ten years ago. The dragons TRUSTED us. We were their ALLIES. And, you betrayed that trust when you tricked them into coming to the palace for a 'feast!'"

"Now, Arissa-" The king tried to but in,

But, the princess would not hear it. "Do not interrupt me, DEAR father." She spat, her voice growing in volume and pitch with each word until she was almost screaming. "You BETRAYED them! You put a sleeping drought in all of their wine glasses. And, then, while they were sleeping, you chained them up! You put magic shackles around their necks and herded them, our most HONORED guests, into stalls. Like CATTLE!"

"So what?"

It took every inch of Arissa's will power not to slap her father right then and there, king or no king. But, she refrained herself, knowing that that would only result in a night in the dungeons. Instead, she only glared at her father, and walked forward, pronouncing each word with the greatest articulation on each step that she took. "You. Will. Be. Sorry."

Father and daughter were now nose to nose. A stare down pursued for around twenty seconds, and then Titus broke the contact. "Go to your room," He whispered brokenly.

"Gladly." And, with that, she stomped out, a flurry of bright colors, golden hair, piercing green eyes, and a temper that only her father could match.

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