The Turmoil of my Soul

How do I know that you are God?

How do I know that the God of my parents is God?

This I cry out.

Then a small voice comes to me and asks,

"How do you know there is a God?"

I balk at this thought.

There must be a Supreme Being,

All creation attests to this fact

The delicate yet enduring balance of nature

Could not have just appeared.

It had to be made by a greater someone.

But who is this someone?

Is is Allah with his prophet Mohammed of the Muslims?

Is it Buddha and the eight fold path and noble way?

Is it the way of the Hindu with many gods to appease?

Perhaps the Greeks and Romans had it right with their gods.

Maybe this someone is in the lost gods of the Aztecs or Mayans.

But maybe, just maybe, He is the God of the Christians, the Jewish Messiah.

Who is this God I seek?

I examine each way carefully

I look at each path with a careful eye

For not all can be right.

Then I rigorously examine each one

And see how each one falls apart

All of these religions require and offer the same,

If you do this, offer that, you will have life and peace,

All require things that cannot be done.

All of these, that is, but one.

The God of the Christians, He alone is true

He alone offers true freedom and redemption.