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It was dark, cold and wet in the streets that night. I seem to remember every smell, every sight. The way the dim street light shone down on the path below it. I could smell the dampness of the street caused by the rain that was pouring down just one hour ago before everything went to hell. I specifically remembered how I was simply doing my Mother a quick errand. I was walking back from the shop of which I had purchased a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk when I saw something that would terrorize me for the rest of my life.
It was as I was walking past the hospital that my Mother worked at near to my house when I decided to take a shortcut down a dark alley which offered some protection from the heavy rain and would hopefully stop the bread from being spoiled when it happened. I had always been careful whilst going down alleys and dark places where 'nasty men' as my Mum described them used to hang out. Of course being only a seven year old I didn't really know what these 'nasty men' would do, except I did know it wouldn't be nice. Although the man I saw wasn't anything I would have expected to see. It was something from a horror story, the type so bad you have nightmares about it for the rest of your life afterwards. He was hunched over a young woman who seemed lifelessly still, blood seeping out of various wounds all over her body. Wounds that looked like bite marks. When I realized this, the first thing that popped into my head (other than the fact that there was a man on top of a woman doing God knows what to her) was the word vampire. And although I barley got a look at this man before I stumbled over in an attempt to run I did see some very disturbing things. He was covered in blood, whether it was his or the woman's I couldn't quite tell, but I did know that how he was in a hospital gown which did mean he had come from the hospital most likely the one my Mum worked at. Was he ill? Was he admitted as mentally unstable? All these different questions popped up into my head all at the same time even though I would soon know the answer. From the swift glance I managed to get, I also realized that this man was not your classic vampire. He wasn't sucking her blood, he was eating her.
It was as I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my leg that I noticed how much danger I was in. Hastily, I scrambled to my feet, abandoning the bread and milk on the path and ran as fast as I could back to the enterence of the alley. I could feel my heart rate increasing and my adrenaline levels raising. I carried on running, I was nearly at the end of the alley and into the open world where I could find help. Suddenly, I felt myself smash into a large object and fell back dazed. I looked up to see a man dressed in white with a helmet like an astronauts on. He was holding a very large machine that looked like a cross between a hose pipe and a gun. The large man simply ignored me and walked on through the alley followed by four others dressed identically to him. I simply lay there watching them walk up to the man, no... the thing who was feasting upon some poor woman's flesh and watched as they pointed there over sized gun hose pipes at the it, and pulled down on there triggers. The hose pipes squirted something out that was defiantly not water, it was fire. I just watched, too terrified to move. My limbs frozen in place, the terror of what I had just witnessed gripping me, holding me in place. I heard someone shouting in the distance but my ears couldn't seem to be picking up any sound. All I could hear was the roar of the fire incinerating the monster in the alley. I felt someone grip my shoulder as if they were trying to help an old lady get up. Suddenly, all my senses began flooding back, the ability to move speak, breath, or cry for help all seemed to have returned as I flinched away from whoever was trying to help me, I scrambled to my feet once again, my knees raw from falling were hurting bad but I managed to stand, clinging on to the wall as I recovered from what I had just seen.

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