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Chapter 8

Present day...

"Faye! I think I've found something!" I hear Claire's call to me and my ears perk up instantly. We had been searching down at the farm for the last two hours, and we still hadn't found anything. Well, we did find some stuff, like food that was left behind and ammutition, but that's not what were really after. I get up from the floor of the kitchen where I was searching the cupboards and wade through the corpses over to where I heard Claire's voice. As I do so, I feel something scrape at my ankle. I look down to see a hand had clenched it's self around it. I frown and stamp on the hand leaving blood on my sneakers and I carry on toward where Claire is waiting for me. I sigh as I hoist a dead body out of the way of the doorway and go into the sitting room to see Faye reading a note. She looks up at me, her eyes bright.

"What is it?" I ask.

"A note left from someone called Jason. Here," She holds the small bloodstained piece of paper out to me. I take it and my eyes scan the note.

'We've gone to the asylum, hurry there are only eight of us left.


I re-read the small message of hope several times, trying to figure out exactly how many of us there were to begin with, but there were more than just those I met. My brain hurts just trying to figure it out. I guess the only thing we can do is take it back to Jaosn, he'll know. But at least Jason is alive. I just have to hope sam and the others are all okay, for all I know, they could be in serious trouble.

"Let's get this back to Tommy," I lead her out of the house and up to the car where Tommy has been waiting for us, his leg was too bad for him to walk on at the moment, but the bleeding has stopped and he should be okay. I tap my fingers on the window of our lovely new car, and his head snaps up, his eyes meeting mine. I feel the familiar sensation of butterflies in my stomach but I ignore it as I yank the car door open.

"Did you find anything?" This was the third time he has asked this question since we got here, I had checked on him a couple of times just to make sure he was okay. I hand the note to him and his eyebrows not together in deep thought.

"I thought so..." He mumbles quietly before turning to me.

"What?" I hear Claire speak up behind me.

"They went to the asylum we met up in a couple of months ago, but... five of them are dead..." he says worriedly.

"Five?" I say to him.

"Yeah, but by there could be several serious casualties," He explains. I nod my head slowly.

"But if they are at the asylum, they are on the outskirts of the city," Claire begins to say.

"Which is a panic point, and panic points, are zombie hotspots," Tommy finishes for her. I nod my head in agreement. I guess that makes sense, if there were alot of humans there when the whole thing started, then there will have also been alot of zombies which I know from experiance, are still there.

"What if they can't hold out?" I say worriedly.

"I'm sure they'll be fine, we'll just have to go down and meet them," I nod slowly. I hope we don't have to stay there for long...

"Are we going then?" Claire pipes up behind me.

"Yeah, come on, get in the car," We both climb in, me taking the wheel because of Tommy's bad leg. He can't even push down on the brakes without being in pain. Just as I start the car up, I can see Claire in the mirror. She looks as if she's in deep thought, as if she's thinking whether or not to ask a question.

"Um... Can I have my gun back? You know, just in case there is like an emergency or somehting," She asks, pouting her lip out slightly making her look exteremly innocent and cute for a girl asking for a weapon. My eyes wander over to Tommy, it was up to him wasn't it?

"Faye," He says suddenly, making my eyes snap back to the road.


"Can she have her gun back then?" I shrug.

"I guess so, just try not to shoot anyone," I say as Tommy lets out a small chuckle.

"You heard the girl, be careful," He says as he hands her a pistol after flicking it onto saftey.

"Don't take saftey off until we reach the city," She nods.

"Don't worry about it," She grins, happy with her new 'toy'. We ride for a little while longer before Tommy tells us to get out of the car. Tommy gets out as well, wincing as he walks to the other side of the car.

"Are you sure your going to be okay?" I ask him.

"I'll be fine, now come on, follow me," We all start heading toward the city, and when we get there, we do as we did last time and stay in the shadows, sneaking past all of the zombies as an attempt to not attract any attention. We manage to do this succesfully, which is a suprise, and I can eventually see the asylum. It's huge, much bigger than I remember it being. Just as were about to go on in, I suddenly stop in my tracks, a feeling of dizzyness suddenly shooting through my body causing me to wobble slightly as I grab onto Tommy's jacket for support.

"Whats wrong?" He asks me. Worry thick in his voice.

"Uh.. Nothing, I'm fine.." I mumble as I straighten myself up and push myself past him, walking up to the thick iron doors.

"And, how do we get those open?" Claire raises an eyebrow at Tommy.

"I'm not sure... One minute..." He says as he trys to open the doors, but with no success.

"Maybe there is a back door?" I shrug at Tommy. I wasn't sure if there was one or not I never really got around that much while I was in there. I walk around the back, ignoring the ridiculas amount of body bags which are scattered all around me. We scour the area looking for a way in and eventually find a half open window. I hoist it fully open and peer inside. I's dark, almost pitch black, but I can make out a few objects such as pots and pans. I guess this is the kitchen then. I climb inside carefully and help Claire as she does the same. I help Tommy, who finds it difficult because of his leg, but we manage.

"Where now?" I wisper in the dark, I guess the lights aren't working anymore the only light getting in is the light from the window we just climbed through.

"I don't know... Just, stay close," Tommy says, his voice seems frustrated. I take my gun out of my pocket and hold it cautiously, my finger ready to pull the trigger at then first sign of trouble. Claire and Tommy do the same as we walk slowly down the dark corridor. It seems endless, the other side not even visable. It was as if it were just a black abyss or a void of nothing but darkness. I feel my heart begin to race in my rib cage, and adreneline was shooting through my veins. We keep on walking, I look down at Claire to see her wide eyed, scared and terrified. I feel her hand shoot out to clutch mine and I squeeze it reasurringly. She gives me a shaky smile and I return one to her. My eyes dart back to the darkness, scouring for any movement, or any kind of threat but I can't seem to find anything at all. Suddenly, I hear something, it's quiet and extermly faint, my ears barely even picking up the tiny sound. It was like a... scurrying kind of noise, like a small animal or an insect running across the floor. I ignore it, but I hear it again, this time louder, like it's right next to me. my hand tightens around my gun, my knuckles whitening as I feel my whole body tense up, shivers running up and down my spine. I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as we approach the end of the corridor. The only thing to see is a door, underneath it is blood. But not just blood splatters, more like someone bleeding had been dragged through it. I glance up at Tommy who extends his hand out to the blood smeared handle. He grabs a hold of it, then begins to twist his hand, but he suddenly flinches back when we suddenly hear a loud bang from behind the door. I tremble as he looks at me, confusion and terror evident on his face no matter how much he tries to hide it. I feel myself jump as another bang sounds, louder than the last. We wait, tense, as suddenly, yet another bang. I feel Claire tighten her grip on my hand as I hear the bang again. This time on the door. I freeze as my eyes trail down to the handle, waiting for something to happen, and then, it pulls down slightly, almost weakly as if it were too hard to open. It pulls down again and again, and suddenly, Tommy's hand shoots out, stopping the handle from moving. It looks as if Tommy is about to open it, when It starts turning violently, almost desperately, Tommy struggling to stop it from pulling down. Eventually, the door swings open, only to reveal the most unexpected thing ever.

"Lillie?" I gasp, shocked at seeing the little blonde. She eyes me curiously before speaking.

"Hi Faye!" She exclaims. Her eyes glinting in the light flooding through the now open door.

"Where are the others?" Tommy says briskly, pushing past her and entering the brighter room.

"In there," She says sweetly, smiling sickly at me. God this kid is creepy. I follow Tommy through the door, Claire still clutching onto my hand nervously. We are led into a spacious room, blood stains all over the white room, tables toppled over as a barricade. I could see Jason sat with Shannon over by the window that was letting most of the light in. I noticed several of the others, Sam, who Claire ran straight over to pulled her into a huge hug. Carol who was nattering away to a red haired girl who was pregnant. Strange… I hadn't seen her before. I also noticed another person I didn't recognize. He was large, fat most likely, and had a red coat on, his thick brown hair was...just uh, thick I guess. It took a few moments for my brain to register it, but I recognized him... Who was he? I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before... I just can't place my finger on it. I glance around the room once again, taking note of everyone who is here; April is sat in the corner, near Shannon, her eyes scanning though a book she had on her lap. The boy with black hair who I saw with Sam at the farm was stood near him and Claire. As I glance over at them, Sam's eyes catch mine, and I see red cover his face as he looks back down to his sister. The red head and Caroline were still chatting. I share a quick glance with Tommy who is then approached by Jason, who has a fresh ugly gash on his jaw.

"Hey kiddo, you still alive then?" He asks Tommy, a grin on his face, yet I could see the sadness in his eyes, something was wrong. Tommy gives him a curt nod before speaking.

"Where's Danielle?" Tommy peers around the rom, looking for the said Danielle.

"She... I... I don't know..." The grin on Jason's face disspeared, and was replaced by a grimace, as if he didn't want to know what happened. I see several of the others in the room getting up to greet me and Tommy, welcoming us and saying they hope were okay. The only person who didn't say anything was the fat boy. He was around sixteen, my age nearly. He eyes me curiosly, as if he recognises me and was trying to rack his brains for any indicaion of us knowing each other. I do the same, but I just can't remember him, even if he does look incredibally familiar. Suddelny, a look of realization breaks across his face as he smiles at me. But it wasn't the ' Oh I'm so glad your safe!' and 'Welcome back!' smiles the others were giving me. It was more a sly, creepy smile. I shive and look down at the floor, staring at my converse I had taken from the shop just the other day, yet it felt like a lifetime. Jason goes back to sit down at the table and me and Tommy both follow him, quickly joined by the others.

"When do we move out?" Tommy raises an eyebrow at Jason.

"Tomorrow, we can't stay here much longer," Jason replies. A few heads nod in agreement.

"And then what?"

"We're gon' be on the road for a little while I guess," he answers.

"We can get a hold of some cars and tents and stuff, maybe a caravan, then we'll double the hell outta here and find somewhere safe to go," The boy with the black hair looks up at him, doubt plastered all over his face.

"There isn't such a place as safe, just some places are slightly safer," he mumers under his breath, yet everyone still hears him.

"James, you need to be more opptomistic!" April squeals in her high pitched bell like voice. He simply shakes her head at her before slumping back in his seat.

"So anyway," Jason says.

"This is Toby, found him on the way 'ere," He points to the fat kid sat across from me he grins and shoots me a freaky glance.

"Sup dudes," He says casually, like there isn't a hoard of zombies ready to eat us.

"And this is Claire," I hear Tommy say as I glance round to look at Claire, her eyes bright and a smile stretched across her face. She gives us all a small, shy wave then looks down blushing, Bless her, she's just so damn cute.

"Tommy, me and you are on guard now, Faye and Sam, can you start on the barricade?" He turns to me and I give him a quick nod. Sam gets up and walks over to the large iron door me and Tommy couldn't get through. I quickly follow him and I see Tommy and Jason walk out, guns ready. The others go back to what they were doing earlier and I give Sam a glance. His cheeks burn a red for a few seconds before I speak.

"So, where do we start?" I give him a puzzled look. I Had a vague idea of barricading, I guess you just shove a load of stuff down in front of the door and nail some of it down. Simple.

"Uh… Pass me that chair…" He says nervously. I walk over to the chair he was looking at and drag it over to him. He takes it in his hands and holds it up and places it up on top of a table that was already in front of the door. He walks over to a heavy looking reception desk and gestures me over to it.

"If we can get this thing over there, then we'll be done," He says quietly, his gaze still centered on the ground.

"Okay, well let's do it then," I smile at him and we try hoisting the table. It doesn't move an inch. He grinds his teeth a he pushes it as hard as he can, grunting. It still doesn't move. I stops trying and pulls away from the heavy desk.

"That's… Not gonna move…" He says panting.

"Well, maybe we should leave it here and just use some other stuff," I say with a shrug.

"Need a little help with that?" I hear a voice behind me. I whisk around to see the fat kid, Toby. I automatically cringe away from him. He glares at me with a sick smile. He pushes the table right up to the door, klnocking a few things over in the process. Who would have thought a fat kid like this would have some power in him?

"Nah that wasn't so hard was it?" He says with a chuckle.

"Thanks," Sam mumbles to him.

"I'm sorrah, what did you say?" he cups his hand around his ear and leans closer to Sam.

"I said, thank you" He mumbles, but slightly louder.

"Good good, just remember, respect mah athoritah!" he laughs, his stupid accent bouncing off his words. Suddenly, something seems to click in my head. I'm sure I've heard that stupid phrase before... Wait... It was that kid! The horrible one with that stupid blue hat who called me a phycho! I feel my blood boil inside of me, my rage buliding up. Why was he here? Just when I thought I had escaped my past? But no! he has to turn up and fuck everything up for me!

"You!" I snap at him, jabbing a finger in the middle of his chest.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I hiss, he leans back and put his hand in the air.

"Woa, bitch please! Calm down you stupid hoe!" He shouts at me.

"Just trying not to have mah arse eaten by a bunch of fucking zombies," he says, his eyes piercing right through me like splinters. I wish he had been eaten. He god damn deserves it.

"So you come here? You come straight to the place I conveniantly have to be!" I nearly scream out of frustration. He gives me a puzzled look, but I can see that it's fake. He knows exactly what I'm talking about.

"Seriously bitch, calm down! What are you babblin' on about?" Confususion lights up his tone, but I see right through his petty act.

"You know what I mean! Don't you even try pretend you don't remember calling me 'phycho girl' you stupid fatass!" Now I was getting angry, he's a bully, a monster, he's evil!

He lets out a low grunt.

"Hm... I'm not sure if I recall that..." he retorts, stroking a pretend beard and looking up in deep thought. Stupid jerk.

"Wait... Now I remember! You were a phycho wer'ent you? Oh yeah! You were that stupid bitch who smashed Mr Freeman's head in with a fire extinguisher!" he laughs, his eyes lighting up in amusmant. I'm just about to say something back, when Sam suddenly steps in between us both.

"Leave her alone you bastard! Faye would never do that!" He shouts angrily, his face redining. I suddenly feel a wave of guilt wash over me, knowing that Toby is right... I am a freak, and Sam shouldn't be protecting me like this, not when what he belives about me isn't true...

"Sam..." I wispear quietly.

"Ay! Don't you dare shout at meh or I'll kick you squa' in' balls!" He steps up to Sam, towering over the smaller boy.

"I'll shout all I want, especially if your gonna be an arse hole to Faye!" he glares daggers at him. I step away, sensing a fight is about to break out.

"I said, don't shout at meh," Toby says queitly, I notice his fist curling up into a ball and I realize his intentions. I pull Sam out of the way, just in time for him to miss Toby's fist colliding with the side of his face. Sam pulls away from me, and sends a fist flying toward the brunetts face, leaving him with a bloody nose. Toby wipes the blood off with the back of his hand and steps back from the smaller boy. He gives him an evil smile, his teeth glinting and his eyes lighting up.

"You little bastard..." he says quietly before tackling Sam to the ground, flopping like a fish, violently trying to escape the larger boys grasp. Toby lifts up his fist, and sends it back down to Sam's face, busting his lip. I gasp and step away, scared of interfeering. I look behind me to see the other were just staring, waiting to see what will happen next. It's only when Tommy burst through the door when they take there eyes off the two boys thay take there eyes of them.

"What the...?" Tommy gasps as he comes toward us, and grasps Toby by the shoulders to haul him off. As he does, the brunet wipes some ore of the blood dribling off his nose and spits on the ground. He shakes free of Tommy's grip, elbowing him in the guts.

"Ay! don't you touch meh!" he shouts. I see Sam get up, holding his hand to his swollen and bloody lip. He looks pretty bad, his nose was bleeding too and he had a nasty graze on the side of his jaw. I rush over to him, and take his free hand as I begin leading him over to the medical supplies.

"What a twat, how could he do this to you?" I fuss over him and he gives me a shaky smile. I bet he's blushing but it's hard to tell with all the blood smeared all over his face.

"I'm fine, really, I am,"

"Fine? Fine? You are not fine! Have you seen what he's done to your face?" I say panicked. he smiles again ads I see Caroline rush over to us.

"Oh my! That boy is horrid! I'll have him know there will be no more fights from now on!" She says quickly, checking over his wounds.

"Don't worry about it Carol, I'm fine," he says with a smile, patting her hand away form his face.

"No, no, you need patching up!" She huffs as as she takes a few things out of the bag to her right. She starts dabbing at his nose as he winces. Eventually, the blood is cleared up and he's left with a few scratches and a swollen lip.

"Sam! What happened?" I hear a small voice cry out behind me as the door slams shut and Claire appears out of nowhere.

"I'ts okay Claire, I just got a bit roughed up, thats all," he tries calming her down, but she shakes her head.

"Who did it?" She asks him caringly, but almost threatingly at the same time, as if she's planning on going to beat up Toby herself.

"It dosn't matt-"

It was that fatass over there," I blurt out as I point to where Toby was holding a small towel to his face in the corner.

"Why?" She tilts her head to one side, making herself look incredibly innocent.

"He was saying horrible things about Faye," he mumbles quietly. Claire opens her mouth to say something, but suddenly Tommy steps up behind us.

"You okay?" he asks Sam.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." He mumbles.

"Well, just be careful, that guy looks like trouble," Tommy tells us.

"Um.." I begin to say.

"I think I'm gonna get some sleep, I'm shattered," I say. Well, it wasn't a lie, I was tired, I just didn't want to talk about that stupid fatass right now. He's just pissing me off so bad right now. I get up, and walk over to a makeshift bed that Caroline had made for me. I sit myself down on it and look to my left to see the red haired girl lying in the 'bed' next to me, fast asleep. She was heavily pregnant, by the looks of it she will be giving birth in the next few weeks. I also see Lillie curled up on a bed clutching one of her dolls. I lie down, and find myself more tired than I thought I was, and feel myself drift off into a nightmare.

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