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Chapter 8

I'm shaken out of my deep slumber the next day, and I can hear panicked voices all around me. What's going on? I can hear screaming... and gasping, like someone is drowning. I rise up out of the uncomfortable bed and look around me, disorientated. My vision comes blurred to me, and I rub my eyes to try and clear the blur. I look up again to see Claire shaking my shoulder.

"Claire... What the hell is going on?" I slur, still not fully awake.

"I's Callie!" She cries out destperatly.

"She's having her baby!" I frown and hear another scream, I lean to my left to see the red haired woman, Callie, layed down on her back, panting and sweating. I see Caroline instructing her when to push and so on, I quickly avert my gaze back down, not too keen at the sight of a woman in labour. The screaming continues, and I wonder if the zombies outside can hear her? Won't we be attracting them straight to us? My eyes wander over to the barricade to see Tommy and Jason pushing against the doors which were shaking violetly. How the hell did I sleep through all this? I guess it's because I didn't get any the other night in the tent. I can see Tommy is wincing, and gritting his teeth in pain, obviously his leg isn't any better, but of course, Tommy being tommy, he is still straining himself.

"Guys we need to clear out, we can't hold it much longer!" Tommy shouts, a look of panic and terror suddenly flashes across Callie's eyes.

"We need a little longer! Caroline shouts to him. "Okay, deep breaths, now, push again," She says to Callie, who shakes her head.

"I... Can't..." She says weakly. April, who is stood next to her holding her hand whispers something into her ear. Callie gives her a small nod, and scrunches up her face in concentration as she pushes. Eventually, Caroline brings out the baby and holds it up to her.

"Congratulations Callie Parker, you have a beautiful baby girl!" Callie smiles weakly as she is handed the baby.

"Katie..." She whispers weakly and gazes down at her daughter, her eyes full of love. Suddenly, Jason appears behind her.

"We've gotta move Callie…" he says, staring at his granddaughter, Katie. Callie lets out a sigh and nods weakly. Caroline helps her to her feet.

"Let's go! Quickly, grab the supplies!" Tommy shouts and I shoot out of the bed I am still sitting in, Claire rushes to the door and gestures for me to follow. Everything seems to be happening in a haze, so much happening at one time can't be good for my brain to comprehend. Everyone around me is rushing around, grabbing what they can, and then running out of the door that Tommy was holding open. The barricade was left unprotected, and I could see the zombies would be getting in any minute now. The only person who wasn't doing anything was Toby, who was dipping his fat hands into a plastic bag that had been left behind. He pulls out several items, most of them junk food and cigarettes. Stupid idiot, he's letting his addictions get to him in a time like this! I can already tell he will be one of the first of us who will die. I start walking toward the door where Claire was waiting for me, intending on leaving Toby for the zombies, but I feel a sickening wave of guilt settle over me. I can't just leave him…. Sure he's a complete arse hole, but it would be like killing someone. I would be just as bad as him. I sigh and turn away from the door, looking at eh fat boy frantically sorting through his bag full of crap. I rush over to him and grab him by the arm. He looks at me stunned as I pull him toward the door, but he brakes free of my grasp.

"What the hell are you doing you bitch!" he cries out as he goes back toward his precious bag.

"Do you want to get yourself killed?" I shout, noticing one of those things was nearly in, and if that one gets in, the whole hoard will…

"Gimme a minute hoe! I need to get mah stuff if you have a prablem with that?" I go up to him, and rip the bag out of his hands.

"This, or your life?" He gives me a curious glance, then takes the bag back.

"Just gimme a sec, I'm nearly done…" Just as he says this, a pool of flesh craving monsters spill in through the now useless barricade and I take a step backwards. I glance behind me to see the door is shut, I guess everyone has already left. Toby though, seems to be oblivious of the fact his death was a mere few seconds away, and carried on taking the stuff he wants. Suddenly, I see a zombie throw himself at Toby, who lets out a shriek as he shakes it off, only to be pounced on be yet another.

"For goodness sake you idiot!" I scream as I grab him arm and pull him to the door again. But this time, he doesn't argue as open the door and break into a run, Toby not far behind me. We keep running down the never ending corridor and I see that Toby is starting to slow down, his breathing labored. I stop and grab his arm once again, to try and get him moving but he shakes me off, just like before.

"I… Can't go on…" he says gasping for air, doubled over. His face is flushed a bright red, and sweat beads are already forming on his forehead.

"Yes you can, let's go! I'm not leaving you behind!" I say frantically, wishing he would just man up and get a move on.

"I know… you won't…" he says, gasping still as I feel his stubby fingers grasp at my wrist.

"Your not going… anywhere…" I lean to my left to see the monsters were gaining on us; they will be ripping us apart any minute now. I try pulling away from him, but his grasp doesn't loosen. What the hell is wrong with this kid? Does he want to die? And if he does, why does he want to drag me down with him? I feel something suddenly pull me off of him, and I glance behind me, expecting to see my death, but it's Sam.

"What the hell are you two doing? we've got to go!" He shrieks at us as he pulls out his crossbow and shoots one of the monsters that were about to get us. Blood gushes out of it's head like a sick fountain and splashes all over Toby's back.

"Ay! Do you mind? This jacket cost meh nigh'ty dollahs!" He shouts distgusted. How could he even be bothered about some stupid fancy jacket in a zombie apocolypse? He could always just grab anither from a shop.

"Retard..." Sam mutters under his breath, only just loud enough for me to hear him.

"let's go," He pulls at my sleeve and we start running again, this time fattass manages to keep up. We carry on going until we find ourselves in the kitchen from earlier. I see the others are leaving through the window one by ne, and we rush over quickly to join them. I climb through with ease, like last time and turn to see Toby stuck in the window frame. It's almost comical, and I have to stiffle a laugh as he strugles, but dosn't even budge an inch.

"Uh... Guys, I can't get through..."He says. Jason rolls his eyes and manages to pull him through.

"Maybe you should lose some weight the," Sam spits at him venomously.

"Fuck off you stupid Jew," He snaps back at him as he straightens himself up.

"I'm not a Jew," Sam retorts, but also slightly confused.

"Yeah you are, fucking Jesus killer!"

"Jesus killer? What the hell are you-"

"Stop arguing! We have to go! Now!" Tommy yells at the quarreling boys.

"Idiots..." Shannon sneers before beggining to walk off, the rest of the group following behind her.

"Let's go," Sam says to me and I follow him as we catch up with the rest of the group. We do our best to stay clear of the hoard literally just around the corner, and we manage to sneak down an alley unseen. We keep moving through the city, it's dark now, and there seem to be alot more of those things out than there were earlier. Eventually, we come to a street full of houses where a few cars are littered about. We follwo Jason, who has taken lead of the group, and he leads us up to a large caravan that can proberbly house about six people. Most of us quickly climb in, Tommy, James and Shannon tke a few of the cars on the street. Tommy takes a large sleek black 4x4 that looks like it would destroy other cars in a crash, and come through without a single scratch on the lovely black paintwork. James takes a dusty red jeep which also looks pretty sturdy, and Shannon, another large jeep/truck sort of thing. Jason drives in the caravan, and the rest of us group around a small table, except Callie, who is forced to lie down and get some rest. Baby Katie is put in a crib which must have been brought on before just in case, and is crying like... well a baby I guess. I glance nervously around me, taking note of everyone around the table. There is me obviously, Sam, Toby, Lillie, Claire, April and Caroline. I jump as I hear the noisy engine start, and as Jason pulls out of the street, followed by Tommy, Shannon and James, Toby decides to speak.

"Where the fuck do we go now?" He says, breaking the silence.

"We stay on the road for a while," Jason calls back to us.

"I'm not sure thats a good idea..." April says quietly.

"Why?" Sam looks at her curiously.

"Well, I'm not sure... I just have a bad feeling I guess..." She shrugs.

"There is a good chance we could run out of gas," Claire says in a small, shy voice next to me.

"Yeah, I guess thats a possibility, but can't we just fill up at a gas station?" Sam asks raising his eyebrow at her, she simply shrugs in response.

"Most of them'll be empty cos of the amount of people panicking and trying to leave," I add to the conversation, a few heads nod in agreement.

"I'm sure we can figure something out..." April says, a distant kind of look in her eyes. Toby tilts his head to the side a little and his eyebrows knot together in thought.

"And if we don't?" He says , slightly cocky.

"I don't know..." She says quietly. Toby stands up, and slams his fists on the table, leaning over toward April.

"Well then bitch, you better figure somat out," He hisses at her before sitting back down. I stare at him, slightly shocked bu his sudden agressiveness, but shrug it off. He isn't worth the thought.

"So where is it exactly that we're heading?" I call to the front of the caravan.

"Somewhere in' countrey side I guess, somewhere with less o' those things," Jason's voice booms back. Great. So were not exactly sure exactly what were going to do next at all, except that it involves the countery side. I hope they know what they are doing, cos I sure as hell don't. I mean, what about food? Supplies? Weapons? Ammutition? I mean, sure, we already have a lot of these things, but none of them are going to last forever.

"Are we nearly there yet?" Lillie says in a whiny voice. Does she even know whats going on, or does she think that this is just like a trip to the sea side?

"Bout another two hours, then we'l set up camp," Jaoson calls back, and I suddenly feel my stomach grumble.

"When's dinner?" I ask, and Toby's head snaps up, his eyes darting around the room.

"Yeah! I'm fucking starving!" He turns to Caroline.

"Make me a sandwhich," He orders.

"I'd be happy to, what do you want in it?" Caroline replies with a smile. For a moment, a look of disbelif flashes across Toby's eyes.

"Ham! Lotsa fucking ham! None of that crap that he has to eat," he shoots a dirty glare at Sam who looks up at him confused.

"What crap?" he asks curiously.

"You know, Jew food, all that shit," He retorts, and lets out a chuckle.

"I am not a Jew!" Sam shouts as he stands to tower over Toby, but he also stands up, nearly knocking the smaller boy over.

"Yeah you are! Yeesh, Hitler should have killed you too," He shakes his head.

"What the hell are you talking about you crazy bastard?" Sam gives him the death glare. If only looks could kill...

"Hitler! The true leader of our race! He should have killed you along with the rest of those dirty scumbag Jews!" What the hell is he talking about? Well, I can already tell you that these two are going to get along just great... (sarcasm intended just there).

"Hitler was killed years ago, you idiot!"

I roll my eyes at them and ignore their silly argument as I turn to face April and Claire.

"Don't worry about it, Sam always argues with people at every oppertunity he gets," Claire shakes her head at me and April lets out a giggle.

"But in a time like this? Isn't it a good idea to spend time making a plan, not arguing about who'es a Jew and who's not?" I ask her.

"Well, I see your point, we do need a plan..." She bites her lip.

"And no, he isn't a jew," She says and me and April laugh.

"Kinda figured that one," April smiles at us.

"Dinners ready!" Caroline chimes as she gracefully places down a plate full of ham sandwhiches in the middle of the table, and Toby's eyes literally light up.

"Finallah! Some real fucking food!" He squeals and shoves a sandwich in his mouth, followed by another, then yet, another. We stare at him shocked as he devours the whole plate, not saving a single one for us.

"Whaff? Imf hungfy!" he manages to say through a mouthful of bread.

"Distgusting pig," I mutter under my breath, but Sam hears me and chuckles.

"Hey! Whaff are you waffing ash?" he glares at Sam, who only laughs even more.

"You are such a fucking fatass pig!" Sam laughs at him, but he suddenly stops as we hear a loud bang followed by a violent splatting sound.

"Dude what the fuck?" Toby shouts (after finishing his sandwhich) as he stares toward the front of the caravan. My eyes dart up to see that blood is sprayed all across the windows, and a... hand seemed to be stuck on the windscreen wiper. Ew. Gross...

"Crap! It's clogged up' wheel!" Jason yells as we suddenly swerve to the side blindly, I clutch onto the table, and Claire wraps her arms around me for support. I feel myself almost lift up into the air before I feel myself crash back down onto the side of the caravan which is now on it's side. I pull myself up and feel a stabbing pain in my stomach as I gasp and clutch it tightly, only intensifying the pain. Whats happening? Did we just crash? My buzzing thoughts are suddenly cut off as I look down to see my hands covered in a crimson red, I pull them away from my stomach shakily and notice that there is a pool of blood seeping through the cracks of the glass windows that have been smashed. The pain seems to grow, but it feels dull in a way at the same time. A yelp of pain escapes my lips as I realize the blood is mine. My eyes widen in horror and I feel myself getting dizzy, my head feels like it is filled with hylium. Am I going to die? The only thing I can hear is a baby crying, but my head can't seem to process anything. I let myself fall back onto the cracked window, clutching my stomach as my breathing comes out in sharp, shallow breaths. Eveything suddenly seems to go black, and I wonder; am I dead? The pain is gone and my whole body feels numb, but this relief only stays for a moment before all the black around me changes to a deep red, and the pain comes back, worse than before as I feel myself writhe in pain. The pain seems to get worse and worse, burning me, stabbing at me, but it dissapears once again, and I am surrounded by the peaceful black and I feel myself relax, succumbing to it. Is this what it is like to die? The black around me doesn't feel so bad, so I guess it's the end huh? But all too soon the red is back, along with the searing pain. It feels sort of like drowning, the red being the part that your choking under water, and the black when you manage to rise above the surface and take a breath of air, but you only find yourself in the red again no matter what. And that's what it's like for me at the moment.

"Faye!" I hear someone call me, as if they are trying to make me wake up out of a deep slumber, but I know that it is just a hallucination, it has to be...

"Faye please..." The voice sounds destperate, and I try to speak back to him, but I can't.

"Please... Just wake up, don't die..." The voice brakes toward the end of the sentance, and I try to scream at him, to tell him to run, to get away, but I can't. I try to open my eyes, to see if this is real or if I'm just dead. I expect the pain to come shooting back again, but this time, I don't see red, I see a pair of warm brown eyes staring into mine.

"Faye? Faye come on! We have to go, they're coming!" Who's coming? The monters? Is there another hoard coming for us?

My eyes stare into his, and he puts his hand on my cheek.

"Faye, we have to go, now," he says strictly, and I feel him pull me to my feet. I manage to stand by myself and I give him a puzzled look.

"Whats going on?" I weeze as I clutch my stomach again, the pain, is still there, but not as bad.

"They're coming, we have to hide, quick!" he wispears and he pulls himself through a doorway on the warped bus. He puts a hand out to help me up and I take it. He hoists me into the small sleeping compartment of the caravan, and he rushes over to a small wardrobe.

"In here," he climbs inside, and holds the door open for me. I nod and get in, squeezing into the small limited space there is to offer as Sam shuts the door.

"What the hell is going on?" I wisper, slightly louder than I should have.

"Shh!" He hushes me as I hear voices approaching us. I shut up and listen intently, straining to hear what they are saying.

"Is that all of them?" I hear, a man say.

"Yeah I think so, but shall we check the RV?" A woman says, she sounds young, maybe about my age.

"Might as well, could be some weapons..." The man says.

"Or another little girl crying and begging us to let her go," The woman laughs, and I feel Sam tighten up beside me, they must be talking about Claire. I feel a wave of guilt wash over me and a horrible feeling settles in my gut. Please tell me she's okay...

"Oh, don't even get me started on the baby, wouldn't stop fucking crying," They both laugh at this, but there voices are louder, they must be close...

"Ugh... I can't find anything," I hear one of them say.

"Let me check in here, one sec," The man says breathlessly, as if he is trying to pull himself up something. I hear rustling around me, and I know he's close, very close. I bite down on my lip and grit my teeth anxiously, begging for him not to check in here. Suddenly, light creeps into the dark space I'm squeezed into as I see that he has opened the wardrobe.

"Hey! I think I've found something!" The womans voice rings up to us, and the wardrobe door falls shut.

"What is it?" The man says, I think he's leaving the sleeping compartment at this point.

"A crossbow! Pretty neat huh?" The woman says quietly, I can barely hear her now.

"Shit," Sam curses beside me. I guess he really likes his crossbow.

"A crossbow? Cool! Anyway, I think the Doc will want us back now,"

"Yeah, come on, lets go," I let out a sigh of relief as I hear the sounds of there foot steps fade away. Next I hear the sound of an engine starting up, and I know that they are gone. I swing open the wardrobe and jump out, then wince at the pain in my stomach as I double over, clutching it.

"Ah... Right, so uh... Medi kit... One minute..." Sam mumbles and jumps out of the compartment, he quickly returns with a bag of medical stuff. He's just about to put on a bandage when I stop him.

"Sam, what is going on?" I stay sternly, and his eyes lock in on mine, a familiar blush spreading across his cheeks.

"Well, we crashed. Then we heard Shannon screaming, and saw that a man with a tattoo was dragging her off to a large van, so... the others all made a run for it, but I hid in the wardrobe. I was about to get Claire to hide with me when the man with a tatoo grabbed her and put her in the van too. I'm not sure who got away, or who else was taken, so I got out and a quick look. I saw you lying on the ground bleeding, and I thought you were dead, but I managed to get you in up and then, well you know, it's now. Oh... And they kept on talking about this Doctor or somat..." He explains quickly. I nod, taking it in carefully. So everyone is gone then...

"What happened to Tommy?" I say worried, he was driving right behind us after all.

"Well, his car crashed into ours and fell into this dyke, so Shannon got out her car and went into his I think, but then she got taken away... Oh I'm sorry, I just don't know..." he apologises frustrated.

"And fatass?" I raise an eyebrow.

"He got away I think, what a suprise," He smiles slightly, but I can tell it's fake.

"What do you think they are doing to them?" I say quietly.

"I honestly don't know... but if they do anything to hurt Claire I swear I'll..." He trails off then looks up at me.

"Did... Did Claire tell you what happened to my Dad?" He asks me, sorrow in his tone. I nod slowly.

"I saw it all,"

His eyes widen.

"What happened? Is he okay?" He inquires.

"She... She didn't tell you?" I say, gobsmacked. He shakes his head.

"I... I'm so sorry Sam..." I say looking down, not bringing myself to say it.

"He's dead isn't he," It wasn't a question, it was more of a statement.

"He died trying to save you and Claire," This was true, he was on his way to get Sam, I think. Actually, did he even know he was there? Claire did though...

"No he didn't," He almost laughs.

"He doesn't," He pauses for a moment.

"I mean he didn't give a crap about us, he hated us, especially Claire," I frown.

"What makes you think that?" I question him curiously.

"Well, you see, my parents are divorced, I lived with my Mum full time, whereas my Dad got custody of Claire, so she spends a week at his house, then a week at our house," He explains.

"Go on..."

"And everytime she got back from Dad's, she would have fresh bruises all over her," He looks down, a haunted look stretched across his face.

"I wasn't sure if it was my dad doing it, and I had no proof, and you see, he's a lawyer," He stops again.

"Sorry, was a lawyer," He corrects himself. I nod slowly.

"When I ask her about it, she denies it all, and says she just fell over or something, but Claire isn't clumsy, and I doubt it would be bullying, she was very popular in school, plus, I've seen my Dad drunk, and it isn't nice," He says, and rubs his cheekbone unconsiously.

"So, you think he did these things to Claire?" He nods sadly.

"That would explain why she didn't want to talk about it..." I wonder out loud. A look of sadness crosses his face, and although he tries to hide it, it is as clear as day. Suddenly, I let out a yelp, and I remember the wound in my stomach, well I didn't remember it, as you can't really forget that you have a gaping hole in your belly that is leaking blood, but you know, I became more aware of it's condition.

"Better get you patched up..." He mumbles, and starts sorting out my bandages. We sit in silence for a few minutes as he does that, and eventually, he speaks.

"I can't believe they took my fucking crossbow..." He mutters.

"You really liked it didn't you?" I tease, but he simply ignores me.

"You know, you could make a bow instead," I chuckle.

"I used to do archery, but when all this," He waves his arms in a circle to gesture everthing around him. "Happened, I got a crossbow, cos it's easier I guess," He shrugs the matter off.

"We should proberbly get going," I say to him and he nods in agreement. We gather what litle supplies are left and head out, luckily, I still have my gun in my pocket and some ammo. I also had a couple of hunting knives tucked away in my belt which is lucky, because literally everything else is gone. I hand Sam a knife and we both take a bag each and climb out of the destroys hunk of junk we were in. I look around me as I get outside, and the first thing I notice, is that were in the middle of nowhere. Great. So we have like, no supplies, no ammutition, minimal weapons, nowhere to go, and were lost. Just fucking great. It seems as if Sam is thinking the same thing as a frown is etched into his features.

"Where the hell are we?"

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