This is something I'm trying out

Hope you like it :)

I don't realize at first what my feelings for him were, or rather, I dismissed them as confusion, ignored them, forced them back down, trying to forget they even existed. It wasn't exactly easy to admit attraction; after all, I'd grown up being told it was wrong, evil almost. I couldn't act on it, or even say it at all.

But one thing was clear.

I was in love.

He was perfect in every way possible, and I felt attraction from the moment he walked into our classroom.

He wasn't exactly tall, but he was taller than most of the other guys around, he was lean, with a feminine figure and even more feminine black eyes that were the size of baby worlds.

He hunched his shoulders and scurried his way to the empty seat next to me, not even bothering to let anyone know he was there. Just sat down and tried his damn hardest not to be noticed.

But how couldn't he? He stuck out like a sore thumb. Sure, our school wasn't actually white washed, but his chocolate colored skin stood out among the various shades of mocha toned Mexicans. Even my skin looked like flour compared to his.

He sat there, his head down, causing his black and colored hair extensions to fall in his face like a mini waterfall of hair.

I kept peeking at him, stealing side-glances at the boy through my thick black curls.

He was beautiful, to say the least, with a jaw line sharper than any girl in the class, and those eyes. Shit those eyes…

I don't recall exactly how he and I became friends, with all the drug use and constant manic episodes, all I know is, he became such a big part of my life.

Sorry it was so short, I'll be updating it soon :)