Chapter 3-The Coronation

"If you will all be seated we will start the coronation momentarily," Indiguina purred at the awaiting crowd seated in the courtyard. People from all around the land of Evergine had gathered to gaze upon the new queen as she was crowned, but unfortunately not all was going as planned. At least how Indiguina had planned anyway.

Indiguina walked over quietly to the ice demon standing post at the corner of the coronation platform. The wench whispered urgently into her ear, "Where is she? Shes late! She of all people should not be late to her OWN coronation ceremony!"

Arianna raised her eyebrow at the manic woman confused and tilted her head. "She's not here? She should be here by now unless..." Her voice trailed off as she growled slightly. That infuriating demon had one job... ONE job. She mumbled under her breath, "He better bring her here in less than ten minutes or I'm shoving his precious sword up his..."

There was a loud crash toward the back of the courtyard causing all eyes to swerve around to see what caused it. A muffled giggle echoed throughout the space. Toxic, in his rush to escort the queen to be, had knocked over one of the pillars holding a vase of red tulips. Still giggling, Vivian remained snug in his arms till she realized it was a bit too quiet. She looked up and over at all the eyes that were locked on her. Her gaze shot over to Arianna's. The ice demon was less than pleased. "Crap..." She muttered low enough where Toxic could barely hear it. She glared over at Toxic, "You made us late... didn't you"

"I don't know what you mean," he smirked as he set her softly down on the courtyard stones.

She frowned at him, "you never do."

"My one of best qualities."

Rolling her eyes at him, she took her dagger clad boots off quickly. Grabbing them in one hand, and her skirt in the other, she ran towards the angered ice demon. Before Arianna could say anything, Vivian smirked at her and winked. "So you ready to become the queen's best friend?"

"I believe you mean late queen..."

The fae smirked, "Oh I wasn't that late."

"I wasn't referring to your untimely arrival." Arianna continued to glare.

With a chuckle, Vivian ruffled the demon's blond hair lightly and smirked. "Oh I am well aware."

Arianna rolled her eyes at her, but chuckled back. "Just go, before Indiguina has a fit."

"Oh I'm sure Indigo will be fine..." Vivian's eyes travel over to Indiguina and winces. "Or not.." The wench how had her eyes glaring toward the fae. Knowing how to handle this situation, Vivian gingerly walked over, barefooted, with boots in hand. She wrapped her arm around her old friend and smiled, "Indigo, I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. It was that annoying Brut of a demon I'm apparently stuck with the rest of my life." Vivian and Indiguina both glared over at Toxic, who, as if by cue, smirked and waved. Vivian rolled her eyes at him, but continued on. "But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I am here. Now, shall we start the ceremony?" Indiguina nodded quickly and rushed over to the center of the platform. The fae, still barefoot, tossed her boots over in Toxic's direction. The point was for him to catch them, but she wouldn't be too heart broken if he happened to get a few other points while he did.

"Greetings fellow Everginians. For over two hundred years we have been long awaiting the rebirth of the kingdom of Evergine. Now it is at hand, with the rule of the new queen, Queen Vivian Pandora Ever Bloom." Indiguina smiled over at Vivian. Her eyes were full of anger because of the queen's late arrival. Shes going to kill me... Vivian thought, and when she does, I'm going to come back as a zombie and kill that annoying arrogant Demon. Before the fae could shoot a glare at him, Indiguina continued. "Now your highness, would you be so kind as to stand next to me?" Vivian nodded as she walked over toward her, still barefooted. "With this scepter, may you always have a swift rule over the land that remains harsh when needed and soft when needed too." The mystic wench handed Vivian a jewel encrusted scepter that seemed to glisten in the morning sun. "With this orb, may you always have a connection to the people you serve and may they always be connected to you as well, My Queen." She handed the fae a gilded orb covered in intricately carved tulips. Vivian smiled knowing her father had carried the same one years before her. "With this robe, may you always provide a welcome and loving kingdom to the people of Evergine." Vivian smiled as she felt the rob circle around her shoulders. "With this crown, may you always remain level headed when you rule the kingdom and make right choices in who you trust to confide in." With the last line, the mystic wench shot a glance over at Toxic who was absentmindedly snacking on the reception. Vivian giggled at him and rolled her eyes. Ducking her head down softly, Indiguina placed the bejeweled crown on her head and smiled. Vivian turned her head out toward her new ruling body as they cheered loudly. "I now pronounce you, Vivian Pandora Ever Bloom, Queen of Evergine." She smiled again as nodded softly to the crowd. As she nodded, however, the fae became disoriented and dizzy. Vivian tried to shake it off, but as she did, she collapsed on the platform, blacking out from everything around her. The last few things she heard before she lost all memory was the sound of a demon growling loudly and the sound of feet rushing toward her.

"Your Majesty?" Vivian's eyes fluttered open lazily as she tried to asses her surroundings. The fae looked around to see that she was sitting in Toxic's lap while all the eyes of the kingdom were glued to her to make sure she was alright.

She shook her head slightly as her hand rushed to her forehead. Why did she feel like she had been hit head on by an ogre... "Yes?" She replied in a soft confused tone, as Indiguina continued to inspect her from head to toe. "Indigo... please stop acting like I'm dying... its freaking me out."

"Yes your majesty.." She said as she took a few steps back.

"Darling... I told you, its Vivi." She continued to hold her head in her hands. "Ugh, what happened?" Toxic softly brushed her hair out of her face.

"It appears that you fainted your Majes...I mean Vivi," Indiguina responded. "I believe since the crown was once Queen Jade's, that she might have put a curse on it..." Her voice trails off as she looks at Vivian with concern. "If we do not get a special potion made on the outskirts of Everlyn..."

Vivian raised her eyebrow at her. "Right, get the potion save the kingdom?"

"Not just that... retrieve the potion... save the kingdom from the curse, and you will survive."

"So get the potion save the princess?" Toxic asked warily.

"I'm a queen now..." The fae smirked at him still holding her head.

"No, you're a turtle with a crown." He chuckled at her.

"Fair enough, Now Indigo, where do we get this potion?" She asked, calculating her trip to retrieve the rare potion.

"That's the thing, Vivi. There is only one mystic on the edges of town that can create a strong enough potion to break the curse. Its the one place that the wild Everlyn ebony poppy grows. That is the main ingredient. I thought we had some here, but... ever since Queen Jade's rule the poppy was forbidden from the kingdom. The journey to the poppy is a long and perilously one. Many have died going on the journey to retrieve the it."

"So Dangerous journey, been on one before several of times. Anything else in the potion? Other than the rare forbidden poppy of doom?" She smirked trying not to let on how nervous she was about the trip.

"Yes, your Vivi." The royal fae smirked at the mystic waiting for her to continue. "A piece of Jade, because she is the one that cast the spell. Red tulip petals, to represent the kingdom of Evergine. Witch hazel, to make the spell stronger to combat the Queen's curse. The rare ebony poppy of Everlyn, and one other ingredient...I cant for the life of me remember what it was. I'm so sorry, my Queen."

Vivian shrugged as she smiled at her, "Oh its more than fine dear, I'm sure the mystic will know exactly what it is when we go and see her."

"We?" Toxic raised his eyebrow at her, as she remained curled up in his lap, safe, for now.

"You, of course. Didn't think I was going all alone did you?"

"No, I thought you would have brought Mercury with you." He teased at her.

She glared back at him and hit his chest lightly. "Fine, you, me, and Mercury. Better, my annoying companion of a water demon, you?"

He chuckled at her and pulled her into a tight hug, nuzzling her head under his. "But of course, my annoying love of my life, the homicidal knife happy Fae."

Vivian smiled at him as she laced their fingers together. "Glad to hear it. Now, When shall we be off to this deadly adventure of epic and potentially horrible surprises?"

"Well when you put it that way, I believe we should go now. No time to waste! Hop to it, Missy!"

With a raised eyebrow, she stared at him and remained silent.

"Right..." He continued. "Tomorrow morning good for you?"

"Perfect." She returned. "That would give me just enough time to ready everything that needs to be."

"Oh no," he chuckled. "You're mine tonight, Indigo and Aria can take care of the preparations."

"Yours? I thought I was always yours."

His voice lowered as he whispered into her ear softly, "I want all of you..."

Her face blushed crimson as she looked at him and smiled, "I believe that preparation I can take care of just nicely."

"Good." He kissed her forehead softly. "Your room in a few minutes?"

She giggled at him. "You mean our room?"

"Get a room you two." Arianna rolled her eyes at the two.

"Just the thought I was having with Turtle here. Now, If you excuse me," Toxic reached down and picked Vivian up, "To the Bedroom!" With a giggle from Vivian, the two were off towards other parts of the castle.

Arianna shook her head at the two, "Bunch of bunnies, those two." The ice demon continued mumbling under her breath while she walked over to Indiguina to start the preparations for the the next days journey.

"So the Queen has retired for the evening?" Indiguina asked curiously.

"One would assume so... although I am not sure how much retiring will be done between the two of them." Arianna giggled at her joke.

"I believe you are quite right, My dear Arianna. Quite right, indeed." Indiguina smiled watching the couple giggle as they made their way up the staircase to the Queen's chambers.