I saw the world, through broken eyes.

I let the light shine through and became blind.

I heard a wolf, calling out a lie.

He claimed to be so strong, that's why they defied.

A lonesome soul, a withering flame

If you cannot behave, they'll put you in restraints.

Frozen glass, memory of wax

Melts away as you slip through a hidden crack

All my lies, you cannot deny

Saving lives in the mist around the flies

Decoded messages, it's too late to rest, is it?

I felt the rush as the chemicals began to bust.

So fly away on silver days

Leave me to decay and find my only fate

The trees steal my mask and then you pass

I'll miss all the times being stuck within your grasp.

So darkness grows and I go toe to toe

I'll wait for someone to recreate my only show.