1. Steven Wildrow

If you look up the definition for the word Loser, you'll see my picture. That's who I am: The big pathetic loser of Steven Wildrow who has no experience whatsoever with girls. I never understood though what was wrong with me. I'm smart, tall, and kind; that's what girls are digging now a day, right? If not, then, what's the type of guy the girls like?

In school, I'm halfway through the first semester. I'm in the Third of the 'Four best years of my life'. I wouldn't really call them the best since I'm often bullied by everyone. From the 354 student population in my school, only two people actually talk to me and I don't complain. Hey, at least I have someone to talk to.

What's funny about my two best friends is that they are way more popular than I am. It makes no sense because we're almost the same. That's exactly how we met, because of our interest. But then again I understand why they're more socially out there than me. Both of them are not shy at all.

Gilbert Grey has been my best friend since kindergarten. For a seventeen year old he was short. Well, I considered him short. He was 5'7" and I was 6'2". So yeah, he and I were apart in height by a lot. His hair and eyes were a walnut color. Gilbert was funny and very sarcastic. I guess that's why people like him.

My second best friend is Jill Martin. She's taller than Gilbert by two inches. Her hair used to be super long in the ninth grade, but then when our sophomore year began she cut it pixie style, it was spiky and it actually looked good on her. During the summer she grew bangs and the beginning of this year she got purple highlights. She's a good listener and artist, maybe that's why people like her better than me.

You look at us three and you will probably be asking yourself: What the hell are those two doing with that loser? I will accept it, I am a loser. I wear glasses, I'm number one in the top ten, I have wavy brown hair that scatters in my neck and forehead, I'm extremely pale, I read for fun, antisocial, I'm terrible at sports and I'm (well, I was…I quit last week) in the chess club. True, I don't really know why a girl would be with me. Yet, sometimes I also wonder how an ex professional kick boxer and an ex article writer raised a loser.

Yes, the kick boxer and the article writer are my parents. My dad is Robert Wildrow; he used to be a really good fighter. He was famous everywhere. Awards, interviews, and fame always surrounded him. My mom, Naomi Gold was sent from a minor newspaper to interview the famous Robert Wildrow and that's how they met and fell in love. Both got married at age twenty and my dad retired so that he and mom could take care of me together. When I was two, my mother published a novel based on her love story with my dad. It reached best-seller in no time. At fourteen my mother was diagnosed with leukemia so she was taken to the hospital so that she can have a better treatment than at home. Every Monday my father and I go visit her. When somebody sees my father, they think he's happy but when you live with him…you know he is just as sad as I am.

Back to reality; I looked up from my Spanish notebook. "Huh?"

Ms. Rodriguez repeated the question she had asked before, "Translate, 'I like your shirt'."

I flipped the page and scanned the notes. Shirt- Camiseta, Like- Gustar (remove the r), I- Yo or Me, Your- Tu. "Me gusta tu camiseta." I replied

The teacher smiled, pleased by my answer, "Very good, Steven."

Daniel, the guy who bullied me the most, said between laughter, "Nerd." Yeah, I was used to him calling me that. I grabbed my pencil and started to run in the spaces between my fingers. The bell rang and from the twenty-eight students, I was the last one to walk out.

Surprisingly, Jill was waiting for me. Jill fact: According to Gilbert, she had crush on me but, come on, why would she? The bad thing is that, as much as Gilbert said it, I never saw it.

She kissed my cheek, "Hey, handsome."

"Hi." I responded as I cleaned the wet spot she had left on my skin.

"So, where are we off to?"

"Lunch." Fixing my glasses, I put my notebook inside my backpack. "I'm hungry, what are they giving today?"

"I think it's a chicken burger."

"Ugh." I complained; it wasn't even chicken it was just some kind of weird meat that the lunch ladies called 'chicken'.

"Don't worry, Gilbert brought sushi."

"Ah, his mom makes it delicious."

"She does, indeed."

We entered the lunch room and it was quite full for just two minutes since the bell. "I'll go get us some drinks, okay? You go and find Gilbert." Jill looked at me as she slowly walked away. No, I didn't want her to go. Gilbert usually sat at the other side of the cafeteria and to get there I had to go through the sector of the people who bullied me. I was just there, holding a sign that said, "Bully Me." I'm the fresh bait for the tank of piranhas.

I slowly walked through the section of the computer geeks. Then came the cheerleaders. Oh no, they were turning to look at me. Next to them was the table of the soccer players; they began to stare too. I gulped when I entered the football territory. Here comes my humiliation

As I had predicted, someone grabbed my hood and pulled me closer. I found myself looking at the asshole of Daniel Crews. "What is a loser like you doing here?"

"Trying to get to the other side of the lunch room."

"That's not gonna happen Steve." Three years of bullying and he still didn't have enough brain to memorize my name.

"Steven" I corrected.

He pushed me to the floor and placed his foot on the side of my face. I watched as everyone, including teachers, were looking at me…This was obviously amusing them. I tried to stand up, but the guy was about two hundred pounds of pure muscle.

"Just get rid of him already, babe." His girlfriend, Brittany said her voice full of encouragement.

"Let me humiliate him a little bit more, Britt." His mocking grin was facing me.

"Hey, you little idiot, leave him alone." Jill pushed him away and helped me to get up. She removed the dust that his shoe had left behind from my cheek. "Are you okay?" She held my face in her hands.

I moved her away, "I'm fine."

She turned back to Daniel, "Why do you always mess with him?"

He scoffed, "Because I can."

Another Jill fact: She and Daniel dated for half a year and she ended it because he almost forced her into sex. "That's why we ended whatever it was that we had… you can't change…but that's fine, you know, because I wasn't the one begging to maintain this relationship…"

Daniel flushed, "What? I was never begging. Daniel Crews doesn't beg."
"You also said he didn't cry and look how that turned out to be." The red in his cheeks increased. She was burning him terribly. Jill grabbed my arm, "It was nice talking to you again, Daniel." She led me across their area into a small table next to the window. Gilbert stared at us amused.

"You guys are meant for each other."

"Shut up, Gibb," She punched his arm, "We're not,"

"Whatever." He offered us sushi from the plastic dish. I grabbed one piece and placed it on my mouth. Sushi usually made me forget the bad times but this time it didn't.

"So, are any of you guys going to homecoming?" Gilbert tried to start a conversation.

Jill quickly answered, "Steven agreed to go with me."

I almost choked on the rice from the food, "I did?"

She nodded, "Yes, yesterday while we were working on the physics homework."

"But you know I don't like to go to those things…If I'm not welcomed now, on a regular school day, just imagine how bad homecoming is going to be."

"He's got a point."

"Come on, it's just one day…you and I…"

I shook my head, "I'm sorry Jill, but no…besides, that day, I've got to see my mother in the hospital. It's her birthday."

"I understand." She was sad and I could tell. Gathering her stuff, she stood up, "I have to go."

"Bye." I said quietly.

And she was gone. Gilbert tried to hide a laugh.

"Alright, you say whatever it is that you need to say."

"Dude, you are so blind! The girl is dying for you!"

"I don't see it."

"She's making it pretty obvious for you to notice and there is still no sign of affection that you're showing her."

"Can we talk about something else?"

We did talk about something else. Jill and I, during the remaining periods we had together, didn't talk. I wasn't really expecting us to, but it did seem a bit uncomfortable and awkward, especially since we're partners in Debate.

After school, I had gone home. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It is probably the most cold and darkest place in the entire world. There's a small population due to the weather and everyone here seemed pretty fine about it. The less people, the better. A walk from school to my house is about three miles.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see my father's car parked outside. He's never usually here. While I was growing up, my father studied to become a criminologist and since our city was in need for another criminologist, my father applied and received the position. Ever since, he's not at home often.

I opened the door and just as I had suspected, he was there. Locks of his shaggy dark brown hair fell on his face. He leaned on the wooden table.


He looked up from the photos that I hadn't notice, "Yeah?"

"You're out early today."

"I know, I'm just as shocked as you are."

"What is that?" I inched closer.

He looked at me, "What? The photos?" He raised the mug next to the car keys, "Or this."


"In the cup, there's black coffee, and in the table it's the photo's I took from Jessica's desk." Jessica was his assistant…Sadly; she made it quite obvious for us to know that she had a crush on my dad. "Four bodies were found just a mile away from the city. They were all murdered with a knife, as you can tell." He pointed at the middle picture. It showed a stomach, open, with all of the intestines thrown out. "I believe the guts were pulled out by an animal."

"It seems more appropriate than a person." I smiled, "How old are the bodies."

"Judging from the color of the skin, about two days."

"Dad, be honest, do you think this was made by an animal?"

He shook his head. I knew it, "I think they were murdered by a person nut they made it seem like it was an animal."

I was surprised that I was actually into one of his cases. They're usually boring and the murderer is quite obvious. This time, the killer could be just about anyone and I feared that if I tried to find out who it was, I'd end up just like the people in the photos. Honestly, it's about put time Whitehorse had some criminal mind action going on.