Glowing sky of silky gold,

Filled with the burning sun.

A vast valley of red rock,

Scorched by the sin of man.

Hellish vista, a smoldering battlefield,

Carpeted with the remains of legions.

Dry dusty bones in the trillions,

Stripped bare of their sinews.

Such decimation, this valley of death!

Reduced to rubble and ribs.

What can be done by anyone

To deny the enemy victory?

Fear not and lean not, for the King is near!

He will fill your soul till it spills.

Speak from Him and defeat their sin

And reanimate for a cause so great.

Their bones will stand, a sight so grand

And He will pour down on the dry ground,

Turning the dust to clay and then to flesh

So sinews can bind the bones into bodies again.

Such a revival in this valley of dry bones!

Reborn and filled with refreshing spirit,

Living and breathing, the valley is seething,

A sea of praise, their arms Heavenward raised!