I am no one. Not the hero, not the villain I have no special abilities talents or traits. I have no past, no name, no friends, no enemies and no family. I have no job, money, or house. I am simply there to pick up the mess. Nothing fancy or interesting Do the work, fill in the background, wait for a moment that I might have a chance. A chance to be something and have all of those things. But for a Nemo, it is impossible. I want it to be, but that can not happen. I have to fix the mistakes of the real heros of the story.

I would start with my name, but again I don't have one. I currently follow the hero of some epic poem. Odey or something geeky like that. His poor wife, and all the people he thought he killed. I have my work cut out for me. "32, come." I walk to the wall rising above the carnage of the battle of Troy. A figure in a hood leaned against the wall looking dark and menacing. Yes, if you noticed he called me 32. That is about the closest thing we get to having identities. It seems that I have forgotten to do something, again.

Punishment for my failure was harsh, a lash for every word, every sound, every cry, I sounded. It was only going to be 32, my number, but... I'm just not good at keeping my mouth shut.

No matter the pain or the trauma it was still nice to be noticed by anyone. I was given a new story with a boy Sabin. I was his childhood friend that would be there to help him threw his journey to being some grand hero. He didn't know it yet of course and didn't think much of himself.

He was dark haired and his eyes were the warmest shade of brown. I found myself attracted to the idea of spending time with him. He smiled a lot and was friendly to everyone but he seemed confused When I meet him the first morning of our first year at high school, I greeted him warmly like we saw each other all the time. He on the other hand acted as though he knew the truth. This was the first time in either of our lives we had ever meet. He studied me and it made me nervous, did he know? "So," I said "How was this summer for you? Did you have fun on your vacation?" Sabin nodded "Yes we went to that Coney Island Park. It was..." He frowned like something wasn't adding up. "fun, I guess." I looked up at him. Minus a point for him, he was a head taller than me."You guess, you were there. You should know if it was fun or not!" I huffed at him trying to go for a dramatic effect "Honestly, someone like me, who's known you most of your life, will start to think you can't even remember going on vacation. Good god." I turned away from him letting my skirt swirl effectively.

He was speechless, thanks for him, the bus pulled up at that moment giving him an escape from a girl who he didn't even know the name of. It's to bad that this is a story with monsters and is suppose to be filled with monsters and dark magic. That means that as soon as the hero awakens, it will be because of my death. To bad, but unavoidable.

At school he wasn't much better, all of his "friends" from last year kept coming up to him to reflect on old times. He smiled and played his part, but that look in his eyes wouldn't go away. He knew something wasn't right too. Of course I knew, I was part of it, but the hero rarely can sense that. It should pass after I die though. Not to much trouble, but still painful.

After school he still seemed to be waiting for something from his true life to come back to him. I felt sorry for Sabin.