I talked to the four of them for several hours. None of our friend we're going to be able to come back to us without help. We came up with a plan, lead by Abby 445 and Wolf guy. They had the most reason to want them back. Wolf guy was a Nemo, they took the wrong person Bolin. Abby 445's friend was her twin sister Peta, she'd known for years. Golden guy was the least reliable. He was making out with his "friend" Dorothee whom he'd only known as a classmate. Sassy's little brother Tito had been with her a month.

Wolf guy told us what the punishment was.

Sassy- They WHAT!

Wolf guy- Whip Nemo, about around the number their assigned. I was 77.

Abby 445- Oh god.

Golden Guy- Can we please put our real names? This is getting annoying.

Abby 445-Donatienne/Donna


Golem protected- Sabin

Golden boy- Eudo

Wolf guy-Hai

Golden boy- Thank you

Abby 445- How do we get to this other world Hai?

Golden boy has just left the chat

Wolf guy- I don't know.

Sassy- Where did Eudo go?

Eudo has just joined the chat

Sassy- Retard

Eudo- What?

Sassy- Nothing

Sassy has just left the chat

Isy has just joined the chat

Abby 445- This is getting of topic.

Wolf guy- Really

Golem protected- I GOT IT!

Abby 445- Got what?

Golem protected- Hai where are you?

Wolf guy- Home

Wolf guy- Redding California

Golem protected- What about you Donna?

Abby 445- Carson Nevada

Isy- I'm in Roseville California

Eudo- Bakersfield holy crud

Golem protected- Good I'm in Sacramento

Wolf guy- We'll meet up tomorrow

Abby- 12:00

Golem protected- the pizza hut on 16th street

Eudo- Sweet I love pizza

Isy- the one next to the sushi place?

Abby-thats the one.