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I've got the cigarettes

And you've got the lighter

I want a smoke

But you, you're a fighter

And when you give in

I'll still be strong

Afraid of getting blamed

Afraid of being wrong

Guess we're in a stalemate

Case of catch twenty two

You won't give me the lighter

I won't give cigarettes to you

And there are no more matches

And the only smokes are the ones I own

Maybe we could look somewhere else

But there's no fun in smoking alone

I remember our first time

One cold night behind the school

We breathed in that deadly smoke

And we began this fruitless duel

Because you said never again

And I said that's fine

You kept the lighter

But the cigarettes were mine

No matter how bad we want it

I know we'll never smoke again

We might be willing to kill ourselves

But we couldn't kill a friend